one month after emma has moved in with nick. they are all about to leave on a three month us tour. emma is now five months pregnant so all the boys are VERY sweet to her...shes not complaining.

"hey em, i have something for you," nick said walking over to her.

they were outside in the parking lot at their recording studio saying goodbyes to family members while the tour bus was being loaded. howie was giving his family hugs, aj was crying that he didnt want to leave his mom, brian and kevin were on a cell phone talking to their family in lexington, amanda, leighanne, and emma were standing around watching the whole thing with amusement.

she looked over at him,"really?"

he nodded handed her a box. she looked up,"what is it?"

he smiled,"just open it."

"...k..." she pulled the wrapping paper off the box and opened it up. "omg...nick...this is amazing..."

"what is it?" leighanne asked.

"a camera...omg...nick this is like...the best one you could possibly get. this must have cost you a fortune..."

"well i thought you might want to start your new job with a new camera...."

emma smiled and kissed him on the cheek,"thank you. this is perfect."

"hey, let me take a picture of the two of you guys," amanda said.

"i dont think so mandy. theres no way your holding a camera this expensive." he handed the camera to leighanne. "please..."

she laughed,"yeah. amanda you want to be in the pic?"

amanda pouted,"no."

nick rolled his eyes and put one arm around emma. "okay...say cheese.."

he rolled his eyes and emma laughed, "cheese."

leighanne took the picture and handed emma the camera. "hey you guys. we gotta go. come on, everyone on the bus," kevin shouted to the masses.

"come with us mom...please~~~" aj whined, holding her hand for dear life.

denise rolled her eyes,"aj we go through this everytime. no, i have a newsletter to work on here. get on the bus."

"no," he pouted and folded his arms,"im not going."

howie rolled his eyes and grabbed ajs arm,"you'll hear from him in about 10 minutes."

denise nodded and kissed them both on the cheek,"bye boys. have fun."

"come on aj, were stopping at mcdonalds first," howie said pulling him onto the bus.

"oops...nearly forgot my guitar," brian said, starting to come back out of the bus.

"ill get it,"emma said. she was at the doorway of the bus, right next to where the guitar was. she bent down to pick it up.

"NO!!!" brian, leighanne, nick, amanda, aj, howie, and kevin all yelled.

emma jumped,"what?"

"its too heavy. you arent supposed to strain yourself," leighanne said.

"yeah, aj you pick it up," amanda said.

"it aint my guitar."

kevin rolled his eyes and picked up the guitar,"everyone on the bus."

they nodded and all got onto the bus. "bye mom," aj said, waving pathetically out the bus window.

denise rolled her eyes and waved good bye to her son. he sighed and sat down,"how long til mcdonalds?"

they all looked at howie, the only one who had any patience with aj,"10 minutes."

aj sighed dramatically and nodded.

nick rolled his eyes and glanced at emma,"do you need anything? do you want to sit down? the bus isnt moving too much is it?"

she laughed,"no, everything is fine. dont worry. i think im gonna take a nap though. just wake me when we get to the first stop." she went over to the rows of bunks and started to pull herself up into one of the top bunks.

"NO!!" they all yelled at her again.

she jumped and nearly fell out the bunk,"what now?"

"its too high up for you," nick said.

"yeah, aj you sleep up there," amanda said.

"uh uh. i hate the top."

"and emmas pregnant," amanda said.





"you sleep up there."


"cause i said so."

"man, first ya'll make me leave my mom, now this. you all suck...well except emma," aj said.

"why dont i suck?" emma asked.

"cause your naming the baby after me."

everyone else rolled their eyes. aj felt the need to mention this fact at least once a day.

emma laughed,"oh okay." she moved down to one of the lower bunks. "is this okay with everyone?"

they nodded and she rolled her eyes. brian glanced at her and winked," guys arent worried about her falling out of there and landing on the floor?"

"good point," kevin said.

"i know...we can put pillows on the floor," aj said.

"...that works..."

nick rolled his eyes,"guys...."


"ill share a bunk with emma and sleep on the outside. that way if anything happens, ill be the one to fall out, not her."

aj and kevin glanced at each other and nodded,"that works too."

"can i go take my nap now?"

they all nodded and emma once again rolled her eyes. nick laughed and followed her to the bunk. she climbed in and he got in next to her.

"are you all going to be like this the whole trip?"

he nodded and kissed her on the forehead,"probably."


"em! were leaving for rehearsal!" nick shouted into her hotel room.

"okay, just give me a second!" she stuck her camera, some film, and her four bottles of medication in her zebra print carrybag, a gift from aj. she went out into the hallway where nick was waiting for her. "k, im ready."

he smiled and took her hand,"did you have a nice nap?" he asked as they walked to the elevators where everyone else was waiting.

she nodded,"much better than the bus."

"well that takes some getting used to. its kind of bumpy but after a while its like being rocked to sleep." they got in the elevator with everyone else and kevin pushed the button for the lobby.

"ill need all the sleep i can get. but this baby seems to have other ideas for me."

"is everything okay?" leighanne asked.

"yeah, he just feels the need to kick every two minutes...there he goes again," emma said resting her hand on her belly.

"can i feel it?" aj asked.

amanda rolled her eyes,"aj..."

emma laughed,"no its okay. nick does the same thing. everynight he comes in the room and falls asleep on my bed with his hand on my tummy. come here aj."

kevin glanced at nick,"..oh really...?"

nick blushed and looked down. aj walked over to emma and she rested his hand on her belly,"feel that?"

"n...whoa...yeah....hey frick come here."

brian walked over and rested his hand on her belly. leighanne rolled her eyes,"brian..."

" leigh, come fe--"

"no. now leave her alone brian."

the elevator doors opened and kevin pulled both their hands off emmas belly. "leave her alone and lets go."

nick reached for emmas hand and kevin shook his head,"howie you take emma?"

"wait...why? what did i do?"

"nothing..its just...if the fans see you with emma their going to assume that shes your girlfriend and thats YOUR baby. if she goes with howie we can at least pass her off as a relative and just say shes working for us."

nick pouted,"okay..."

emma laughed and kissed him on the cheek,"its just for a few minutes."

he nodded and they went outside. the guys shook hands with fans while the girls, with the help of security, piled onto the bus.

" it always like that?" emma asked.

leighanne laughed,"its worse in europe. half the time WE dont even make it through."

the boys got on the bus a few minutes later.

"bye everyone! i love you!" brian shouted through the window.

leighanne rolled her eyes, grabbed the back of his shirt, and pulled him down into his seat.


"just sit your butt down."

he pouted and folded his arms,"your no fun..."

"ha ha...brian got in tr--"

"aj you sit down too," amanda said.

"but i didnt do anything!"




aj pouted and sat down. emma glanced at them then at nick,"is this how the whole tour is gonna be?"

he smiled and kissed her on the cheek,"told you it would be a bumpy ride."

Chapter 4
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