Chapter 2

emma headed up to the top of the beach and looked around for nick. she was about to head back down when she saw him sitting on one of the benches staring at the ocean.

she went over to him,"...nick...?"

he jumped slightly and glanced at her,"...oh...h...hi..."

she smiled,"hi, do you mind if i sit?"

nick shook his head and moved over. emma smiled and sat beside him,"thanks."

he nodded," sorry i freaked and left like that."

"its okay. amanda explained why so i can understand. are you comfortable now cause i dont mind leaving..."

"no its okay. just need to remind myself that your nicer than emily."

emma laughed,"thanks."

"so how come your here?"

"im the official photographer for britney and she asked me to come along and take some pics for her website and stuff."

nick laughed,"my little brother would love to be in your place. hes got a major crush on britney."

emma glanced at him and smiled,"so it IS possible for you to smile and a very cute one too..."

nick blushed and looked down.

emma laughed,"sorry, i didnt mean to embarrass you."

nick shook his head,"you didnt. im just not used to people telling me stuff like that and actually meaning it."

"your ex was that bad?"




nick rolled his eyes and turned around,"whats wrong airboy?"

"justin was kissing britney," he said pouting.

nick managed to keep a straight face,"im sorry."

aaron glanced at emma,"what are you doing here?"

emma looked at him slightly in shock,"w..what...?"

"you. no one invited you."

"...aaron thats not emily."

"yes it is. are you blind nick?"

nick rolled his eyes,"no aaron, this is emma. she works for britney. now apologize for being so rude to her."

aaron blushed,"sorry. i thought you were his meaniehead girlfriend."

emma nodded.

"you work for britney?"

emma nodded.

"are you guys friends?"

"a little bit, why?"

"can you tell her to dump justin?"

emma managed to laugh,"ill pass on the message."

"thank you. nick, can we go home now?"

"aaron we just got here 10 minutes ago..."

"i know but its boring. theres no sharks out there and brit is busy."

nick sighed and stood up,"fine. lets go."

emma stood up and dusted off her shorts,"well it was nice meeting you and ill be su--"

"wait, you wanna come with us?" aaron asked.

"...aaron..." nick mumbled.

"please...nick is taking me to get ice cream."

"im what?"

emma laughed,"aaron did you tell HIM that?"

aaron glanced at nick,"were going to get ice cream right? okay thanks nick, love you."

nick just looked at him, his jaw slightly dropped.

emma laughed and glanced at nick,"is it okay...?"

"well i guess i dont have much of a choice now..." he said looking at aaron who just smiled innocently. "lets go."

"wait, shouldnt you tell the guys...?" emma asked.

"no, they'll probably figure i went home cause i wasnt feeling well or something."

"oh okay."

"come on," aaron said grabbing emmas hand and pulling her towards the parking lot, explaining exactly what kind of ice cream he was planning on getting.

Chapter 3