Chapter 3

they got to the ice cream parlor and each ordered a sundae. nick had three scoops of ice cream, emma had one, and aaron had surprised them both by asking for four.

emma laughed slightly,"sweetie. theres no way you can eat four. you'll get sick."

nick looked at aaron, jaw still dropped,"no he can eat four, hes done it before. but your right about the sick part. aaron three scoops."


"you can get a soda instead...."

aaron pouted and ordered his three scoop sundae.

after they had all gotten their sundaes they went to sit at one of the booths. aaron spotted the arcade off to the side,"hey can i have a dollar?"

nick gave him a look.

emma laughed and pulled a dollar out of her pocket and handed it to him,"have fun."

aaron smiled,"thanks." he picked up his sundae and headed to the arcade.

nick pulled a dollar out of his pocket and handed it to emma.

"oh no, thats okay. besides, i kinda wanted to just talk to you alone," she said blushing slightly and poking at her ice cream.

nick blushed too,"really?"

emma nodded," break up...wh--"

nick sighed,"this morning. she called me and told me that she didnt think it was going to work. we just didnt go well together and we shouldnt bother wasting each others time anymore. it was fine for the first six months i guess but i must be a boring person." he frowned and looked down at his sundae.

emma gently touched his hand,"no sweetie, i seriously doubt that. if she could say things like that to you shes a bitch and because she couldnt tell you to your face shes a chicken. either way, i think your the one whose better off cause your not with her anymore."

nick looked up at her,"wow...."

she blushed,"..what...?"

"nothing. what you just said. it just made me feel a whole hell of a lot better than ive felt all day. thank you."

emma smiled,"no problem."

nick noticed she was still slightly holding his hand but didnt say anything,"hey...are you busy tomorrow...? i have a boat and we could go out on the ocean and look for dolphins."

emmas eyes lit up,"really? youve seen them out there?"

nick laughed,"not just hanging around, no, but i do know where we'll be able to find some."


"so that would be a yes...?"

emma laughed,"definately."

aaron came back over to them, hands empty.

emmas jaw dropped,"you finished that already....?"

"huh? oh yeah, it was good. hey nick, can we st--"


"but im hungry~~~"

"i dont care. you just ate that entire sundae. moms gonna kill me if she knows i gave you that much junk food."

"i wont tell~~"

"no mr.'hey mom we went to the fair and we got cotton candy and popcorn and hot dogs and burritos'."

"that slipped."

"yeah well it aint happening again. i know i got my own house but mom will STILL ground me."

aaron pouted then noticed them slightly holding hands and smirked,"jeez nick...i guess you really got over emily quick huh?"

"what?" he looked down and quickly pulled his hand away.

emma blushed,"sorry."

"im not. emma do you want to go on a date?" aaron asked.

nicks jaw dropped and emma laughed,"sweetie, you are TRULY the cutest guy ive ever laid eyes on but your also the youngest."

"i wont tell....please....we can go to disneyland tomorrow...."

"you are SO not spending anymore time with aj," nick mumbled.

emma laughed,"im sorry sweetie. your brother is taking me out on the boat tomorrow."

aarons jaw dropped and nick smirked,"sorry airboy."

"meaniehead," aaron mumbled.

"awww...." emma leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

aaron glanced at nick, noticing the slight pout on his face,"beat ya that time didnt i?"