Full Name: Samuel Lopez Jr.

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Birthday: 9/8/77

Fave food: Lasagna

Fave time of day: Night

Fave songwriter: Babyface, Diane Warren, David Foster

Best childhood memory: Niagara Falls

Person who has most influenced your life: Uncle Danny

Been signing/playing an instrument since: 6 years old

Were or would have been voted "most" (i.e. most spirited) in high school: Most likely to succeed

Most inspired musically by: Michael Jackson

Favorite place to visit: Home

Who would you most like to meet - living or not: Michael Jordan

CDs in your player right now? Marc Anthony

Where you were when you first heard your song in public: The Disney Store in Virginia

Book, video, and song that would keep you from going insane if you were stranded on an island: Bible, Michael Jordan - "Come Fly With Me", "Dreamin" by Selena

What is the one essential item you take on tour? Deodorant

Sports you play: Basketball, football

Describe the other guys in Youngstown: Dallas - intense (perfectionist). D.C. - goofy

How long you practice (singing/instrument) every week: 5-6 hrs., 6 days a week

The oddest place you've been recognized: WalMart

Do you ever get stage fright? If so, how do you get over it to perform? Never (a little)

How would you describe your music? Very hype

Fave tune on "Let's Roll"? "Pedal to the Steel"

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