"we have a tour bus. why do we have to FLY to new york?" nick whined.

kevin rolled his eyes,"because we have to be there this afternoon."

"the bus goes pretty fast..."

kevin sighed,"yes nick but not fast enough, now get your stuff. were at the airport."

nick sighed and put his backpack on,"how are we supposed to find the girls?"

"theyre going to meet us on the plane," brian said.

nick nodded and got off the bus. he was greeted by the screams of hundreds of girls,"whoa...hi people..."

as soon as the rest of the guys got off the bus they were surrounded by security and led through the airport to the plane.

nick pouted and sat down in his seat. emma glanced at him,"oh dear, what happened?"

"i dont want to fly. stupid plane," he mumbled.

emma tried not to laugh and held his hand,"im sorry sweetie. why dont you try taking a nap? by the time you wake up we'll be in new york."

he nodded and rested his head on her shoulder,"ill try."

"aj, SIT DOWN," amanda said the same time as leighanne said,"brian, SIT."

"but i--" both brian and aj started.


nick managed to laugh,"man, this is going to be a long flight."


"we dont have to go over to trl today do we?" aj asked as they landed in new york.

kevin nodded,"they figure we might as well since were gonna be in the building doing 1515."

"are you feeling better?" emma asked nick.

he nodded and helped her into the limo then got in after her,"you were right, the nap did help."

she smiled,"told ya."

howie shut off his cell phone,"you guys know theres a rumor about you two on the net?"

"about me? but what did i do?"

brian laughed,"nothing em. your a girl on tour with us...thats enough."

"oh, so they think im dating one of you guys...?"

"pretty much," leighanne said.

"oh okay, so its not really a BAD rumor."

"no," amanda said. "the bad rumor is that everyone thinks your pregnant with nicks baby."

nicks head snapped up,"what?"

leighanne nodded,"they just assume..."

"dont worry, we'll clear it all up," kevin said as they pulled up to the undrground of the studio.

they got out of the car and went up to the floor trl was being taped on. one of the assistans showed them to a dressing room to wait until they were called to the set.

"emma, do you need anything to eat?" kevin asked.

she shook her head and tried to make herself comfortable on the couch,"i just wish this baby would stop kicking me."

"where are your meds?" nick asked rubbing her back.

she sighed,"in my bag...all the way over there."

"okay," he kissed her on the forehead and got up to get her medicine.

"why do i have to wear a jacket?" aj whined.

"because your not going out there in just a wifebeater and because i said so."


"fine," she said dropping the leather jacket on the couch. she walked away from him and went to talk to leighanne and brian.

"wait...where are you...amanda~~" he whined following her.

nick rolled hs eyes and handed emma her medicine and a bottle of water, "everytime. you think he would have learned by now."

"thanks," she said and took her meds.

nick sat beside her and put an arm around her,"i think were just gonna veg out at the hotel tonight so you can go to bed early."

she nodded and brushed some of the hair away from his eyes. the two of them made eye contact, blushed, and looked away.

"come on guys, your wanted on the set," amanda said.

"...good luck," emma said giving nick a kiss on the cheek.

"th..thanks." he got up and followed the rest of the guys out of the room.

"awww..." amanda said turning the tv on so they could watch the guys.

"what?" leighanne asked sitting beside ema with tyke.

"you like squeaker."

"i do not," emma said.

amanda sat down beside her,"then why are you blushing?"

"im not," emma said turning a little more red.

leighanne laughed,"aww, i think its cute. now shh..their on."

the three girls quietly watched as the boys were interviewed by bryan who was filing in for carson that day.

"okay, lets take a call now," bryan said. "christina from miami..are you there?"

"OMG! OMG! i LOVE you guys SOOOO much!!!"

the guys all laughed,"thank you."

"do you have a question?" brian asked laughing.

"oh yeah...omg...i cant believe im talking to the backstreet boys..." she said trying to catch a breath.

aj laughed,"BREATH girl."

"omg..okay....i was at your show a few days ago and i saw this pregnant girl with you guys. is she one of your girlfriends?"

"okay before yo guys all jump to conclussions, let me explain," kevin said. "we've been telling people shes howies cousin but shes really just a friend of his family. a FRIEND. her name is emma and shes on tour with us as our personal photographer."

"and shes pregnant?" bryan asked.

howie nodded,"so if you guys see her around, dont throw things at her like you did with one of our ex-girlfriends."

brian, aj, and kevin all looked at nick who turned red and went over to the window. suddenly interested in waving to all the fans in times square.

bryan laughed,"well its time for our number one video. do you guys want to introduce it?"

"ill do it," aj, nick, and brian all said.

kevin rolled his eyes and howie laughed,"you can all do it."

"just read the cue card," bryan said.

"okay, jumping back to number one...hey its us!! heres "the one" on trl!" brian, aj, and nick said.

"were number one~~~ were number one~~" aj sang jumping up and down and clapping his hands.

amanda rolled her eyes and leighanne laughed,"hes YOUR boyfriend."

"nuh uh, not mine."

emma laughed,"oh dear, shes in deni--"

"excuse me..."

the girls looked up,"yes?"

"hi, im faye, the new anchor for the news department."

"hi, im amanda, thats leighanne, and thats emma."

'hi," emma said getting up to shake her hand.

"you didnt have to get up."

emma laughed,"i kinda did. ill end up sinking on the couch if I sit still for too long."

faye laughed,"how many months are you."


"wow...okay...im distracting myself. I came in here to ask if you guys could please tell the gu--"

"hey guys, did you see me on tv?" aj asked coming into the room. he saw faye standing by the door,"hi, who are you?"

amanda rolled her eyes,"i swear your more like a 2 year old than a 22 year old."


faye laughed,"im the new 1515 anchor. I was just coming to tell you guys to meet me in the news office so we can set up for your interview. just whenever your ready is fine."

"we can go over there now," howie said.

nick took emmas hand and picked up her bag and led her out of the room after howie. amanda picked up her stuff,"by the way, faye this is kevin, brian, and aj."

she smiled,"nice to meet you."

brian elbowed aj,"they always got candy in the news department."

ajs eyes widened,"ill race ya..ready...set..." he took off running,"GO!!!"

"hey!! cheater!!" brian yelled running after him.

"omg...." amanda mumbled.

leighanne rolled her eyes,"come on, lets go catch the children." she took amandas arm and pulled her out of the room.

faye laughed and looked at kevin,"is it always like this?"

he sighed dramatically,"unfortunately."

she smiled and led the way to the office,"so how long are you guys in town for?"

"as far as I know, just a few days. we just need to clear up a few things here at mtv and then were back on the road."


"almost....your from around here....do you know where theres any good restaurants or clubs?"

"hmm...well theres justins, puffys restaurant. theres mars 2112...ther--"

"actually, I have a better idea," he stopped in the hall. "if your not busy later do you maybe want to go somewhere? I mean with the other guys too...."

she blushed slightly,"really?"

kevin nodded and she smiled,"sure, I would love to."


"so where are we going to eat?" nick asked laying on emmas bed at the hotel room later that night.

emma shrugged,"i dunno. were waiting for faye to show up so we can decide."

he propped himself up on his elbows and smirked,"kevin likes her."

emma laughed,"yeah, thats obvious. he was staring at her the whole interview."

"kevin hasnt li--"

"im hungry~~" aj whined letting himself into the room.

emma looked up, slightly surprised,"aj, how did you get a key to my room?"

"huh? oh, I just took nicks off the dresser."

amanda came in behind him and rolled her eyes,"im sorry. I tried to stop him."

"no its okay. just surprised me."

"im hungry~~~" brian whined coming with leighanne behind him.

nick rolled his eyes,"dont you two know any other words than 'im hungry'?"

they both nodded,"feed me," aj said. ("feed me seymore, feed me"...sorry had to add that)

"now," brian said.

nick rolled his eyes,"forget I asked."

"mind if we come in?" howie asked knocking on the door, even though it was still open.

emma looked up to see him, kevin, and faye standing there,"sure. you didnt have to knock. no one else did."

"hi everyone," faye said.


"so where are we going?" aj asked.

"well i thought we would go to stephen baldwins new place luahn. its a restaurant and a club."

"Well its probably not a good idea for emma to go to a club so can we just go to a restaurant?" nick asked.

"wait..." emma started.

"hes right. we can go to dinner somewhere and they head to the clubs a little later after we bring emma back," kevin said.

"but i--

"actually, its probably not the best idea for her to b--"


nick jumped and looked at emm,"whats wrong?"

"i need to talk to you guys. just the guys, RIGHT NOW," emma said.

leighanne raised an eyebrow,"come on girls. we'll be out in the hall," she said going into the hall with faye and amanda.

"are you okay em?" howie asked.

"no! im sick of you guys doing this!"

"doing what?" brian asked.

"treating me like i cant do anything for myself anymore. deciding for me where i should and shouldnt go. what i should and shouldnt eat."

nick frowned slightly,"we were just trying to help..."

emma sighed and sat down next to him,"i know you are but you guys, im pregnant, not breakable. i mean, i love you guys doing things for me but i still want to do SOME things by my own choice."

howie sat on the other side of her and kissed her on the cheek,"thats all you had to say sweetie. from now on we'll ease up on you but we'll still be there if you need anything."

kevin nodded,"i guess we have been going a little overboard..."

emma managed to laugh,"yeah...just a LITTLE. i totally appreciate you guys taking care of me but ease up just a little k?"

they nodded and nick kissed her on the cheek,"sorry em."

"its alright. now..." she stood up. "were in new york. lets get our butts out of this room."

Chapter 5
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