No One Else Comes Close
chapter one: squeaker

A girl in her late teens was sleeping in a guestroom of a huge house. When all of the sudden she felt a blow to her head. Waking up, "Ow..." she said, opening her eyes and sitting up slightly. She looked around and spotted a small blonde-headed boy standing next to her bed, holding a pillow. She groaned and rubbed her eyes. "Aaron, what do you want?"

"I'm hungry, Amanda," answered Aaron.

Amanda looked at her alarm clock. "Aaron, it's 5AM, not just that, why are you waking ME up?!" she asked.

"'Cause you're the only other person that can cook and won't yell at me," answered Aaron.

"Aaron, you have your mom," said Amanda.

"I wonder why... " said Amanda, sarcastically, "What about BJ?"

"Same thing," said Aaron.

"What about Leslie or Angel?" asked Amanda.

"They don't know how to cook," said Aaron.

"Ugh, then what about Nick?" asked Amanda.

"...You've seen what he eats for breakfast. Would YOU ask him to make you breakfast...?" asked Aaron.

"Fine, you have a point, come on," said Amanda, sighing and finally getting out of bed. She fixed her black pajamas as she stood up and she stretched and tied her long light brown hair back. They walked toward the kitchen and Amanda stopped. "Wait, hold on," she said as she walked over to the living room and opened the blinds. There were about twenty girls sitting outside of the Carter mansion hoping they'd get a glimpse of Nick. "Damn, there's already that many people out there..."

"Mom's going to be thrilled," said Aaron.

"Hey, I wonder if I stay out here by the window long enough, if they'd start to think I'm Nick's girlfriend," she said as she smirked and waved outside.

"Do you WANT to be mistaken as Nick's girlfriend?" asked Aaron.

Something flew and hit the window and Amanda finally closed the blinds. "Ookay... When things start flying at me..." she said as she finally walked toward the kitchen. "So, what do you want to eat, Squeaker Jr.?"

Aaron sat down on the counter. "I don't know, make something," he said.

Amanda gave him a look and said, "You did not wake me up to make you some food without having a clue what you want."

"I just want some cereal," said Aaron.

"Then WHY did you wake me up?!" asked Amanda.

"I don't know," said Aaron, with a smile.

"Ugh, you are such a little brat!" said Amanda, getting out some milk, and four different cereal boxes. "You are so going to grow up like Nick."

"Am not..." pouted Aaron.

"You already are," laughed Amanda, getting him a bowl and spoon. "Now can you do the rest or are you like your idiot brother and actually need help with that?" That taunt was enough to get Aaron to do the rest himself. Amanda smiled and went down to the TV room and laid down on the couch and turned on the TV. Amanda grew up next to the Carters when they moved to Florida. She was staying with the Carters in California for the summer while she was on vacation from college. Through Nick, she got a job as one of the BSB dancers. The boys were on a short vacation and they were all in Cali and Nick was home with his parents.

Amanda then felt a smack on the head. "Okay, you know what...?" she said, sitting up and turning around. Nick was standing behind her, his hair a mess and pillow in hand.

"You are such a brat, what do you want?" asked Amanda.

"Move over," said Nick, scooting Amanda to the side and sitting down, turning on his playstation.

"Excuse, you got up this early just to do that?" asked Amanda.

"Shut up, you do the same thing all the time," said Nick.

"...Fine you have a point. I'm still more mature than you are though," said Amanda, sticking her tongue out.

"Yeah right," said Nick. Aaron came in with his bowl of cereal and sat down next to Nick.

Watching Nick play the game, Amanda said, "Aw come on Nick, you're're losing to THAT?!"

"Shut up, Amanda," said Nick.

"Man, you suck," said Amanda.

"You think YOU can do better?" asked Nick, getting aggravated and pausing the game.

"You know I can," said Amanda. Nick just pouted and continued playing. "Hey, today's the 5th, huh?"

"Yeah, why?" asked Nick.

"Ok, that means I get to pick up my room mate from the airport today," said Amanda.

"What room mate?" asked Nick.

"The one that I dorm with. She's in town," said Amanda.

"Oh... how long is she staying? What's her name?" asked Nick.

"She's staying here with relatives for the summer, and her name is Emma," said Amanda.

"Oh, I see. Is she cute?" asked Nick.

"Don't you be getting any ideas, Nick," said Amanda.

"Too late," said Nick, sticking his tongue out.

Amanda rolled her eyes and said, "To answer your question, yes, she's very cute.

"...Then she probably isn't," said Nick, sticking out his tongue.

"I love your sense of logic, Nick. Aaron probably has more logic than you," said Amanda.

"He does not," said Nick.

"Yes I do," said Aaron with a smile.

"Anyways... well she's your friend," said Nick.

"And you'll be choking on your words when you see her. By the way, look out the window," said Amanda.

Nick did what she said to do and as soon as he opened the blinds, Nick jumped back quickly, then shut the blinds again. "You are evil, you know that?" he said.

"And you're a dork. You're scared of those little girls?" asked Amanda.

"When you have twenty 12 year old girls chase you, you tell me if you're scared or not," said Nick.

"Whatever...anyways, I'm going to go get ready," said Amanda, getting up and walking to the bathroom.

"...She's such a brat," said Nick, pouting.

"That's why you two get along so well," said Aaron, finishing up his cereal.

"...Shut up Aaron," said Nick. About an hour later, Amanda was ready and about to step out the door. "Want some company?" asked Nick.

"The last thing I need is to get attacked by little girls. I want to go in peace," said Amanda.

"Fine then," said Nick, sticking out his tongue.

"Nick, keep that damn thing in your mouth," said Amanda, grabbing her backpack. Nick stuck it back out and wiggled it. Amanda raised her eyebrow. "Okay. You know what? I'm not taking any offers from you."

"It wasn't an offer," said Nick.

"The hell it wasn't," said Amanda, putting on her sunglasses and heading out. She got into her black 4-Runner and somehow managed to get out. It took her about fifteen minutes to get to the airport. She went to the gate that Emma gave her. Finally, her flight came in and Emma showed up at the gate. Amanda walked up to her and said, "Hey, whas up?"

"I'm just glad I'm off that plane. Although it's also nice to see you," said Emma.

"Oh yes, I'm sure you missed me," said Amanda, "Come on, let's go get your bags." They went over to get her bags and Amanda brought her car around. They got all of her bags into the back and they headed off.

"So, how has your summer been so far?" asked Amanda.

"Boring, sadly. How 'bout you?" asked Emma

"Busy. My job is so wearing me out," said Amanda.

"What job?" asked Emma.

"I'm sort of a dancer for this group. I love our choreographer but I swear she's going to kill us," said Amanda, finding her BSB CD and putting it in.

"Sounds inter... okay, you didn't just put in BSB," said Emma in disbelief.

Amanda laughed, "Yes I did, why?"

"Since when do you listen to BSB?" asked Emma.

"Ever since they came out," said Amanda.

"You're lying," said Emma.

"I am not," said Amanda, "Why? Do you like them?"

"Yeah, a lot actually. I'm...just surprised considering your half of the dorm was covered with Metallica, Bone Thugs, Offspring, and Nirvana," said Emma.

Amanda suddenly got a smirk and asked, "Hey, who's your fav BSB?"

"Me? I'd have to say Nick," said Emma, "Why?"

Amanda continued to smirk. "Oh, no reason at all. Hey, do you have to stay with your relatives for the whole summer?"

"Um, I don't think so, why?" asked Emma.

"Why don't you stay with me?" asked Amanda.

"Are you sure that's okay?" asked Emma.

"We're about to find out," said Amanda, getting out her cell phone and dialing the Carters.

Jane answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Aunt Jane? It's me. I was wondering, um, you know how I said my room mate was coming down to visit?" asked Amanda.

"Oh, that was today, wasn't it?" asked Jane.

"Yeah, um, I was wondering, could she stay with us sometime?" asked Amanda.

"Yeah, Mom, let her," said Nick, who was listening in.

"Ni...Squeaker, put the phone down!" said Amanda.

"Nick, off," said Jane.

"Fine, fine," said Nick, hanging up.

"As I was about to say, sure. I don't see why not," said Jane.

"Thank you, Aunt Jane, love you," said Amanda, hanging up.

"You have an Aunt Jane?" asked Emma, "And... Squeaker?"

"Well, sort of and don't ask about Squeaker. You'll see when we get there," said Amanda. About ten minutes later, Amanda pulled up near the Carter's estate.

"...Wow, that's a nice place. I wonder who lives there," said Emma.

"That's where we're going," said Amanda.

"...Come again?" asked Emma.

"That's where we're staying, right there," said Amanda, pointing to the Carter's estate.

"OMG, you're kidding," said Emma.

"...Nope," said Amanda, driving past the gates.

"You have a really rich aunt," said Emma.

"You could say that," said Amanda.

"What are all those people doing out there?" asked Emma.

"Um... they like the house?" said Amanda, parking and getting out the car.

Right when they pulled up, Nick came out to them. "Hey, so is that your room mate?" he asked.

"Damn it, Nick. I wanted to surprise her," said Amanda.

Emma got out of the car and saw Nick, "OMG..." she said.

"...Ok, so maybe you didn't ruin it," said Amanda.

"Amanda...that's... not," Emma tried to say, still in shock.

Nick was breathtaken at how pretty Emma was, he tried to say something but nothing came out. Amanda smiled and said, "Emma, meet Nick Carter. I'm pretty sure you've seen him before. Nick, this is my room mate, Emma."

Emma turned completely red and Nick was actually blushing. "Okay... let's go inside, then you guys can say hi. If we stay out here, rumors are bound to fly." They just nodded and walked in. Amanda smacked Nick on the head. "Quit staring!" she mumbled.

"...Ow!" said Nick, "Sorry." Emma was still in shock. Once they got in, Nick properly introduced himself and Emma did the same. He shook her hand and sort of forgot to let go. Amanda rolled her eyes. "Nick, she needs her hand," she said.

"...Huh? ...Oh, um... sorry," he said, finally letting go of her hand.

Emma managed to giggle at this. "OMG... we're standing in front of Nick Carter," said Emma.

"Yeah, yeah. Believe me, he only looks good on TV," said Amanda.

"Shut up," said Nick.

"He's still looking just fine to me in person... actually he looks even better in person...and I'm saying this out loud..." said Emma, turning red.

Nick blushed and kept brushing the hair that fell into his face with his hand over and over, even when it wasn't hovering over his face. "Nick, do that anymore and you'll end up like AJ," said Amanda.

"You are so mean," said Emma.

"Ooh, I'm telling," said Nick, sticking his tongue out.

"Like I care...brat," said Amanda.

"I'm not a brat!" pouted Nick, "You're just a meanie head."

"Ok that was just TOO cute...and I'm talking out loud again," said Emma, turning even redder.

"That is NOT cute!! Maybe if he was a ten year old... There is no way you can be older than me, if you are, you sure don't act like it," said Amanda.

"MANDY, I'm only a half year older than you. We're born the same year," said Nick.

"Yes, it's nice to know that you made that observation. Maybe you're not as stupid as I thought," said Amanda.

"Man, you are such a b…." Nick tried to say as Jane walked by.

"Hey, Aunt Jane, this is Emma. She's gonna be visiting us for a while. Don't worry, she's harmless," said Amanda.

"Nice to meet you," said Jane, with a warm smile.

"Hi… um… Thank you for letting me stay here," said Emma, still trying to get everything that just happened into her head.

"You're welcome," said Jane.

"Aunt Jane," said Amanda, picking up some of Emma's bags, "Can she have the guestroom right next to mine?"

"Sure, I just got done cleaning it all up. Go right ahead," said Jane.

"Come on, I'll show you your room," said Amanda, grabbing Emma's hand and pulling her to the room. Nick just kept staring as they disappeared into the hall. They went into Emma's room and set down all her luggage. "Pretty cool place, huh?" asked Amanda, sitting down on the bed.

Emma shut the door, took a deep breath, walked up to Amanda and yelled, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU KNEW NICK CARTER?!?"

Amanda jumped slightly and replied, "I didn't know you liked the Backstreet Boys, and besides, you never asked…"

"…I didn't ask?! Exactly how many people ask you, "Excuse me, but do you know Nick Carter?"?!" asked Emma.

"Well…um…I mean, um… Backstreet Boys never came up in any of our conversations so…" said Amanda, trying to find an excuse out of this.

"This is not happening, this is a dream. I am NOT in Nick Carter's house," said Emma.

"Um… would that be a good dream or a bad one?" asked Amanda.

"GOOD!!" said Emma.

"Well, in that case…it's not a dream," said Amanda.

"Okay…um… can I ask this? How do you know Nick?" asked Emma.

"Um…before he got all famous with the other brats, I lived right next door to him. That's why I know the boys since they started… literally. That's why I've liked them since they came out," said Amanda.

"…I still can't believe you didn't tell me…ESPECIALLY after I told you I liked the boys," said Emma, finally breathing, and sitting down on her bed.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. I mean, what's better than spending a few days at Nick Carter's house? It's actually pretty fun to see how many of the fans are gathered outside the house in the morning," said Amanda.

Aaron all of the sudden burst into the room, scaring the two girls to death. He looked around and asked, "Is that your room mate, Amanda?"

"Yes Aaron, this is Emma," said Amanda, breathing again.

"She's pretty," said Aaron, rather bluntly.

Amanda laughed a little, "See, I told you," she said, "Anyways, Emma, this is Aaron. Aaron, meet Emma."

"Nice to meet you," said Emma.

"Are you gonna stay here?" asked Aaron.

"Um…for tonight I guess," said Emma.

Aaron smiled and said, "I wanna show you around the house." He grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the room. About thirty minutes later, they finally returned. Emma unpacked some of her things and got a little settled. The girls just sat around and talked for a while when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," said Amanda.

Nick walked into the room and said, "Dinner's ready…"

"Thanks, we'll be down in a bit," said Amanda.

"Okay…"said Nick, a bit timidly, as he shut the door.

"…Is he always that shy?" asked Emma.

"…Shy? Him?! Nick Carter, shy? Um, I think not," said Amanda.

"Well, ever since I've met him, he seems really shy," said Emma.

"That's just because…nevermind. Come on, let's go downstairs," said Amanda.

After dinner, Emma finally started to get a bit more comfortable and relaxed around the Carters. Nick was still trying to speak at least one sentence to her without messing up. Aaron completely became attached to Emma and Nick started to get a little jealous. At about 9PM, Amanda and Emma went back up to Emma's room. "So, are you a little more comfortable now?" asked Amanda.

Emma smiled and nodded. "I still can't believe I met Nick Carter, not to mention his whole family," she said.

"Well, tomorrow you'll be meeting the rest of the guys," said Amanda.

"…What?" asked Emma.

"Don't look too surprised. I mean, you just met Nick Carter. He does know the Backstreet Boys," said Amanda, "They have to be in the studio tomorrow so I was gonna pay them a visit and ask if you wanna come along."

"Well, I don't want to be in the way," said Emma.

"The last thing you'll be is in the way. If there's any distractions, it's just them," said Amanda.

"Are you sure?" asked Emma.

"Positive. Here, we'll even ask Nick," said Amanda, walking to the door. "SQUEAKER!!"

Nick came running down the hall, "What are you yelling for?!" he asked.

"It got you down here didn't it? Anyways, you don't mind if Emma comes down to the studios tomorrow do you?" asked Amanda.

"No…of…of course not," said Nick, blushing slightly.

"See, he even says it's okay," said Amanda.

"He doesn't seem too sure…" said Emma.

"That's because he's Nick. I promise they won't bite. Well, AJ might, but I'll make sure he behaves," said Amanda.

Emma smiled, "So is it okay, Nick?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, no problem. The other guys won't mind," said Nick.

"Okay, I guess I'll come then," said Emma.

Nick smiled without realizing it.

Amanda saw this and got another idea. "Hey Emma, didn't you say while you're down here, you were gonna look for a summer job?"

"Yeah… why?" asked Emma.

"Nick, did Denise find an assistant for the tour yet…?" asked Amanda.

"The last time I checked…nope," said Nick.

"Emma…I just found you a job," said Amanda, with a huge grin on her face.

"…What?" asked Emma.

"You're coming on tour with us. You'll be one of Denise's assistants," said Amanda.

"She is?" asked Nick, his face brightening up.

"I am?" asked Emma.

"Denise… the Boys' publicist, AJ's mom, was looking for an assistant to go on tour with us. You'd be perfect," said Amanda, "I'm sure Nick won't have any complaints."

"I…whoa…ok WHAT?!" asked Emma.

"You're gonna tour with the Backstreet Boys," said Amanda, with a big smile on her face.

Chapter 2