faye watched emma try on different sized ski boots. emma glanced at her,"were inside, you can take off the sunglasses now."

faye shook her head, "im being blinded by all that baby blue."

emma stuck her tongue out at her,"the only baby blue is my jacket so shut up and get your skis"

"uh uh, im not skiing. im just here for moral support."

emma rolled her eyes and picked up her skis,"yeah, whatever."

faye smiled and followed her out of the rental shop. she pulled the collar of her jacket up,"be careful okay? i dont want to have to come and pick you up from first aide."

"okay mother."

faye made a face,"shut up."

emma laughed,"okay, ill see you later."

faye nodded and watched her ski towards the lifts before going back inside. she went up to the common room on their floor and sat down in front of the fireplace. she took of her jacket and picked up a magazine. she tried looking through it but couldnt focus. she sighed and watched the flames in the fireplace.

"excuse me..."

faye snapped out of her daze and looked up. he breath caught in her throat but she managed to choke out,"...yeah...?"

"is anyone sitting here?"

she glanced at the empty chair beside her and shook her head,"no. go ahead."

kevin smiled and took the seat,"thanks. btw im kevin."

she blushed and nodded,"im faye."

"well its nice to meet you faye,"he said, his southern accent coming out slightly.

she smiled,"nice to meet you too."

he took of his jacket,"so why arent you out there skiing?"

she made a face,"cause im not very good. what about you?"

"im a little wary of skiing since i got an injury one time before."

faye tried not to laugh,"oh, thats right. your the one who dislocated his shoulder."

he blushed and nodded. she laughed,"then why on earth come to a ski lodge?"

he made a face,"the guys made me pretty much. they out number me so there really wasnt much i could do."

"same with me. brought against my own will. 'it will be good for you. get your mind of HIM,'" she mimicked.

he looked at her and cracked a smile,"our friends would get along well. thats pretty much the same thing my friends told me."

"didnt they..."faye said.

"...wont understand..." kevin said.

"...maybe i dont want to get my mind off of them,"they said at the same time.

they looked at each other in surprise,"whoa..."

"that was..."

"...beyond weird..."

"so do you mind if i ask what happened?" he asked proding the fire with a poker.

she sighed and shrugged,"his name is noah and we met our junior year. everything was going really well," she sighed,"but about two months ago he got an offer to study architecture in france and he didnt think a long distance relationship would work so...."

"whoa...im sorry."

she managed to smile,"its okay. its not your fault." she cleared her throat,"so...um...what happened with you?"

he sighed,"are you sure you want to hear this? it could take a good hour..."

she laughed slightly,"ive got about an hour and a half..."

he managed to smile and started to tell her what had happened....

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*(wavy flashback dream sequence thing)~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

nick leaned over the pool table and took his shot,"is kev gonna play or what?"

brian glanced at kevin who was sitting on one of the couches cuddling with his girlfriend. he rolled his eyes,"katherines got her claws in him. so probably not."

aj glanced at them and made a gagging sound. howie elbowed him,"hey kev, are you playing?"

"huh? oh yeah...in a second."

aj rolled his eyes,"whatever."

kevin kissed the tip of katherines nose,"you wanna play too?"

she pouted,"aww kevy, your gonna ditch me for some silly old game?"

"aw...dont give me that look..."

"but i want to spend time with you~~" she said in such a high pitched whine even tyke hid his head under one of the couch pillows.

"i know baby but today is our guys night...you know that."

she frowned and stomped her foot,"fine then. im going home." she got up and walked out of the room.

kevin sighed,"ill be right back guys," he said and followed her.

the guys, who had been trying their hardest not to laugh, couldnt hold it in anymore. "omg! i could have sworn she was 27 but now im starting to question that..."brian said.

"man, shes worse than frack," aj said.


howie tried not to laugh,"be nice you guys. we may not like her but kevin does."

"yeah, i guess hes right..."brian said.

kevin came back into the rubbing his forehead. aj couldnt help it and ran over to kevin and threw his arms around him. "oh kevy! i missed so much!" he said in a perfect imitation of katherine.

kevin rolled his eyes and pushed aj away,"funny aj. REAL funny."

aj smiled and fixed his shirt,"i thought so."

"just the fact that you thought at all amazes me," kevin replied.

aj pouted,"...hey..."

nick glanced at kevin,"is everything okay with kat?"

"dont call her that but yeah. i told her i would take her to dinner tomorrow night to make up for today."

brian rolled his eyes,"i dont get why you have to make up for hanging out with your boys..."

howie elbowed brian,"well i hope you guys have fun."

"i hope so too," kevin mumbled thinking about the engagement ring in his dresser.


kevin sat down at the small table in the restaurant and patted his jacket pocket to make sure that the engagement ring was safe and sound. he looked at the roses and smiled to himself, this would definatley surprise her.

the waiter came and he order them both something to drink and appetizers while he waited for katherine to show up. she was only about five minutes late so he figured that she would be there any minute. an hour went by, then two.

finally about 10 minutes before the restaurant was going to close he got up to leave. "excuse me..." said a tiny voice behind him.

he turned around to see a little boy standing behind him. he smiled,"hi."

the little boy smiled,"hi. are you kevin?"

kevin laughed slightly,"yes i am."

"can have your autograph...?

he smiled,"sure. whats your name?"


"thats a cool name," he said. he took the little piece of paper from the boy and signed it for him.

"im going to your show next week," he said proudly.

"really? where are your seats? ill make sure i wave to you."

his eyes widened,"really?"

kevin nodded and handed him the paper. "tha...thank you..." he said and started to walk away.

"hey little man..." kevin called.

the little boy turned around in surprise,"yeah?"

"you forgot to tell me where your sitting..."

"oh...um...um...mom....oh yeah...sixth row."

kevin nodded,"okay. dont forget im gonna be looking for you."

dallas smiled and nodded. he waved goodbye and left with his parents. kevin smiled and turned back around to head to the door. just then the door opened and another couple walked in. he glanced at them without giving it a thought and headed out to the door.

"omg! you got them to keep the restaurant open for us?! thats so sweet!!"

kevin stopped and slowly turned around. he knew that voice anywhere. he cleared his throat loudly and the couple turned around. "hello katherine."

katherine turned red,"i thought you would have left by now," she mumbled.

"what was that....?"

"nothing. kevy, this is um...my...um...brother..."

kevin raised an eyebrow,"really? i could have sworn you told me you were an only child."

"oh...um...step brother..."

"oh come off it kat. how long have you been cheating on me?"

"about as long as youve been ignoring me and catering to your precious group," she snapped back.

"leave my brothers out of this. its not their fault i couldnt trust you. no, that was probably my own stupidity. well guess what, im over it." he took the ring box out of his pocket and looked at it,"and to think i was almost stupid enough to tell you i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you."

her jaw dropped,"your breaking up with me?!" she shrieked.

kevin winced,"no. im dumping you." he looked at her date who was standing there looking rather confused,"good luck. the voice doesnt get any cuter....TRUST me."

he started to leave the restaurant and realized he still had the roses in his hand. he handed them to the hostess,"these are for you."

she watched in surprise as kevin walked out of the restaurant, got in his car, and sped off.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*(end of flashy dream sequence thing)*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

faye couldnt help but laugh,"good. she got what was coming."

kevin smiled,"you know, telling you actually made me feel alot better. thanks."

she smiled,"no problem. you were definately better company then just staring at the wall."

"mind telling aj and nick that?"

she laughed,"and the little boy? did you see him?"

kevin smiled and nodded,"yeah. we even brought him backstage and he got to meet the other guys. i think he nearly passed out."

she laughed and glanced at her watch,"omg! im late!" she stood up and quickly pulled on her jacket.

kevin stook up with her,"hey...if your not busy tomorrow...do you want to do something? like watch all the skiers fall on their faces," he said with an evil smirk.

she laughed,"i do like the way you think mr. richardson." she wrote her room number down for him and handed it to him. "so ill talk to you later?"

he nodded,"yeah. it was nice meeting you."

she smiled and nodded,"you too." she turned and headed down the hall to the elevators.

"hey kev, who was that?"

kevin jumped and turned around,"oh hey frack. just a friend."

nick smiled and zipped up his jacket,"okay kev."

"where are you going...?"

"skiing. see ya," and with that nick was gone.

kevin watched him walk away and silently prayed his little brother came back in one piece before going back to his room.