Chapter 1

nick sat on the edge of the dock, his legs dangling over the side, and threw another rock into the water. he watched it slowly sink then threw another.


nick looked up," hey aaron. whats up?"

aaron sat beside him and rested his head against nicks arm,"whats wrong?"

"nothing, why?"

"because you only come out just to sit on the dock when your sad about something. whats wrong?"

nick sighed,"emily broke up with me."


"this morning. she said i wasnt right for her and she couldnt spend the rest of her life with someone that wasnt right for her." he laughed slightly. "she said it was a waste of time."

aaron made a face,"i never liked her anyways, she was always mean to me and stuff."

nick managed to smile and put his arm around aaron.

they sat there quietly for a few more minutes before jane came out of the house and over to them,"you guys should get going. the picnic starts in about five minutes."

"k mom," aaron said standing up.

nick sighed,"i dont think im gonna go."

"nick, its a jive picnic. how will it look if the other boys and all the other artist are there and you arent?" jane asked.

"i know but mom--"

"nick, shes just a girl. she wasnt a very nice girl to begin with and i know you can find better so dont let her haunt you and upset you."

he sighed,"fine fine. aaron get your jacket and meet me at the car."

aaron nodded and went into the house.

nick kissed jane on the cheek and went out to his car. he got in the car and ran his fingers through his hair. he glanced in the mirror and noticed his eyes were a little red but if need be, he could always pass that off as lack of sleep.

aaron got in the car and they headed out to the private beach where the picnic was going to be held.

"brandon, get away from me you freak," emma said pulling her hand from his.(brandon, one of brits dancers)

"but i want to dance with you~~~"

"go dance with britney."

"i cant, shes busy with timberlake. please~~~ just one~~~"

"you know your a pain in the ass right?" emma asked glancing at him.

he smiled and nodded.

she sighed,"fine. just one."

he smiled and pulled her off her blanket to dance.


nick and aaron arrived at the beach and went up to the gate. nick showed security their passes and headed down to the beach and over to where all the guys were hanging out.

"where is she~~~" aaron whined.



nick laughed,"dont tell me my little brother has got a crush on ms. britney spears."

aaron stuck his tongue out at him,"well she likes me too."

"well excuse me. by the way, shes out there dancing with timberlake."

aaron pouted and went off to interrupt the dance.

nick managed to laugh and went over to the guys,"hey guys."

brian looked up,"hey frack, took you long enough. dude whats wrong? your eyes are all red like youve been crying."

"huh? oh...i didnt sleep all that great last night..."

"wheres emily?" leighanne asked.

"we...uh...we broke up."

"good, i never liked her," amanda said.

nick rolled his eyes,"like i need your approval."

"oh shut up blondie."

"bite me mandy."

"children please," kevin said.

amanda rolled her eyes,"im gonna go talk to my friend emma. ill be back."

she got up and went over to emmas blanket where emma was sitting with brandon resting her head on his stomach,"hey em."

emma looked up,"omg! amanda hi!" she jumped up and hugged her. "i havent seen you in like forever."

amanda nodded and hugged her back,"i know. so what have you been up to besides hanging out with cute guys?"

emma laughed,"hes not cute, hes brandon. anyways, im on tour with brit now as her photographer so its pretty cool. how about you? are you still dancing?"

she nodded,"with bsb."

"and aj...?"

amanda actually blushed,"yes im dating him."

"awww how cute~~~"

"shut up dork."

emma smiled and stuck her tongue out at amanda.

amanda rolled her eyes,"your a dork, princess."

"and thats why you love me."

" you want to mee the other guys or are you busy?"

"with him? no, hes asleep, hes no fun when hes asleep," she said standing up.

"so is he your boyfriend?" amanda asked heading back over to her blanket.

"eww no. hes too annoying to date."

amanda laughed,"and of course your perfect."

"see, i knew you understood."

amanda rolled her eyes and approached the blanket,"hey guys, this is my friend emma."

they all looked up,"hi emma."

emma smiled,"hi. nice to meet you."

"hey, you look kinda like nicks ex-girlfr---"

leighanne elbowed him before he could finish.

nick looked up hearing that and glanced at emma,"omg..." he mumbled.

"...are you okay...?"

"" he said standing up and rushing off.

"but we have water in the cooler," aj said, slightly confused.

amanda rolled her eyes,"be quiet aj. anyways, em sorry about him. he just broke up with his girlfriend and you kinda look like her so i think he got kinda spooked. he'll be fine in a few minutes though."

"im gonna see if hes okay. ill talk to you guys later," she said and headed off to find nick.

Chapter 2