"emma come on! the limo is going to be here in like two minutes!" amanda yelled in the direction of emmas room.

"in a minute! im trying to find my other shoe!"

"your not packed?!"

emma stuck her head out the doorway,"i only had one days notice to pack for a week!! no im not packed!!"

"UGH!!" amanda stormed back into the living room where faye was sitting ignoring them and reading a magazine. "can you believe that?! we leave in a minute and a half and she isnt even packed!"

faye nodded,"but calm down. same thing happened when we were supposed to leave for spring break but we made it on time didnt we?"

"well yeah but--"

"okay then just sit still and she'll be out in time."

amanda frowned and started to sit down just as the doorbell rang. she went over and answered,"hi."

"hi...im here to take you guys down to the studio."

"right..." she went back in the house. "come on faye. emma..youve got...3...2..."

emma came out of her room, two suitcases, a backpack and a camera bag all attached to her,"i told you i would be ready didnt i?"

"just shut up and come on."

they took their stuff out to the limo, got in, and headed to mtv studios where they would be meeting the boys and getting on the bus.

"amanda...since you dont have an official job, im giving you one," emma said.

amanda raised an eyebrow,"excuse me."

"you heard me," emma said.

amanda looked at faye who just smiled and shrugged. emma took another camera case out of her backpack and handed it to amanda,"my palmcorder is in there. since im gonna be doing the photography stuff i cant do the vids...so i need you to do that. basically that goes wherever you go. got it?"

amanda took out her new toy and smiled,"uh huh."

"oh...and one more thing..."


"thats a $2000 camera...if you break it, your buying me a new one. which means...dont let aj, nick, or brian near it."

amanda pouted,"im not clumsy...i wouldnt break it..."

faye rolled her eyes,"of course not. but just in case...see that strap there? put that around your neck every time youve got emmas precious camera in your hands."

"you wouldnt really make me buy you a new one if i broke it would you...? would she faye?"

faye glanced at emma who was busy making sure she had all her own camera equipment,"all im gonna say is...i borrowed one of her small cameras to take to a party and lost it...she didnt talk to me for a month...."

amanda nodded and quickly put the camera back into its bag.

"so are you as nervous as before?" emma asked faye.

faye shook her head,"actually im a lot less nervous."

amanda glanced out the limo window,"good cause were here."

the limo driver came around and let them out,"ill get your bags for you," he told them.

"thank you," faye said. she turned around and bumped into someone. she looked up and blushed,"sorry."

kevin smiled and shook his head,"its okay. i came to see ifyou guys need help with anything."

faye shook her head,"no thanks. the driver is gonna get our bags for us."

"hey kev," emma said coming over and hugging him.

kevin smiled,"hey em, amanda. emma, brians in the bus. hes just a bit thrilled to having you coming along with us."

emma laughed and grabbed amandas arm,"come on," she said dragging her off to the bus.

faye laughed and picked up her shoulder bag.

"ill take it,"kevin said, holding his hand out to her.

she blushed and handed it to him,"thanks."

he smiled and offered her his arm. she took his arm and smiled,"so whats it gonna be like? i mean...a tourbus for a week..."

he led her to the bus,"all i can tell you is that if you stay away from nick and aj while their bored, you'll have a fine trip."

faye laughed,"thanks for the advice."

"come on. we cleaned up in your honor." he led her up into the bus. he picked one of the three bouquets of flowers off the table, a bouquet of tulips and handed them to her,"and these are for you. emma said they were your favorite."

she blushed and took the flowers,"they are...thank you."

"kevin...where is he?" emma asked coming from the back of the bus.

"...he was here when i left..."

amanda shrugged,"nope, no one is here."

"check the bunks. they like to surpr--"

"wait! wait! dont leave without us!" brian yelled running up and into the bus, aj and nick behind him.

kevin rolled his eyes,"no one is going anywhere yet. where were you?"

"we wen--emma!"

emma laughed,"hi brian."

"these are for you," he said picking up the bouquet of stargazer lilies and handing them to her.

emma took the flowers,"aw brian...i love them. thanks," she said and kissed him on the cheek. "by the way, hi nick and aj."

nick blushed,"hi."

"hi. hey amanda, these are yours," aj said handing amanda a bouquet of roses.

she blushed,"thank you."

he smiled and nodded.

"guys wheres howie?" faye asked.

aj shrugged and kevin rolled his eyes,"would someone please answer me...where were you all?"

"oh, we went into the photobooth thing," aj said. "see?" he said holding up the strip of pictures as proof.

emma laughed,"aww those are cute."

"hey guys," howie said joining them on the bus.

"hi howie," the three girls said.

"hey kev, how much time do we have before we leave?" brian asked.


"i wanna take some of those pics with emma."

"we dont have time. when we sto--"

"guys were gonna head out," the bus driver called to them. "everybody on?"

"yup," howie said making sure the door was shut tight.

"hey em--whoa!" nick was in mid sentence when the bus when forward and suddenly stopped.

"whoa..." emma said. she tried to grab something to steady herself.

nick managed to stumble towards her and pushed her into one of the bunks.

she smiled,"thanks."

he blushed and nodded.

kevin, who had been keeping his balance pretty well, felt the bus jerk again. he started to move slowly towards faye who was balancing herself between two tables.

"...amanda...come here," aj said. he grabbed her arm and pushed her into the booth and slid in after her. "you okay?"

for the second time that day amanda actually blushed and nodded.

"faye, can you co--whoa!" kevin started to say but was suddenly thrown forward in fayes direction knocking them both onto the floor.

he started to laugh,"im sorry. are you okay?"

she blushed and nodded.

"dude, i think you can get off her now..." brian said.

kevin blushed slightly and stood up, pulling faye to her feet. "im really sorry about that."

faye blushed and shook her head,"its okay."

amanda rolled her eyes and pushed aj out of the booth so she could get out.

"hey!" he grabbed the edge of the table before he could fall on his butt.

"sorry but if you two are gonna get mushy, go somewhere else so i dont have to see this."

kevin rolled his eyes,"its always nice to see you too amanda."

amanda smiled sweetly and brian who had managed to sit down before he fell rolled his eyes,"guys...wheres emma...?"

"and nick...?" howie asked.

"emma...?" faye called.

"im here," emma called from the bunk.

nick got out and held his hand out to emma. she smiled and took his hand,"thanks."

he blushed and helped her out. "your welcome," he said softly.

they walked up to the front of the bus,"why is faye all red?" emma asked.

both faye and and kevin blushed. amanda laughed, "they were rolling around on the floor togther."

faye blushed a little more, "shut up amanda."

amanda couldnt stop laughing and was leaning against aj so whe couldnt fall over.

howie shook his head, "this is going to be an interesting week.

{Chapter 3}