"i hate these stupid interviews," aj mumbled as he took his seat and someone came over to put his microphone on his shirt.

"well the mtv ones arent usually that bad," kevin said. he looked at the two empty spaces beside howie on the couch. "great...where are frick and frack?"

howie was just about to answer when nick and brian ran into the room and quickly sat down.

"sorry," they both said at the same time.

kevin rolled his eyes," dont let it happen again."

"hey keri, whose doing the interview today?" brian asked the assistant that was putting his mic on him.

"please dont let it be john..." aj mumbled.

"i like mcfayden, hes cool," nick said.

keri laughed,"its a new girl. be easy on her."

aj smirked," a chick?"

kevin smacked him on the back of his head,"shut up."

aj glared at him and howie rolled his eyes,"whats her name keri?"

"um..." she glanced at her clipboard," faye."

"i cant do this," faye said as she paced in her dressing room.

emma and amanda glanced at each other,"you'll do fine."

"yeah and its not live so if you mess up it can be edited out."

emma elbowed her,"ignore her faye. it wont be all that bad, ill be there taking pics so you wont be alone."

"but what if they laugh at all my questions?"

emma sighed,"they wont, those are good questions."

"amanda laughed when she read them..."

"amanda laughs at everything, funny or not."

amanda stuck her tongue out at them and emma rolled her eyes,"dont you have to leave?"

she glanced at her watch and nodded,"i have a feeling their sticking me as carsons assistant today so whenever you two finish just come and find me. we'll probably be in his office playing video games."

"jeez...i thought i had it rough," faye said sarcastically.

"both of you suck. you get to play video games all day and you get to interview five cute guys," emma said.

"yes but you get to take pics of those five cute guys plus every other boy band that pops up here."

amanda made a face,"i dont want to hear anymore, im leaving. she gave faye a hug,"good luck and emma behave."

emma smiled innocently. amanda rolled her eyes and left the room

emma glanced at faye,"ready?"

she took a deep breath,"i hope so."

they walked down the hall to the room where the interview was going to be held. emma grabbed fayes hand,"come on, it will be easier if you come in with me instead of walking in alone."

faye nodded and the two of them walked into the room.

"emma! they didnt tell us you were gonna be here!"

emma laughed,"hi brian. you know no one else gets this job when you guys are around. it always comes to me. by the way, this is faye, shes going to be interviewing you all today. faye this is brian, kevin, aj, howie, and nick."

they all smiled and waved.

faye blushed,"...h..hi..."

howie smiled sweetly,"hey..dont be nervous k? we promise not to act stupid...well i cant make any guarantees on nick or aj."


faye laughed and loosened up. emma smiled,"k...im gonna be over here sitting quietly while you guys are filming." she hugged faye,"good luck."

faye nodded and sat down, ready to start her interview.

*~*~*~*Girls Apartment a Few Hours Later*~*~*~*

"i think we should celebrate fayes excellent interview and order pizza," amanda said.

faye rolled her eyes,"thats cause its your night to make dinner."

amanda smiled innocently,"oh really? oh...thats right..."

emma rolled her eyes and picked up the phone to call the pizza place just as it rang in her hand,"whoa..." she turned it on,"hello? um...yeah just a second...faye its for you."

faye took the phone,"hello?...oh thank you...um...no....omg.... omg...yeah.... okay...omg...thank you so much..." she hung up and stared at the phone.


"mtv...they want me on the road with the boys...."

emma stared at her,"what?"

"all access....they want me on tour with the boys...for a week..."

emmas eyes widened,"omg! did you say yes?!"

faye nodded then started to smile,"and you two are coming with me."

{Chapter 2}