Into the Millennium Review: Las Vegas

BSB Obsession's Concert Review For October 16 Concert @ MGM Grand

FAYE ~ The deal is that Jamie, Joann and I had planned on going to a concert that was either in LA or Anaheim, but since those concerts were scheduled on school days, our parents wouldn't let us go. So after a lot of whining and begging, we finally convinced them to take us to Las Vegas so we could see the boys' concert on October 16 at MGM which was fortunately on a Saturday.

We left at about 3 p.m. on Friday, blasting our favorite pop music all the way to Las Vegas, and stopping at Mickey D's in honor of AJ =). We finally arrived in Vegas at about 9 p.m. and we chilled that night, just watching TV and talking about the guys. At around 2 a.m. is, I think, when the earthquake hit. We had to evacuate the hotel and stay outside for awhile. The whole time, Jamie, Joann and I were totally freakin' and talking, wondering if they were going to cancel the concert. LOL "Vegas was rockin' cause the boys were in town!" =)

We woke up at around 9 a.m. and then headed to MGM around 11 a.m. to try and look for the guys. We were there for a few hours then decided to go and check out other hotels, because we thought they might have gone around. We were totally going crazy at Caesar's Palace because they have the best stores and we were in awe of Armani Xchange and Versace. At 4 p.m. we went back to our hotel to get ready for the concert. We got to the arena at quarter to 6 and there were already a lot of people there. We met some girl that won some SEARS contest and she got to meet the boys!

JAMIE ~ It wasn't just her, but we saw a bunch of other girls that had passes. We waited for about a half an hour in that huge mob of girls. There was lots of pushing and shoving. Every now and then, I'd catch people staring at me. I guess I was a chick version of AJ. I had funky black frame glasses, an angle cut green fur tank top and of course, AJ's lovely 69 tattoo drawn on my was huge...I'd see mothers just staring at my tattoo with a look of disapproval. I was like whatever...I gotta represent my boy AJ...I love him! Waiting in that huge mob was every five seconds, little girls would be screaming their heads off for no reason causing all this commotion...I never realized how annoying they are...I was like, okay, there is nobody there...shut up! But I guess I shouldn't complain cuz I could be like that too...After a few minutes we saw these two older looking girls trying to get in and out of the had really long blonde braids all over her head...and I thought to myself, "jeez - she looks so familiar!" Then walking right behind her was, who I thought was Fatima. I thought to myself, "OMG, it's Fatima! No wait! It can't be Fatima!" But she looked just like Fatima...I thought to myself, Fatima would never be out here because she'd get recognized...I was just so confused...I didn't know what to do...I knew they were somebody but I didn't know who!

FAYE ~ OMG! I was totally thinking it was Fatima too, but it was Nefertiti, Fatima's sister! Those 2 girls walked by me on their way out and I tried to get a good look at the Fatima look-alike. Then a few minutes later, they came back and they walked right by me ~ actually BUMPED into me. They didn't even say excuse me...Amy, the blonde, even gave me a slightly dirty look ::grumble:: Oh well...I was getting a major headache from all the little screaming girls, so I tried to start a conversation with anyone who looked older than 13. I talked to a mom who came all the way from San Francisco with her daughter and this really cool dad who was standing behind me who had a DJ friend who was getting this guy's daughter backstage to meet the guys! The Lucky Duck! =)

JOANN ~ I didn't really recognize Amy and Nefertiti until you guys pointed them out to me. The screaming girls were really bugging! Some girls were totally crazy and really annoying. Some people can get overboard obsessive! I know these people are BSB fans, but I didn't like it when some people were talking about Nick's butt and saying how big it is! "Don't ever make fun of Nick's butt ever again!" =)

FAYE ~ I have to give major props to Jamie and Joann's dad for getting us GOOD seats! we were first level off the floor next to the BIG BLACK BOX they fly out of! We weren't that far back, we could actually see the guys really well! Okay, I have to admit that I was totally making fun of some girls at the concert - can we say hoochie?! I mean, there were even little girls dressed all skanky! N-E-WAYZ...We saw Tommy doing sound check and we shouted "hi" to him and he waved back. We saw him again in the audience and we were screaming his name like maniacs and he waved and smiled at us again...LOL...Oh! you know what was hella funny?! They were showing previews for upcoming concerts at MGM and when they would show an NSYNC preview, the whole arena would boo. I thought that was kinda sad (cause i like nsync), but you know the audience would be doing the same thing if they showed a BSB one at an NSYNC concert.

JAMIE ~ So...we were waiting for what seemed like hours...I still felt like I was in another world...I couldn't accept the fact that I was in the same building as the Backstreet Boys...Faye was totally right about the hoochies...You don't know how many girls I saw trying to dress up all cowboy - struttin' the cowboy hat and skanky outfits...Well, enough of that...I was just amazed at how unbelievably close I was...but I still had that feeling inside of me...I wanted to be closer...and I really wanted to be right next to the boys!

JOANN ~ I could feel my stomach getting all nauseous because we were seeing the BSB for the second time! What annoyed me was this woman next to us. I know there were older people there, but it was weird seeing an old woman screaming "We want the BSB! Woo Hoo! I love Kevin and AJ!"

JAMIE ~ The lights in the arena went out and the whole audience went out in screams, even though it was just time for the opening acts. We were all so excited. Anticipation built up inside of me. I looked around myself and I noticed a couple of empty seats in front of me, so I stepped down and watched the opening acts from there. It was pretty cool...I thought Mandy Moore was good...I love the song "Candy," but all I had to say was that girl is tall! Oh! and also, her dancers were pretty cute! As for EYC, sorry to all you EYC fans reading this...but they kinda sucked...they were pretty annoying, especially that one guy every two seconds he'd lift up his shirt and expose himself...I was like, okay...dude...that's've done that like a million times...if you wanna show off your muscles, then take off the damn shirt! Then he finally did. I was like, "okay, what now?" Then for some reason they started singing 702's, "Where My Girls At"...yeah...okay...then they did Eminem's "My Name Is," and then they started some chant about BSB...and Florida...and state of the oranges...basically they were just plain cheesy...from then on, I spent the whole concert apart from Faye and Joann while I worked my way down to the front for the rest of the concert...

FAYE ~ Okay, Mandy Moore is kinda like a wannabe Britney Spears and I totally thought I would hate her, but when she started performing I was like, "Hey! She's pretty cool!" I really liked the songs she sang and I admit I'm gonna get her album! =) Her dancers were cute too! Especially Jesse - HOTT! Aw...and he dropped his candy cane (LOL). EYC, um...they're okay, I guess...I'm really not a big fan of theirs - their one song, "Only a Dream" is nice though. They're really not that cute, and the only way they could hype the crowd was for that guy, Dave, to lift his shirt - there really wasn't that much to see (icky). After awhile, I was like, "okay, where are the BSB?!"

JOANN ~ It was all dark in the arena, and then Mandy's dancers came out and I was like, "whoa!" Mandy's songs were pretty good and I thought Jesse was cute, but I had second thoughts. EYC was not good! The "Where My Girls At" was a little corny - I thought Dave was cute but now I don't think so...he's a little strange...

FAYE ~ After 45 minutes of agonizing waiting, the lights went out and I was like, "what's happening?!" I then saw the dancers heading towards the stage with those lanterns and I started screaming and jumping up and down cuz BSB were about to come out! When the dancers were on the stage, there was a loud BOOM and a bunch of smoke and TA DA! BSB were flying towards the stage! Okay, I'll keep it short and just mention the things I remember and the exciting things that still makes me wish I could see the Milennium concert again! If I miss anything, I know Jamie will fill you in! =) ~ Nick's butt looked huge when they were flying towards the stage! LOL - it made you just wanna reach out and pinch it! ~ When they were marching around the stage, I couldn't take my eyes off of KEVIN! Damn that boy is HOTT! ~ AJ looks good in a backwards baseball cap! ~ "Larger than Life is so much cooler live ~ When they dog-piled on AJ during "Get Down," I was totally wishing I was in the middle of that! ~ The Boys did a good job of getting around the stage. We have good shots of all of them performing on our side of the stage (and we gave some to BabyKaos28 to use on her site). ~ OMG - AJ has really been working out! That boy is a hottie with a body! ~ BSB + black leather = HEART ATTACK! ~ "Don't Wanna Lose You Now" totally made me cry! Damn them for being so emotional when they sing a love song! ~ "Don't Want You Back" is a scary song cause they're not professing their love for us! -LOL- But the pole dancing totally made up for it! Damn! why did Nick have to be on our side? He was getting a little too happy with his pole! Why couldn't we have gotten Kevin or AJ? Preferably AJ! ~ I loved "Perfect Fan," but why was one of the girls that got to be serenaded wearing a ball gown? ~ Kevin's piano solo literally stopped my heart and made me cry! "Back to Your Heart" is my favorite song and I was bawling when they performed it! But I wish they were sitting on our side when they sang! ~ OMG - the "Everybody/We've Got it Going On/That's the Way I Like It mix was ::panting:: sooo GOOD! The guys are CUTE with white face paint - I love it when AJ lifts his shirt! I wanted to stroke the tummy! LOL- Dude! When did Nicky-boy turn into a "bad boy?!" Alls I gotta say is "spanky, spanky!" (you can see it in that one picture!) Nick was so naughty, he made AJ look like and ANGEL! - Kevin is too HOTT and too dangerous for my health when he's wearing all white! LOL ~ The whole pink outfit/ up on the middle of the stage part is so GOOD! They are so cute wearing those suits! "No One Else Comes Close" of course made me cry! ~ I love the song "Show Me the Meaning..." but I don't like the whole tango routine...the dancers are way too skanky in my opinion. Nick looked like he was enjoying that dance too much =( ~ "It's Gotta Be You" was so cute! AJ was getting all crazy with that straight-jacket looking coat he was wearing. The guys even attacked him, and Brian tied his hands behind his back. I love those dragon pants they were wearing, and those black dragon shirts Kevin and Nick had. Howie's MC-D routine was classic. He's so adorable! You gotta love Howie cuz he's so cute without even trying. Besides, he was looking HOTT too! ~ And when they performed "I Want It That Way," I wanted to cry cause I knew the concert was over! ~

JAMIE ~ Okay...after the opening act, they kept us waiting for 45 minutes and all I could say was that the suspense was killing matter how much in detail I describe this event in my life, it will never give me the same feeling that I felt before, during, and after the concert. It would just be too long to describe everything so I'll just say the things that stick out in my mind the most. So after Mandy and EYC did their thing, I moved down another row and made great friends with some AJ fans. Every three seconds we'd yell "I love AJ!" at the top of our lungs. It was just crazy for the rest of the concert. So I watched most of the concert from there and all I can say is that watching the Boys perform live is the best and most absolutely amazing, exciting, energizing experience in the world. Nothing is better! The boys were so hilarious, all I have to say about Nick is that he had one thing on his mind...SEX! and I have the picture to prove it! It seemed like I've watched him grow up into a man in one concert...just looking back, I remember his voice cracking, playing video games, and acting just like Aaron...but, no...this boy was crazy...that's why I gave him the new name "SPANKY"...Nicky was a bad boy...him and his pelvic thrusts...a thrust here...a thrust there...a thrust everywhere! Then it got bad...when the guys and girls were battling...Nick did something that I only thought AJ was capable of doing...Nick was actually spanking up and down, side to side...that kid was wild...I was in total shock and I couldn't help but laugh...he was just very sexual and made AJ look normal! ~ Well enough about Nicky. I'll talk about Howie...he was the cutest and funniest thing when he was "MC-D." He was just plain funny with his little cheesy rap...but I love Howie for doing that. ~ The last person I'll talk about is word...hottness...AJ was just plain goofy throughout the concert...him and the boys would have their pretend fights...where all the guys would just gain up on AJ and start messing with him, and tying him up in his straight jacket...yes...AJ was wearing a straight jacket...I don't know why he was wearing that ugly thing but it sure was hella funny. ~ The thing that sticks out in my mind the most was how emotional I got during "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and "No One Else Comes Close"...those are my absolute favorite songs in the world...when AJ started singing, I just broke down and started crying...I had tears running down my face and I was singing at the same time...I was just a horrible mess...I know it's pathetic and I feel really embarrassed right now, but that's how much I love AJ and the guys...That was just one of my happiest moments...Whoever said "no matter where you sit, you get a great view," well that's true - but nothing ever beats watching from the front row...It is the best view because you are just right up there just a few feet away from them. The feeling of being that close to them is just amazing! Now, I'll tell you all about how I got to the front! ~ The last song they were going to sing was "I Want It That Way." A few people had left, thinking the concert was over, so I went down another 2 rows so I could get some better pictures of the song. I saw a whole row was empty so I moved to another section. I told this girl "let's go!" We went and I decided to get closer and closer until I was in like, 3rd row - I went picture crazy! I was so close to them, next thing I know, people copied me and then somehow I pushed myself to the front and was right in front of them! Howie got offstage and I reached my hand out to touch him. I touched his finger tips! And I thought he was AJ at first cuz he was wearing AJ's sparkly cowboy hat. Next thing I know, the boys were finishing the song and it was time to say good bye. I was trying to make eye contact with AJ, but then I turned to Tommy Smith, the key boardist, and started blowing kisses randomly to AJ and everybody else. I waved to Tommy and he blew him a kiss. He saw me, smiled, blew me a kiss and gave me a thumbs up. I did the same to him. At the end, the boys disappeared into the stage. Out of the hole in the stage, Kevin came out first. I was right on the barrier and reached my hand out to touch Kevin. I touched his whole hand - then came Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie (no luck with them). Then the band came down. I touched either one of the guitarists, or the drummer. That was cool. At the end of the concert, the stage guys were collecting bottles, stuffed animals and towels. I yelled at the guy, "can I have their water bottle?" He looked at me and threw AJ's water bottle and I caught it and it was mine. I couldn't believe I got my guy's bottle!

JOANN ~ The concert was really good. I couldn't remember anything, but all I remember was that when Kevin came out, I died cause he looks so GOOD when he doesn't smile. All I can say is that I LOVED Nicky's spanky routine and I wish it was me!

JAMIE ~ After the concert, we all went to eat at a buffet restaurant. After we ate, we walked out of MGM and saw a bunch of security guards. My mom knew that the Boys were coming, we waited outside and there were 2 portable doors. I had my camera ready cuz I knew it had to be one of the Backstreet Boys - then out of the doors comes Kevin lookin' as hot as hell. I yelled "Kevin!" He smiled and waved at me. I took a picture and next thing I knew, he was gone to go clubbing at Studio 54. All I can say is that this was the best day of my life, and I will never ever forget. I'm in love with AJ still, more than ever. The Backstreet Boys are the coolest people in the world and I hope they go on for years and years.

JOANN and FAYE ~ After we ate, we (joann and faye) were standing by the lion exhibit in MGM waiting for our dads to meet up with us and out of the corner of our eyes we saw a guy dressed in orange. We were totally making fun of this guy cuz, come on - orange!? Later we found out that it was Nick and that he was wearing an orange outfit after the concert. We were totally mad cuz we missed our chance at meeting him!

FAYE ~ 'Til this day, I am still kicking myself in the butt cuz I totally missed my chance at meeting KEVIN! Like Jamie said, we were outside of Studio 54, waiting for our dads and there was a whole mess of security guards outside. We were wondering what the commotion was about and our moms were like, "Maybe the Backstreet Boys are coming out!" I was like, "yeah right" and I took a few steps towards one of the benches that were outside cuz I was tired. I took like 3 steps when all of a sudden Jamie, Joann, our moms and my brother started screaming! I turn around and there was KEVIN coming out of a door. I froze and my jaw dropped! He looked so HOTT - he was all in black and WOW! I just wanted to sniff him cuz he looked like he just took a shower! They were yelling "hi" to him and all I could was stand there and wave at him. I think I managed to yell out "hi" a couple of times. When I could finally talk, he was about to go into Studio 54, and all I could manage to yell out was "Good Show!" I think he turned around, looked at me and waved - but I'm not sure cuz I was totally freakin' out! (Dude, to some up, one quote comes to mind. "I am way - way uncool!" - Howie.) My one chance to meet KEVIN and I was a big dork =(.

FAYE ~ In closing, the concert was THE BEST, and overwhelming. Jamie still can't find the words to describe the whole experience. Joann still can't believe that Nick was very um...sexual -LOL-. Jamie says that even though she didn't get to meet them, watching them in concert was good enough and it totally made her life - but she still wants to meet AJ. That's her dream! =) As for me, I still can't believe I was such a dork when I saw KEVIN, I'm still jealous of Jamie for getting to touch Howie and Kevin, and I am SO determined that we will someday meet "our obsessions!" (BSB Obsession - October 16 - MGM Grand)

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