Johnny No Name

as promised, heres a review of the johnny no name concert that I went to. and dont expect me to bad mouth the opening act just cause their girls. I happen to know them and their four of the sweetest girls you would ever meet.

anyways, my show was march 28, 2000 at the joint at the hard rock hotel in las vegas. my guess is that all the hard rock shows were general admission which means, if you want front row, get there early. we drove to vegas from where I live which only ended up taking us about 2 1/2 hours. my mom decided to take me to the hotel first so I could see if people were lining up yet or what the situation with that was. see, the joint is inside the casino which means, your not allowed to wander around unless your 21. anyways, we went and there were only about five people in line so we decided to go back to our hotel, I would change, then she would drop me back off at 3pm. oh, and just as a side note, I did not go to vegas just for the concert...we were there for vacation and the concert just happened to be the day we arrived. so we went to our hotel, checked in, I got lovely copper colored streaks put in my hair while I waited. so I got dressed and we went back to hard rock. when I got there there was about maybe...20-25 people already in line. btw, we were lined up outside the hotel. so since I was going to be there for about four hours(they planned to let us inside at 7) I made friends. everyone there was REALLY nice and friendly. I have to say hi to amanda, chrissy, and chelsea...hi guys :o) anyways, we got bored and decided to wander around the inside of the hotel (i.e: look for aj) lol so we went in and looked at all the costumes they had. we found one of the security guards and he told us that aj was up in his room and that he had already done sound check earlier. so we went back outside and waited for a while. people kept running outside overjoyed that they had seen amanda inside playing the slots. one girl was even in tears....dont ask me why...i mean I dont even cry for bsb.

so finally around 6:45 they let us inside with people pushing and shoving the whole way. I swear I almost got knocked down about five times and im only 5'0 so its easy to do. thankfully chelsea held on to me and made sure I didnt fall or get lost. so we got inside the actual club with was pretty big. at least bigger than what I had expected. we ran down to the floor but we were pretty far back...maybe about 7 or 8 rows back. thankfully chelseas mom was standing at the second level(which wasnt really a level. it was about....two steps up. enough so that you would be able to see over peoples heads) so we rushed back up to where she was and stood right up against the railing. our spot, in my opinion, was just as good as being front row. we had to wait for about another hour until the show was gonna start so we just kind of looked around and took pics of stuff inside.

finally at 8 pm aj, yes aj, not johnny, came out onstage. he had blonde hair and was wearing tan cargo pants and a dark brown leather jacket. he introduced himself(as if that was necessary) and said that johnny would be out soon but first they were gonna have the two opening acts. he introduced mindi first. I thought she was just gonna play her sax with the band but she came out and sang. shes REALLY good. her songs are very alanis morrisette sounding. so she did five songs, thanked everyone, then went backstage. a few minutes later aj came out again and this time introduced nobodys angel. basically, chelsea and I were the only two people who knew any of the words to the songs. it was cool though because two of the angels saw us and waved so we were pretty happy. they also did five songs. for anyone that cares they did just cant help myself, next stop heaven, right there waiting, boom boom, and the if you wanna dance remix. after they finished. we had about 10 minutes of silence. I guess to prepare ourselves for johnny.

at about 9pm the band came onstage. then a security guard came out and set up post on one side of the stage. a few minutes later a rather big black guy with a shirt that said police across the front came out and stood in front of the mic at center stage. I mean the guy was so big you could barely see johnny standing behind him. he turned around, uncuffed johnny, then set up his post on the other side of the stage.

I dont know if anyone has seen pics from the shows yet but johnny was wearing a kind of olive green pimp suit, white wifebeater, and olive green hat. he started out by singing a stone temple pilots song then went right into a rage against the machine song without even stopping to catch a breath. after he had finished those two songs he went backstage, changed REALLY quickly into a white pinstripe suit, then came back out. this time he came out and actually talked. he introduced himself and told everyone that it was his first time visiting vegas and he was having a wonderful time. after his little speech he sang another song that I dont know the name of but it was very santana/salsa sounding. he finished that then sang back at one. after that one he decided to talk somemore. he asked everyone if they knew who the bsb was and then went on about their nicknames I know theres one named train. theres one named brok because he plays alot of basketball. then theres the littlest one but hes the biggest and they call him kaos. then theres the one they call d. but then theres one whose nickname is bone (screams from the girls in the front row) what kind of name is bone? can anyone explain that to me? he turned around and picked up a guitar and decided to dedicated his next song to the one nicknamed bone wanna guess what song it was? bad to the bone. he sang that and played his little white electric guitar at the same time. and at almost the end of song the song he said because ajs bad to the bone.

once he finished that he did two more alternative songs that I dont remember the names for but I do remember the songs and you wouldnt know them unless your about 18 and listened to grunge during the early 90s. after he sang those two he asked us if we wanted to hear any bsb songs. we of course said yes so he decided to sing if you knew what I knew which is REALLY nice live, especially when its only him singing. he then did ::cough:: lay down beside me but kept his scrawny butt sitting in a chair which was good for all of us cause I dont need a heart attack before I turn 20. he didnt do hold me and dont you let go to the floor but he did do good good loving and a whole lot more just like he did in the orlando concert. lol after that he asked us what bsb song he wanted us to sing next. real smart johnny. he ended up with about 200 different answers so he picked hey mr. dj. a slightly remixed version. halfway through the song he stuck dont want you back in there, then very slickly went back into hey mr. dj. after that him and mindi sang play that funky music white boy together. then sadly, johnny had to leave.

about five minutes after johnny left aj came out on stage. he was wearing black pleather pants, gray boxers which were just popping up out the top of his pants, and a silver shirt that came off about 2 seconds after he came out onstage. the band, which had also gone and changed their clothes, was playing and aj stopped them. he explained that johnny was gone, he went back to the slot machines to lose all his money(which im guessing is probably what aj had been doing earlier) and he wanted to thank everyone. he said he heard that johnny had some surprises for us and he had one of his own. thats when he introduced howie. howie came out all smiles, minus the facial hair but still looked adorable. the two of them sang brickhouse/larger than life together. did a little ::cough:: dancing ::cough:: then aj, being the total sweetheart that he is, dumped a full bottle of water over both his and howies heads. after they finished he thanked EVERYONE then the two of them left. on our way out we stopped and talked to amanda who had been standing in the audience through the whole show. she really is nice in person and very pretty. lol she looked very timberlake-ish though, dressed all in baby blue. after we talked to her we left.

if you ever get the chance to see johnny in concert definitely go. its totally worth it cause you probably will never see anything like that ever again.

Pics from the show
It's Gotta Be You Main