Chapter 7

"emma?" nick asked knocking on her bedroom door.


"you okay? you havent eaten breakfast..."

"im fine. im just not hungry. ill eat in a bit."

"oh okay. well im supposed to go down to the studio for a meeting. you wanna come?"

"no thanks, i think ill just stay here."

"oh...okay...well see you in a bit..."


nick shrugged and headed downstairs to his car. emma waited until she was sure he was gone before she went into his room and grabbed an extra suitcase. she brought it into her room and added all the clothes that hadnt fit into her other suitcase.

once she was finshed packing she grabbed a piece of paper and sat down to write.

dear nick,

well obviously if your reading this letter, your home which means you know im not. and i dont plan to come back. it was really nice of you to take me in and take care of me. all of you. the other guys, amanda, faye, leighanne...they were all great too but i think its time that i should probably leave you guys to go back to your normal lives and stuff. i made enough money working for you guys that i can get an apartment. i wont burden you with calls and stuff so you dont have to worry about finding out where i live. oh, well the cab just pulled up so i gotta go. thank you for everything.



nick stared at the note in his shaking hands,"this is a joke...she didnt mean it..." he mumbled. "emma! where are you? the guys want to go for pizza! come on...this isnt funny!" he yelled.

he went up to her room and opened the door,"em..."

his eyes widened slightly as he took in the completely bare room. all her clothes, pictures, stuffed animals were gone from the room. there wasnt a thing left.

he grabbed the phone and called the first person he could think of.


"h...hi brian there...?"

"...sure...just a sec..."

a minute later brian picked up the phone,"hey frack, whats wrong? leigh said you sound upset."

"emmas gone."

"huh? she probably went out shopping or so--"

"no brain shes gone! i came home and all her clothes, her pictures, everything! she left a note and said she wont be coming back!"


nick read the letter to him.

"whoa...okay...this is what we'll do. ill call howie, aj and amanda. you call kevin and faye. we'll all split up and look for her. she couldnt have gone very far. you know how she was saying her back hurt."


"dont worry frack, we'll find her."

"i hope your right."

"i am. i always am. okay go call and if anything happens we'll call each other."

"okay, bye."

"bye," brian said hanging up the phone.

"anything?" brian asked as howie hung up his cell phone.

howie sighed and shook his head.

brian punched the steering wheel,"damnit! weve been all over orlando and no one can find her! why is this so damn hard?!"

"cause we want to find her. we want to find her so bad that its impossible."

"well that sucks," brian said.

howie sighed and nodded in agreement.

"where havent we looked...?"

" think we looked eve--"

"her old apartment."


"we never checked her old apartment."

howie shrugged,"its worth a shot."

brian nodded and turned the car around. he headed towards the apartment complex.

"do you know where it is?" howie asked.

"i have a pretty good idea from what shes told me and stuff i think were almost the...why are we stopping...?"

howie shrugged and glanced out the window,"looks like an accident or something. theres an ambulance up there."

brian sighed,"great. okay we'll do this..." he pulled into the parking lot of a near by restaurant and parked. "we'll walk," he said getting out of the car.

"good idea," howie said.

they headed up the street towards the apartment.

"man...look at all these cars...we would never have gotten to the apartment if we stayed there..."

"probably not. i wonder what happened..."

"ill go ask..."

"brian dont be nosy, im sure it will be on the news later. im sure its just a crash or something. cars blocking the intersection."

"then why would there be an ambulance?"

"people that were in the cars probably got hurt," howie said as they neared the ambulance.

"well, i hope whoever it is is okay."

"frack, weve already been this way," aj said.

"i dont care. ill check everywhere 10 times if i have to. we have to find emma. i need to talk to her!"

"dude, your panicking. your never gonna find her if you dont calm down."

nick sighed,"i guess your right. its just..i miss her...aj...i think..i...i think..."

aj rolled his eyes,"you think your in love with her..."

"how did you.."

"its so obvious frack. we can all tell. the way you were so sweet to her and taking care of her. you only do that with someone you love."

nick blushed,"thats why i need to find her. so i can tell her...or try to..."

"we'll find her. just ca...hold on, cell phone. maybe someone found her," he said. he picked up his cell phone. "hello? oh hey d, anything? huh? no hes driving why? you did?! okay where..what?! omg...okay...bye."

"...what...whats wrong..?" nick asked slowing down the car.

"...brian and howie found emma..."

"omg, where is she?!"

"in the hospital. she was hit by a car."

Chapter 8
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