Chapter 8

"where is she?!" nick asked running into the hospital.

howie stood up,"shes in that ro--wait nick!!" he grabbed nicks arm as he tried to rush into the room.

"what?! i need to talk to her!!"

brian grabbed him,"Frack stop! listen to me, shes having the baby sooner than we expected..."

"wait...why...hes not due. this cant be good! omg...what if something happens to him?!

brian sighed and shrugged,"i dont know what to tell you but what they told us."

"which is...?" aj asked.

howie sighed,"she got hit by a car. the force of the impact forced her into to premature labor...well thats what the doctors say..."

nicks face paled a little but he shrugged howie off and rushed into emmas room. "emma...?"

she looked up,"nick...what are you doing here...?"

"i..i had to talk to yo...wait no, dont cry emma..." he sat down on the bed and hugged her gently.

"my baby..."

"is going to be fine," he said although he wasnt completely sure himself. "i think he just wants to see his mommy a little early."

"nick...will you do something for me...?"

he nodded.

"if anything happens to me, i want you to raise brian as yo---"



"dont say that! nothing is going to happen!"

"but if it--"

"it wont. emma i know you better than that. your not a weak person...your not going anywhere that easily...i wont let you."

"its not really something you can control nick..."

"no but we all need you, including brian{meaning the baby, not brian, adult brian} so dont you DARE leave us."

she sighed and looked down.

"im sorry i yelled at you..its just...i dont want to hear you talking like that and i was so scared when you left. i didnt know if you were okay or what...why did you leave...?"

she sighed,"well you guys hired me as a photographer for the tour and now the tour is over."

"but were gonna ne--"

"nick, do you really want to be touring with a baby?"


"and it wont be too much fun for you. bringing dates home with your roommate and her baby hanging around the house. i mean, isnt that why you didnt bring that girl in the other night?"

"what gi...oh...emma, i ONLY went out with her because my mom asked me to as a favor. she was the daughter of one of my moms friends and she was visiting. i dont plan to ever go out with her again."


he took a deep breath,"now i guess its my turn to answer your question...i...i came here cause there was something i needed to tell you. something important. something thats been in my head and my heart for months. something th--"

emma managed to laugh,"spit it out already carter."

nick was too nervous to laugh,"i...i really like you emma. i mean, this is more than a crush. it started as a crush now its just...i dont know..."

"hes in love with you!!" aj yelled from the waiting room.

nick blushed bright red,"AJ AND BRIAN GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!!!"

"SORRY!!!" they yelled back.

nick put his head in his hands out of complete embarrassment,"omg...i cant believe him..."

" that in love with me...?"

nick kept his face in his hands and nodded,"i mean, i could totally understand if that freaked you out even the slightest bit but it ha--"

"wait nick...i like you too..."

"you do...?"

"yeah. i mean, i thought it was so obvious to everyone."

"well except me..."

she managed to laugh,"well i didnt th--"

she was cut off by doctors and nurses rushing into the room and disconnecting her from all the machines and monitors she was connected to.

"wait...what are you doing...?" nick asked.

"shes having this baby now," they said wheeling her out of the room.

"wait, emma i--"nick started following them.

"sir wait. only the father or her coach is allowed in the delivery room. are you either one of those?"



emma reached for nicks hand,"...nick...please..."

"sir, we need to go. please...."

nick glanced at emma, took a deep breath and took her hand,"yeah. im the babies father."

"okay, then lets go."

they wheeled emma into the delivery room while nick rushed to the bathroom to change his clothes. by the time he had come back, they were already getting emma to push.

he raced over to her and took her hand,"hey, im back."

"thats great!! get this baby out of me!!"

" sound like amanda...."

"shut up and help me!!"

"okay okay sorry. okay em, you gotta push...remember all that stuff they taught us? all those ways to is the time to use them."

"what do you think im trying to do?!"

"okay emma, calm down. you gotta give us a really big push right now," the doctor said.

she nodded and gripped nicks hand for dear life.

nick winced but didnt say anything.

"okay, again..."

once again she gripped nicks hand for dear life and pushed.

"okay, here comes the baby...."

all at once nicks ears were filled with the sounds of people yelling and machines and monitors beeping.

"okay, get him out of here. we cant have him in here now."

one of the nurses came over and took nicks arm and gently started to lead him out of the room.

"WAIT!! i have to stay with her!!"

"not right now sir. you cant. shes losing blood fast. we cant have you in here while were trying to take care of her."

"but i cant leave her!"

"well your going to have to," the nurses said gently pushing him out of the room.

nick turned around and glanced through the swinging doors one last time and saw emma laying still on the hospital bed.

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