Chapter 5

"hey you guys, i had an idea," kevin said as he sat down to breakfast before they left for their next show.

"thats a first," brian said.

"did it hurt?" aj asked.

kevin rolled his eyes,"ANYWAYS, i was thinking maybe we could ask faye to go on tour with us."

"why?" amanda asked. "i mean, i like faye but what exactly would she do?"

"well were putting that book out after the tour and she could write it. interview us and the fans and stuff like that."

howie nodded,"i think its a good idea."

"i like her. shes a very sweet girl," emma said.

"and look at that, the perfect way for kev to get to know her better," nick said.

kevin blushed and looked away. nick laughed and stood up,"em and i are gonna go upstairs to finish packing, anyone coming?" he asked helping emma to her feet.

"ill go with you," howie said standing up.

"be down to the limo in 10 minutes," kevin said.

nick rolled his eyes,"yes dad."

the three of them left the restaurant and went to the elevators. emma yawned and rested her head on nicks shouder.

"tired?" he asked putting his arm around her.

she sighed and nodded,"the baby kicking kept me awake all night."

"well you can sle--"

"omg!! your nick carter!!"

nick, howie, and emma jumped and turned around to find two girls, about 16 years old, standing behind them.

"omg! can we get your guys' autographs?!"

howie laughed and nodded. "omg! thank you so much!!" the two girls squealed handing them pieces of paper.

one of the girls glanced at emma,"who are you dating?"

"me? of im not dating any of these guys. im their photographer."

the girl raised an eyebrow and looked at emmas belly,"yeah, okay."

emma frowned slightly and looked down. nick glanced at her, quickly finished signing the paper, and took emmas hand.

howie handed the girls their autographs as the doors opened onto their floor,"here you go girls. it was nice meeting you."

nick nodded in agreement and led emma out of the elevator with howie behind them.

"you okay em?"

"those girls didnt like me."

"emma, let me tell you something. your a cute girl touring with us AND you were holding nicks hand. its not that they dont like you, their jealous of you. its gonna happen, the best thing to do is ignore stuff like that."

emma sighed and nodded.

howie kissed her on the cheek,"good. now ill let you two pack and ill see you down at the limo."

nick nodded and opened the door for emma. she walked in and quietly started packing her stuff.

nick closed the door,"em, please dont let them get to you. if amanda and leighanne let that kind of stuff get to them they wouldnt be with us now."

"i know, i guess i just gotta get used to it."

he nodded," and remember...if anyone tries anything with you...tyk will protect you."

she managed to laugh,"well now i feel safe."

he smiled and clapped his hands together,"yiii...i made you laugh."

"yes dork now help me pack before the bus leaves without us."

"yes ma'am," he said saluting her.


"emma?" amanda asked knocking on the door to nicks dressing room.

emma zipped up the back of nicks vest,"yeah?"

"you wanna come out to the front with me?"

"yeah, i wanna get some pictures of the fans and stuff." she handed nick his hat and picked up her camera,"ill be back before the show starts."

he nodded and kissed her on the cheek.

emma and amanda headed out to the seating area,"so where are faye and leighanne?"

"leighanne is with brian explaining, yet again, why tyk cant sit out here with us and faye is "interviewing" kev, if you believe that."

emma laughed,"aww, their cute. leave them alone."

amanda made a face and pulled back the curtain,"put that strap around your neck so someone doesnt try and snatch it."

emma nodded, put the strap around her neck, and followed amanda out to the fans.

she snapped pictures while amanda went around collecting gifts for the guys.

"hey you!"

amanda looked up. "no! the other girl!" she elbowed emma.

emma looked up,"what?"

"that girl is calling you..."

she looked over to where amanda was pointing and frowned slightly. it was the two girls form the hotel.

"can you give nick something for us?"

emma nodded hesitantly. both girls smirked and started throwing numerous things at emma.

"whoa...what the hell..." amanda mumbled.

emma managed to turn quick enough so that everything hit her back and not her belly.

security rushed over to them and hurried them backstage.

"you okay em?" amanda asked.

emma was shaking slightly but nodded.

"hey guys, that was quick," aj said coming over to them with nick.

"some fans started throwing stuff at emma so security brought us back."

nicks eyes widened and he hugged emma,"omg! are you okay?! is the baby okay?!"

emma nodded but felt a little shakey,"can we go to the dressing room?"

he nodded,"sure. aj just come get me before we go out."

aj nodded,"im gonna talk to security real quick. ill be right back."

"ill go with you," amanda said, following him back out the curtain.

nick took emma back to his dressing room and helped her lay down on the couch. he handed her a bottle of water and sat next to her,"im so sorry. we TOLD them that you were with us as a photographer and nothing more but i guess they dont listen."

emma looked down,"i should just stay away from you guys when your doing public appearances."


"but what if th--"

"no. thats not going to happen again. and i like having you with us when we go out. all the guys do."

emma sighed,"but i seem to be trouble..."

"no. that would be the fans, not you."

emma sighed,"i guess..."

"hey guys, can we come in?" amanda asked, knocking on the door.

nick looked up and nodded.

amanda and aj came in.

"well we talked to security," aj said. "and they kindly escorted those girls out of the venue so you dont have to worry about them anymore."


amanda nodded,"yup."

"but the other fans..."

amanda shook her head,"actually...they applauded when security took them out so people do like you emma."

"yeah, someone asked me to give you this," aj asked handing her two teddy bears. a pink one and a blue one,"she said she didnt know if you were gonna have a boy or girl so she got you both."

"this was from a fan...?"

he nodded,"yeah. actually there are a couple of fans that had gifts for you."

"...can i go and get them...?"

"are you sure?" nick asked.

emma nodded,"at least i think i am..."

amanda smiled,"come on aj. we'll get a security guard to go with you." she got up and left the room with aj.

nick looked at emma and smiled,"see, its not always that bad."

Chapter 6
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