chapter five -part two- disney land

Once they got to Disneyland, Kevin called them all over and asked, "Alright, do you all have your DL gear?" asked Kevin.

All the boys rolled their eyes. "DL gear…?" asked Emma.

"Down Low gear. To put it in regular english, he means disguises," explained Amanda.

"Oh, okay," said Emma.

Kevin had on a sleeveless blue shirt and dark blue shorts. He then put on a denim fisherman's hat and said, "Okay, I'm ready."

Emma tried her best not to laugh. "I'm surrounded by idiots," said Amanda. AJ also had on a sleeveless white shirt and baggy pants on with his sunglasses. "You are not going in like that, you idiot! You'll be found in a shot," said Amanda.

"How?" asked AJ.

"I explained this to you before. No one else has those arms," said Amanda.

"I know, I am pretty buff aren't I?" asked AJ, smiling.

Amanda rolled her eyes and said, "No, they're twigs. What I mean you idiot, is that your arms are covered with tattoos. Not everyone has those tattoos. Your fans know what your arms look like. If not, they know you have a goatee and they know you wear hats and they know you wear sunglasses, so basically you're screwed."

"They aren't twigs!" argued AJ.

"AJ, my arms are about as big as yours. Here, wear this," said Amanda, taking out a pretty big white summer Nike jacket.

"It's too hot to wear that," said AJ.

"AJ, if you don't wear that, you're not going in," said Kevin. AJ mumbled something and finally put the jacket on. Nick, Brian, Howie, and Aaron had some sort of disguises. Nick wore a backwards baby blue cap, one of AJ's sunglasses he borrowed and never gave back, and he also wore a light jacket and his usual baggy jeans and a tshirt. Brian and Howie also wore caps and sunglasses (ones they actually bought), and they simply wore tshirts and jeans and Howie never wears jeans. Howie had also shaved off his goatee for the day, which helped a little on the DL part.

"It's nice to know some of you aren't as stupid," said Amanda, "Hey AJ, let me see your glasses." She took them off his face and put them on herself. "I'll leave them on. I think you'd be harder to recognize without your glasses knowing how much you wear the damn things."

"Fine, fine, whatever," said AJ, rolling his eyes, "Can we go yet?!" AJ started to jump up and down like an impatient little kid.

"Alright, here's the deal. Let's split up and meet back up at a certain time. That way, we aren't too suspicious. AJ and Nick, don't cause any trouble," said Kevin.

"We won't," said AJ and Nick, smiling innocently.

"Of course you won't…anyways, let's go in," said Kevin. All of them went in and then split up into two different groups, the same as the driving groups. Kevin, Brian, Howie, and Aaron and then Nick, AJ, Amanda, and Emma. Howie, Brian and Aaron kept a slight distance from Kevin, scared that fans would trample them to death if they were all found, so they let Kevin walk a little ahead so they'd have an easier time to run if they were found as well. Emma and Nick walked together and held hands while AJ and Amanda walked behind them.

"So, what should we go on first?" asked Nick.

"Wait, before anything, I just realized something. I have to sit with him…?" asked Amanda, implying AJ.

"You're not sitting by me. I've been hit enough for one day," said Nick.

Emma laughed slightly and said, "Sorry Amanda, but I think I want to sit with my boyfriend." She hugged his arm a little tighter, making Nick smile.

Amanda rolled her eyes. "Hey, what's wrong with sitting with me?" asked AJ, "I don't bite, well, I guess it depends on whether you want me to or not. And I don't smell…do I?" He started to sniff himself.

That made Amanda actually smile and say, "No, you don't smell. Fine, I guess I'll ride with you. Just behave."

"I will," AJ said, slightly smirking.

Nick and AJ dragged them onto as many rides as possible. Finally, the girls got tired and told the boys they'd do a little shopping and meet them back in about an hour. "So is he annoying you yet?" asked Amanda, as they stepped into a store.

Emma smiled and said, "No. He's too cute to be annoying."

Amanda rolled her eyes and said, "That's one of the reasons he's so annoying. Hey, should we buy something for the idiots?"

"They aren't idiots, but I was thinking about buying something for Nick," said Emma.

Amanda walked over to the Winnie the Pooh section of the store. "Hey, do the guys remind you of Winnie the Pooh characters?"

Emma laughed and asked, "What?"

"Do the guys remind you of Winnie the Pooh characters?" Amanda asked again.

"How do you figure that?" asked Emma.

"Well, first off, Kevin is Eeyore. They both can be really gloomy and they both have deep voices and talk hella slow. Then there's Howie and Gopher…they both have a horrible lisp, not to mention they're both short. Then there's Brian and Rabbit, Brian talks to his stuffed animals and Rabbit talks to his vegetables. If anything was to happen to the stuffed animals or vegetables, they'd be devestated. And then…" Amanda was interrupted by Emma, now laughing hysterically. "Ahem, as I was saying, then there's Nick. I guess he can be Pooh Bear considering both of their tummies are huge...not to mention their butts."

"Hey… He can be Pooh because they're both adorable," said Emma, "And sometimes just as confused."

"No, not sometimes, always. Then there's AJ, actually, he's Dopey. But if he had to be a Winnie the Pooh character, he'd be Tigger. They both have the same IQ and both of them are always bouncing off the walls. Actually, Tigger's probably smarter," said Amanda.

"Do the boys know you think of them in that way?" asked Emma.

"Probably not," said Amanda, "I think I'll just start calling them that though, just to confuse the hell out of them." She found key-chains of all of the characters. "There we go." She took one of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Gopher, and Rabbit. "I guess I'll get one for Squeaks Jr. too." She grabbed one of Piglet.

Emma smiled and looked through the shirts. She found one with Pooh Bear hugging a huge red heart. "Awww, what do you think?" she asked.

Amanda saw the shirt and started to laugh her head off. "I bet you anything he won't wear that shirt."

"Anything?" asked Emma.

"Anything," said Amanda, still laughing.

"Are you serious?" asked Emma.

"Dead serious," answered Amanda.

"Alright, fine. I say he will, while we're in Disneyland as well," said Emma confidently. Amanda just started laughing more. "Fine, do you wanna bet on it?"

"Damn straight I do, because you're gonna lose," Amanda managed to say through her laughing.

"Okay, if I can get Nicky to wear this shirt, until midnight tonight, you have to be overly sweet to AJ, and on top of that, you can't say any smartass remarks about me and Nicky," said Emma.

"Oh there is no way in hell I'm losing to this then. Fine, but if I win, which I will, you and Nick can't be all…mushy…touchy feely, kissy, all that crap until midnight tonight. Are you gonna live?" asked Amanda.

"I'll be fine because I'll win. Oh yeah, I forgot to add something, you also have to be a little flirty with AJ," said Emma.

"…WHY would I wanna flirt with him?! Ugh, whatever, fine, you're on," said Amanda, holding out her hand. Emma smirked and they sealed the bet with a handshake. They continued to shop a little more.

"You know, I think I'll get him a Dopey key-chain too, considering he's more Dopey than Tigger," said Amanda, getting a Dopey key-chain.

"Awww how sweet," said Emma.

"I'm not being sweet," said Amanda.

"Of course not," said Emma, smiling. Amanda rolled her eyes and they went to pay for the things they bought.

The girls stepped out of the store and all of the sudden a small group of screaming girls passed by. They managed to hear one of them say, "Oh my god!! Kevin from the Backstreet Boys is here!!"

Amanda and Emma froze. "That idiot…" said Amanda.

"OMG, I hope they weren't all caught," said Emma.

"Squeaker and AJ probably just heard those girls and are hiding somewhere. As for Brian, Howie and Aaron… Brian probably managed to get away knowing how fast he is, Howie probably is running for dear life if they didn't already catch him, then again the boy is faster than he looks. As for Aaron, he's smarter than all of them so he probably managed to hide somewhere. As for Kev, he's dead," said Amanda, as they walked over to the meeting place.

"Poor Kevin," said Emma.

"No, stupid Kevin," said Amanda, sitting down in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

"This is where we're supposed to meet them, right?" asked Emma.

"Yeah, but knowing them, they're gonna be a little late, if they're still alive."

Then another group of girls ran by saying, "OMG!! The Backstreet Boys are here!!"

"They're dead," said Amanda.

They sat there for about five minutes then Nick came up behind Emma and covered her eyes. "Guess who?" asked Nick.

Emma smiled and said, "Hmmm, I don't know, could it be Justin Timberlake?"

Nick's jaw dropped and AJ started busting up laughing.

"OMG," laughed Amanda.

Nick pouted majorly and made a face and took his hands off her face and crossed his arms. "Aw, Nicky come here," said Emma. Nick, still pouting, went up to Emma and she hugged him. "Aww, I'm sorry Nicky, I was just kidding." Emma kissed him on the cheek and Nick quickly cheered up.

"Aw, how sweet," said Amanda, gagging. Nick just stuck his tongue out at her. "I'm gonna cut that tongue off one day."

"You will not touch this boy's tongue," said Emma.

"Yeah, that might…" said AJ.

"Shut up, AJ," interrupted Nick.

"Hey Nicky," said Emma.

"Yeah?" asked Nick.

"Would you do me the biggest favor?" asked Emma, doing the cutest and sexiest pout she could do.

"Um, okay," said Nick.

"Well, me and Amanda did a little shopping for you guys and I got this shirt for you," said Emma, pulling out the Poohbear shirt, "Will you change into it for me? Please?"

Nick's jaw dropped while AJ started busting up again. "Yeah, you'd look SO cute in that shirt Nickypoo," said Amanda, laughing and taunting him.

Emma gave Amanda a look. Amanda just replied with an innocent smile. "Um…uh," said Nick, taking the shirt and staring at it, "Can't I just wear it later…?"

Emma continued to pout," But I REALLY want to see you wear it now. So I know how it look on you and to make sure it fits." All AJ could do was laugh while Nick was getting a little red. "Please? For me?" continued Emma.

"…Okay," said Nick, helplessly. Amanda's jaw dropped. Emma smiled innocently.

"You owe me later," whispered Emma. Amanda mumbled something to herself while AJ kept laughing. To get rid of some of her hostility, she smacked AJ on the head.

"Hey!! What was that for?!" asked AJ, rubbing the back of his head. Amanda just mumbled.

"Now, why don't we go put that shirt on?" said Emma, smirking.

Nick made a slight face but said, "Um, okay." Amanda just kept shaking her head and mumbling obscenities under her breath. Nick stood up and took off his jacket so he could put the shirt on. He put the Pooh Bear shirt on over his current t-shirt then examined himself over and slightly pouted.

"Awww, my baby looks so cute," said Emma, standing up and giving Nick a kiss on the cheek. Nick quickly got out of the slight mood he was in and smiled. Amanda made a disgusted face and opened her mouth to say something when Emma gave her a look, which reminded her of the bet. Amanda thought for a moment and then continued to mumble obscenities. "Amanda, didn't you buy the guys something too?"

Amanda looked up and said, "Huh? Oh…yeah, here," as she got out the key-chains. "Here you go Pooh, and here you go Dopey-Tigger." She handed Nick the Winnie the Pooh key-chain and AJ the Dopey and Tigger ones.

AJ joined Nick in a confused expression and they both asked "…What?"

Amanda explained the whole thing to the boys and they just gave her a weird look. "You are weird," said Nick.

"Aw, I think the nicknames are cute, Pooh Bear," said Emma, playing with Nick's hair.

"Okay, maybe you aren't weird," said Nick.

"Make up your mind. Anyways, hey, I get two?" asked AJ.

Amanda nodded and Nick smirked and said, "Oooh Amanda likes som…" His sentence was cut short by Amanda throwing the pair of AJ's sunglasses she was wearing at him. Nick caught the sunglasses before they hit him or the ground.

"Hey… chill with my stuff please," said AJ. Amanda mumbled again and grabbed the sunglasses from Nick and put them back on.

"Oh yeah, we did a little shopping too," said Nick.

"Oh how sweet, even for me?" asked Amanda, sarcastically.

Nick rolled his eyes and said, "Yes, even for you." Nick pulled out a Tigger baseball cap for Amanda and a Pooh beanie for Emma.

"Awww, how cute," said Emma.

"How… what's the word," said Amanda.

"You're welcome," said Nick, avoiding a confrontation.

"Thank you, sweetie," said Emma, kissing Nick on the cheek.

Nick smiled again and AJ rolled his eyes and said, "Here you guys." He handed Emma a pair of Pooh Bear earrings and Amanda a Dopey beanie. "I guess we made a good choice when we bought you guys those, seeing how much you guys like them."

"Thanks…" said Amanda, a little surprised.

"No problem, hey Emma, could I get a kiss too?" asked AJ, pouting the best he could.

Emma smiled and said, "Sure," as she leaned over and kissed AJ on the cheek. AJ smiled and Amanda rolled her eyes. "It is nice to see you all alive though. I wonder if stupid Kevin is still alive," she said.

"Well, Kev can run fast," said Nick.

"I'm pretty sure the others found a place to hide," said AJ.

"Anyways, where should we go now?" asked Amanda.

"I still wanna go on some more rides," said AJ.

"So do I," said Amanda.

"Emma, do you want to go on anymore rides?" asked Nick.

Emma was about to shake her head, but realized that she wanted to make sure Amanda kept her end of the deal and nodded. "I'm a little tired but I'm willing to go on a few more rides," she said.

"Oh yeah, shopping is SO tiring," said Amanda.

"Shut up, it can be," said Emma.

"Ok girls, shall we go?" asked AJ.

Nick put his cap back on as well as his jacket but left it open. He held his hand out and Emma took it. Emma leaned over to Amanda and whispered, "I'm gonna be watching you." She smirked.

"Shut up," mumbled Amanda.

"Okay, come on, let's go," said AJ, grabbing Amanda's hand and starting to run off. Amanda was taken completely by surprise and blushed a little.

"Hey wait up!!" said Nick, chasing after them dragging Emma along with him. After a few minutes AJ finally slowed down and let go of Amanda's hand. Amanda looked behind her and saw Emma eying them and she mumbled something to herself and started to walk closer to AJ little by little.

Emma smirked and came up behind Amanda and smacked her hand making it hit AJ on the butt. AJ jumped slightly and Amanda turned bright red and glared at Emma. Emma just replied with an innocent smile and Nick started laughing. "I don't need any help from you, thank you," mumbled Amanda through her teeth.

"You don't have to thank me," said Emma, still smiling. Amanda mumbled to herself again.

AJ just shrugged it off and kept walking a little confused.

They walked over to the Indiana Jones ride. "Hey, I wanna drive," said Emma. Amanda rolled her eyes and Nick smiled. Once they got up to the actual ride, Nick picked Emma up and placed her onto the driver's seat. "You two sit back there," said Emma.

"Dude, your girlfriend's being bossy," said AJ.

"Just…sit back here with me," said Amanda, getting in behind Emma and Nick. Nick and AJ were getting more and more confused but AJ decided not to ask and sat down next to Amanda. Amanda, without making eye contact with AJ, reached over and held his hand.

AJ looked over at Amanda just a bit confused and asked, "Amanda, are you feeling okay?"

Amanda then said basically through her teeth, "I heard this ride was pretty scary so I wanted you to protect me."

Nick turned around with the most surprised look on his face and said, "What?!"

Emma quickly turned his head around and held his hand, which got his mind away from Amanda's comment.

AJ just nodded, getting more and more confused and let her hold his hand. Amanda was turning more and more red by the second. Emma glanced back and smiled and then went back to her "driving". After the ride, Emma got a little hyper, not just because of the ride, but the fact that she won the bet and she already got to see the results of winning. She smirked and said, "I suddenly feel like going on more rides. Come on, let's go on Pirates of the Carribean."

Amanda froze and asked, "Pirates…?"

Emma smiled sweetly and nodded. To Amanda, Emma's smile only looked like something of evil. Emma dragged Nick off to the line and Amanda just glared at her. "Come on, we don't want to lose the children," said AJ, taking Amanda's hand and walking to the line. This bet was driving Amanda absolutely crazy. The thing that bugged her the most, was that Emma was enjoying every single minute of this and she wasn't afraid to show it. They caught up to the two in line. Nick was behind Emma and had his arms wrapped around her.

"Since when do you like Pirates? You always say it's boring and it's a make out ride," said Amanda, she then thought about her own question and rolled her eyes. "Nevermind." Emma replied with one of her innocent smiles. Amanda mumbled something under her breath. Nick looked a little confused and AJ decided not to ask any questions.

They got on the ride. Emma and Nick got in front and Amanda and AJ got in the back. Once the ride started, Emma made sure to annoy Amanda. Amanda gritted her teeth. She thought about banging her head on the seat. She then looked down at the water and thought about jumping in. She leaned a bit too close to the edge and AJ pulled her back.

"Whoa, what are you doing?!" asked AJ.

"Just let me put myself out of my misery!!" said Amanda.

"Okay, no… stay on the boat," said AJ, pulling her into his arms so she couldn't jump off. Amanda turned bright red and got out of his arms and scooted all the way to the edge of the seat. "Sorry," said AJ, frowning a little. Amanda just shook her head. "I'm not that annoying, am I?" asked AJ.

"What?" asked Amanda, taken by surprise at the sudden question.

"Am I that annoying?" repeated AJ.

"Huh? No," said Amanda, "None of you are that annoying. You guys just do some really stupid things at times."(yes and she's perfect...)

"…So you don't hate me?" asked AJ.

"Of course not. I mean, I know I act like that at times, but I don't hate any of you, not even Squeaker. Just don't tell him that," whispered Amanda.

AJ smiled, "So you wouldn't mind if I held your hand…?"

Amanda was about to say she does mind but then she remembered the bet and said, "Of course not…"

AJ smiled and said, "Good." For the rest of the ride, Amanda seemed to forget about the two in front of them and managed to somewhat enjoy the ride.

They got off the ride and Emma and Nick kept holding hands. AJ and Amanda walked next to each other in front of them.

Chapter 5c No One Else Comes Close Home