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True Love
A story written by moi about Brians cousin Emma coming to live with him, Nick falling in love with her, and everything that comes along with it.

All I Have To Give

If I Dont Have You
Written by akanran1: faye and chan head to the promenade for a fun filled day of shopping. instead they "run into" a few surprises in the streets of santa monica. COMPLETED

No One Else Comes Close
Written by gshock99

If You Knew What I Knew
Written by akanran1

You Wrote the Book
nick finds an old diary/notebook he used to keep. he knows its the perfect gift for his soon to be fiancee.but not before he reads through it one more time...

I Knew I Loved You
Nick has the ability to predict the future...?

Return To Me
based on the movie of the same name. COMPLETED

idea taken from the lenny kravitz song "again". nick meets asia at a meet and greet and cant seem to forget her. COMPLETED

I Need You Tonight
it's been 3 months since nick and emma broke up. neither one of them stopped loving the other but neither one has the guts to talk. the only thing that knows their feelings are the unsent letters theyve written to each other and it all may end up coming out when something unexpected happens. COMPLETED

Before We Say Goodbye
I cant really say too much about this one without giving it away. It may make you cry though. COMPLETED

Nobody But You
Emily broke nicks heart but then he meets emma, someone who actually likes him for him, but then emily comes back...

Thats What She Said
A series of short stories written about each boy as they visit a ski lodge on vacation to get away from bad memories and ex girlfriends.COMPLETED

watch what happens during a game of truth or dare when the power goes out and two of the people in the room cant stand to be near one another. COMPLETED

Just to Be Close
faye, amanda, and emma are all working for mtv's all access week touring with the backstreet boys.

Snowed In
the girls had planned to go up to the mountains on vacation. what they hadnt planned on was getting trapped in a cabin with the boys.

I Wanna Be With You
i cant even explain what happens or else ill give it all away = **there will be a sequel to this one** COMPLETED

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