“amanda, GO AWAY!”

“nope,” amanda said and continued following nick with the palmcorder.

“go bug brian.”

“cant. him and emma are outside somewhere.”

“then go bug kevin!”

she made a face, “hes in the back with faye watching a movie.”




she thought about it for a second then shook her head, “not as fun.”

“UGH!!” he got off the bus at the rest-stop they were parked at.

“turn around blondie. your big butt is in the whole shot.”

“brian, emma...help me~~~”

both brian and emma who had been sitting at a picnic table, looked up. emma rolled her eyes, “your not supposed to be annoying people with my camera.”

“yeah, leave me alone,” nick said and sat next to emma on the bench.

amanda sat down across from them, “so what are you two doing?”

brian picked emmas camera up off the table and turned it over in his hands, “ems helping me write a letter to leighanne.”

“why? you dont know how to write?” she asked putting the camera on him.

brian rolled his eyes, “shut up. shes helping me with what to say.”

“aww, how cute,” she said sarcastically.

“can I read it...?” nick asked.

brian nodded and emma handed it to him.

“I wanna read it too,” amanda said.

brian shook his head, “so you have another reason to make fun of me? I DONT think so.”

amanda smiled innocently, “I would NEVER laugh at you bri.”

“yeah and I really believe that.”

emma glanced at nick who was still reading the leter, “is it okay?”

“just a sec....” he quickly finished reading the letter. “yeah, its really good.”

she smiled and took the letter back, “thanks.”

he blushed and nodded, “do you guys know how much longer the bus ride is supposed to be?”

“about another hour or so,” brian said.

amanda made a face, “this sucks. dont you guys ever get tired of it?”

“being on the bus, yes. touring and performing and the fans reactions, no,” brian said.

emma glanced at nick, “what about you?”

he shrugged, “I love it but I just hate being away from my family for such long periods of time.”

brian glanced at his watch and sighed, “come on. we need to get going again.”

they all got up and went back into the bus. brian went to his bunk to call leighanne, amanda went to see if she could bug kevin and faye, emma went to her bunk to look through some of the pics she had already take, and nick went in search of aj.

he found him a few minutes later in his bunk writing, “aj? are you busy?”

“not really. just writing a poem. whats up?”

“I need your help with something. its for a girl.”

“aww, your doing something for emma. how sweet~~”

nick blushed, “shut up. will you just help me?”

aj laughed, “sure, what do you have in mind?”

“well this was my idea...”


“so are you ready?” emma asked brian as he finished getting ready for the show.

“a little nervous but ready.”

emma laughed, “you still get nervous?”

“not as bad as I am now but fayes little pre-show interview made me nervous.”

“brian come on! we gotta pray!”

“come on em.” he grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the hall.

they all got in a circle and said the guys prayer and warm up chant. once they had finished, one of the body guards came and showed the girls to their seats. amanda and faye were front row while emma went down to the press pit to take pictures.

“did you set everything up?” aj asked nick as they got hooked up to their boards.

nick nodded, “yeah..and your sure were leaving RIGHT after this show? were not booked into a hotel?”

aj nodded, “checked with kevin. its about a two hour bus drive to the next city. were booked up there.”

“k...do you think she’ll like it?”

“I had something to do with it...she’ll love it.”


amanda glanced at the rather hyper aj has they got onto the bus, “dude...calm down...you can party when we get to the next city.”

“sorry. I just get so hyped after the show.” he glanced at his watch, “its only 11:30...weve still got at least four good party hours.”

“speak for yourself,” emma said. “ill go out with you guys for a bit but im not partying with aj...no thanks.”

aj pouted, “then whose going with me?”

not one single person responded.

“you all suck.”

faye laughed, “im gonna take a nap. wake me when we get there.”

“I think im gonna follow fayes example,” kevin said. he kissed faye on the cheek and the both of them climbed into their bunks.

“im gonna watch tv...anyone want to join me?” brian asked.

howie and amanda nodded and followed him to the back of the bus. aj elbowed nick, “ow! wha...oh...um...aj I need to talk to you...”

emma glanced at the two of them, “ill let you two talk. ill be at my bunk if anyone wants to talk.”

they two of them watched her walk to her bunk and nick raced off the bus, dragging aj with him.

“what are you doing?! dont you want to see her reaction?!”

nick shook his head, “im too nervous...”

emma climbed into her bunk. she looked down at her bed and her eyes widened slightly when she saw the envelope and rose. she picked the envelope up and opened it. she pulled out the piece of paper and read it to herself.

Lying beside you, here in the dark

Feeling your heart beat with mine

Softly you whisper, you're so sincere

How could our live be so blind

We sailed on together

We drifted apart

And here you are by my side

So now I come to you, with open arms

Nothing to hide, believe what I say

So here I am with open arms

Hoping you'll see what your love means to me

Open arms

“omg....faye come here!!”

“no. im sleeping,” faye mumbled.

“its a matter of life and death!!”

faye sighed, “fine.” she climbed out of her bunk and went over to emmas, “what?”

“look,” she handed faye the letter.

faye read over it quickly, “omg. thats so sweet! where is he?”

emma climbed out of her bunk and went to the back of the bus, “have you seen nick?”

amanda raised an eyebrow, “have I seen him? with an butt that huge hes hard to miss.”

emma rolled her eyes, “nevermind.” she went back through the bus. she happened to glance out the window and see nick and aj outside talking. she hurried off the bus over to where they were, “nick...”

nick looked up and blushed, “hi...”


aj glanced at the two of them, “ill leave you two alone. dont take too long cause we gotta leave in a few minutes.”


aj nodded and went back into the bus. emma glanced at nick, “that was really sweet. thank you.”

nick looked up, “you liked it...?”

she nodded, “that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.”



“..its just...i wanted to ask you out...but I didnt know how...”

“...that was the perfect way to do it...”


she nodded.

“...so will you go out with me then...?”

emma nodded, “I would love to.”

{Chapter 4}