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When does it stop? What is "it"? "It" would be harassing the boys. I've been hearing pretty bad things lately and I pray to God they aren't true. First of all, I was hoping the dognapping of Tyk and Litty was just a stupid rumor… But sadly I was wrong and it was on the official site. I DO NOT understand how someone can do this. ESPECIALLY people who consider themselves "fans". Gee, what should we do today… I know, let's sneak into Brian's property(btw, if you didn't know this...that's illegal ::GASP::) and kidnap his doggies that we have NO idea how to take care of. Then he'll love us! Tehe..... First off, hello, that's friggin illegal, if you did it to anyone, not just Brian. Then, all the true fans know how much those dogs mean to him… we know he carries those things with him everywhere. Now what gives ANYONE a right to take that from him? AFTER they snuck into HIS property. What kind of a "fan" would do that?! Then refuse to give up poor Litty when the cops finally caught them… HELLO, SHE'S NOT YOUR DOG. You have no idea how surprised I was when I heard Brian wasn't pressing charges. Shoot, I don't care how nice you are, I would have done more than press charges. Now maybe I'm wrong about them being "Fans"… I hope I am because that's the LAST thing they are. If you're a fan, you should RESPECT ALL the boys as HUMAN BEINGS, cuz heaven forbid, they ARE human beings. They are not gods, they don't have super powers (unless they're in Backstreet Project), they have made us happy at least once… Why can't we just make them happy? Why can't we treat them with COMMON courtesy? Why is it so hard to treat them somewhat normally? If you tell me they aren't normal, well no one in the world is normal anwyays. But we treat them with respect…most of them. I think they deserve respect too.

How could anyone steal something from the person they "love" and care about? Girls say they "love" the Backstreet Boys all the time. But what do I see? Crap like people stealing Brian's dogs, AJ getting almost pulled into a mob in Germany, people that jokingly bid over $30,000 that they didn't have in Howie's benefit… To those people… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! HOW could you do any of those things? NONE of those things are things people would do to people they truly cared about. Shoot, you wouldn't try to hurt a friend, the events above are more than hurting. All these acts of "love"(stupidity) are just going to push the Boys away from their true fans. Then if the Boys were to break up, "fans" are gonna be like, "OMG!!! How could they?! I hate them!! They suck!! They never cared for their fans!! How could they do this to us?! ::sob sob whine whine sob sob::" GEE, could it BE because of some very outrageous incidents named above? That's just some of it… There's a few idiots in the world that consider themselves "fans", but sadly, their actions speak more than the actions of true fans. And I can't really blame them. Things have gone WAY too far. Exactly how much do we expect the boys to go through before they finally lose it? To add to this… now I'm hearing crap about death threats to Leighanne. Now…someone explain this to me… please… HOW would threatening Leighanne, treating her like crap, throwing things at her, stealing her dogs, making her feel like crap...help the FANS come closer to Brian? How would that bring Brian closer? WHY must people do that? Don't they realize all they're doing is pushing Brian further away from us? Well that's all it's doing cuz it sure the heck doesn't bring him closer to us. If Bri and Leigh aren't meant to be(which I think they make a hella cute couple) let THEM make a mistake.. Let THEM figure it out. Let THEM and THEM ONLY deal with it. Shoot, I can almost guarentee they're both older than alot of us. I THINK they can make their own decisions. Who are WE to do that to Leigh or Bri?! Do you expect Brian to respect and care for people who threaten his fiancee? The person he's in love with? Yeah, that works GREAT. I SO love it when people I don't know make decisions for me and threaten the people I love. Yeah, that'd make me like you more. COME ON, PEOPLE. GROW UP!! There's a line you don't cross when you're a fan and those people have crossed the line and went onto a few states… This goes way beyond a mere obsession, this is just disrespect and insanity. And oh wait, I forgot, stupidity.

Ya know, those people are being horribly selfish. TRUE fans, support the boys, no matter what. True fans are trying to do things like "An Angel for Caroline", to try to show Howie, and the other boys, that we seriously care about them, and that there's only a FEW idiots. Trying to show them that there are true fans that do support them. Even if fans couldn't do the "Angel" thing... they could show the boys they care for them just by respecting them... I don't care if you don't like Leighanne, that's your business. But NO ONE has a right to threaten her. If you don't like her, deal with it. Don't go off about how much you hate her and she has no right to be with Brian… it was HIS choice. SHE was his choice. BE HAPPY WITH THAT. BE HAPPY FOR HIM!! Better yet, I know this is a hard concept to understand, but be happy for THEM.

What's the point of this babble? Just think before you do anything. Put yourself in their place. It might not be as great as you think considering some of the crap they went through and go through. If you really care for them, respect them. SHOW them that you care for them, and that there's fans out there that care. Meaning, don't steal their things, respect the people they care about, respect them, don't mob them, don't jump on them, don't scratch them, don't bite them, the list goes on but I hope ya'll get the point. Let's just show them that we do care…and that there's still some people they can count on... Thanks.

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