Chapter 6

"okay, this is the last one," nick said setting emmas bag down on the floor of her room.

"thanks. im sorry i made you carry everything but its getting so much harder to do stuff now," emma said sitting down on the bed.

"its okay, i dont mind," nick said sitting beside her. "hey, can i talk to the baby?"

she laughed,"really?"

he nodded,"i want him to know who is uncle nick is.."

emma laughed,"sure, i dont see why not." she leaned back on the bed and propped herself up on her elbows.

nick leaned down and put his mouth near her belly,"hey little baby in there. im your uncle nick and your gonna get to meet me in three more weeks. and then you can meet your dorky uncle brian, your crazy uncle aj, your mean uncle kevin, and your nice uncle howie. oh yeah, and mean auntie amanda. she calls me blondie," he said pouting.

"aww poor thing," emma said laughing.

he nodded and went back to talking to the baby but was interrupted by the phone. emma sat up and picked it up,"hello? oh hi mrs. carter...sure hes right here..." she handed him the phone and stood up. "im gonna go and get a drink."

he nodded and took the phone,"hey mom, whats up..."

emma went down to the kitchen and got herself a drink. as she was heading back upstairs she passed by the table and saw a folder with "NEW ALBUM" written across the top. she sat down and opened the folder. inside were a list of songs the guys were thinking about recording as well as the dates they planned to travel to different places to record the songs.

as she looked over all the lists and dates she started to get a sinking feeling. there would be no way that she could travel with a baby,"but no one ever told me i was staying either..." she mumbled.


"coming!" she called back. she closed the folder and headed back upstairs. "yeah?"

"i gotta go out for a bit so do you want me to drop you off at amandas or do you want to just stay here and chill?"

" guess ill just stay here. im pretty tired from the plane ride anyways so i think im gonna take a nap."

"k, im gonna have a shower," he said and left the room.

emma sighed and laid down on the bed,"my stay with him was only supposed to be temporary anyways. i dont know why im getting so upset about it, i knew i would have to leave eventually...yeah i do know why...i like him...stupid me..." she mumbled to herself.

nick came back into her room about a half hour later and kissed her on the cheek,"ill be back in a while. dont wait up."

she nodded,"have fun."

"ill try," he said as he headed out the door.

emma sat up in bed and looked around her dark room. she glanced at the clock on the nightstand.

"whoa...12:30...i guess i took a longer nap then i expected." she got up to check whether nick had come back home or not when she heard a car door slam outside her window. she looked outside and her heart sank. nick was getting out of the car with another girl, someone, she assumed was a date.

"ill leave tomorrow," she mumbled. "then he can get back to his normal life and pretend i was never here," she said as she laid back down and tried to sleep.

Chapter 7
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