"emma, you cant take all these flowers home,"nick whined.

emma glanced at brian who was helping her into the wheelchair and rolled her eyes, "but they're from all of you guys and I dont want them to go to waste."

"why dont you do what I did with mine after my heart surgery," brian said setting her poohbear down on her lap.

"what did you do?" she asked

"he went down to the childrens floor and gave them out,"nick said. (no, I dont know if he actually did this but knowing brian, probably)

"thats a good idea," emma said. "will you guys come with me? im sure the kids will be thrilled to see you two."

they both nodded and gathered up all the flowers and put them in two large boxes. brian set his box down on emmas lap and wheeled her out of the room. they headed down to the childrens floor and gave out all the flowers and a few autographs. about another later they finally left the hospital and arrived at nicks house.

brian helped emma out of the car and handed her her crutches, "be careful. your not used to those yet."

emma nodded and started up the driveway. the front door flew open, "emma!!!"

she looked up and smiled, "hey aaron."

aaron came running down the driveway and threw his arms around emmas waist, knocking her slightly off balance. brian rushed up behind her and caught her, "aaron, be careful."

he nodded, "sorry. come on. lets go inside." he held her hand while she used her crutches and helped her into the house.

brian shook his head and went back to help nick get emmas stuff out of the car, "I think he likes her almost as much as you do."

nick turned red, "what are you talking about? I dont like emma."

brian laughed and shook his head, "no, of course you dont."

they finished getting all of her stuff and went into the house.

"emma can I take you to disney world?" aaron asked as he helped her sit down on the couch.

she laughed and propped her leg up on a pillow, "I dunno if thats such a good idea sweetie, I wont be able to go on any of the fun rides."

he made a face, "well when you get better can we go?"

"aaron, leave her alone," nick said.

emma laughed, "its okay and yeah we can go as soon as im better."

"k. did you pick a name for the baby yet?" aaron said jumping to a new subject.

"omg, aaron leave her alone!"

brian laughed, "come on airboy. lets go get the food before everyone gets here."

"k, bye emma. ill be back later," aaron said. he gave her a kiss on the cheek and followed brian out to the car.

nick rolled his eyes, "sorry about him. I think hes got a crush on you."

she laughed, "its okay, hes cute."

"do you need anything? are you comfortable?"

she nodded, "thank you...for everything."

he blushed, "your welcome but I really dont mind."

"so everyone is coming over later?"

he nodded, "they wanted to give you time to get settled first. by the way, I need to warn you about one thing..."


"aj has made it his goal to get you to name your baby after him."

she laughed, "oh dear..."

"but if he starts to get on your nerves just tell me."

she nodded. "and...um...i was wondering...do you need to take any of those baby classes...?"

emma sighed and nodded, "it would probably be a good idea..."

"...uh...do you need a partner...?"

"im not sure but I probably will. I think they usually have people that volunteer though...."

"well...um...if you want...i can go with you..."

"go with her where?"

nick looked up and rolled his eyes, "come on in mandy."

"thanks blondie. hi emma," amanda said leaning over to give her a hug.

"hi...wheres aj?"

"dopey said he left something out there...he'll be right in. blondie...wheres my friend?"

"what friend?"

"oh shut up."

emma laughed, "brian took him to get some food for everyone."


"hey guys, hey emma," aj said giving her a kiss on the cheek. "this is for you," he said handing her a rose.

"awww...thank you. thats very sweet."

amanda rolled her eyes, "aj wh--"


"ALEX, whose yard did you steal that from?"

"the neighbors, they'll never notice."

nick rolled his eyes, "okay aj, when they come after me..."

"not aj...alex..."

emma laughed, "aj, sweetie...i already have a name picked for the baby."

aj pouted, "aww man, what is it?"

"brian. he was a really close friend of mine when I was younger."

aj pouted and sat down in one of the arm chairs. emma laughed, "aww, how about i make his middle name alexander?"


she nodded and his entire face lit up,"thanks em."

nick rolled his eyes,"are you done harrassing her now?"


"good. go away."

emma laughed,"no, its okay. oh yeah, what were you going to ask me before amanda came in?"

"huh? oh...um...do you wa--"

"emma were back!!"

nick sighed and sat down. emma glanced at him and started to say something. "we got pizza. is that okay emma?" aaron asked coming into the room.

"huh? oh yeah, thats fine sweetie..."

"can we go outside by the pool?" aaron asked nick.

"ask emma."


she laughed,"how can i say no to that face?"

"yiiii. come on amanda," aaron said grabbing her hand and dragging her out to the backyard.

brian rolled his eyes,"that kid gets more girls than anyone i know..."

aj shook his head,"you know me."

"like i said...."

"oh shut up," aj said getting up and going outside.

brian laughed and helped emma to her feet. he handed her her crutches. she took them and glanced at nick then brian,"um...brian...can i talk to nick alone for a second?"

"sure princess," he said and went into the kitchen.

"...you wanted to talk to me...?" nick asked as he helped her outside.

"i just wanted to give you a chance to ask me whatever it was you wanted to ask..."

"oh...um...well...uh...i was wondering if um...maybe i could go with you to the baby classes...you know...to help..."

"really? you would want to go?"

he nodded,"i want to help you as much as possible."

she smiled,"i would love that. thanks."

he smiled and helped her sit down on one of the lounge chairs next to the pool. amanda glanced at him, "I think this is the most responsible ive ever seen you blondie."

"wow mandy..."


"that was kind of, in a weird way, a compliment."

"it was not."

"yeah huh."

emma laughed, "it kinda was. sorry amanda."

"aww damnit."

nick smiled, "ha ha. mandy gave me a comp--"

"hey emma, you have some more visitors," brian said coming outside followed by kevin and howie.

she looked up and smiled, "hi guys."

"hey sweetie," said howie. he handed her a single red rose and white teddybear holding a red heart and kissed her on the cheek, "girls always need flowers."

emma smiled and said, "thank you."

kevin went over to her as well and kissed her on the cheek. He then handed her a small eeyore wearing a pink ribbon with a flower in his mouth and said, "i thought you might like a lil company and well, this lil guy here looked like he needed some company too. So I just put two and two together."

"awww, he's absolutely adorable...thank you."

"so how are you feeling?" howie asked.

she smiled, "alot better thanks."

"and the baby is doing okay?"

she nodded. "hey d, guess what?" aj said.


"emma is gonna name the baby after me," he said with a huge smile

howie rolled his eyes and emma laughed, "middle name sweetie."

"close enough."

"so em, you'll be okay to come with us?" kevin asked.

"go with you...?"

he looked at nick, "didnt you ask her yet?"

"oh yeah...um...we were wondering if you wanted to come with us on tour..."


nick nodded, "mandy will be there too. shes part of our management."

"I dont know how much help ill be..."

"we'll find something easy and stressful for you to do," amanda said.

"which means you wont be near aj, brian, or nick," howie whispered to her.

emma tried not to laugh and looked at everyone else, "just as long as im some sort of help, yeah, ill go with you."


"thanks for helping me unpack," emma said to nick.

it was a few hours later. everyone had left and nick and emma were up in her new room unpacking.

nick smiled, "I dont mind. wow, youve got alot of stuffed animals," he said adding about five more to the collection on her dresser.

she laughed, "well ive had them since I was little. im gonna give them to the baby."

he nodded and opened up another box. he pulled out a framed picture, "wow, where did you get this? its amazing."

she looked over to see what he was looking at and smiled, "I took it myself."


she nodded, "when I first started photography about...three years ago...."

"wow...well your really talented."

she smiled, "thanks."

he nodded and the two of them went back to unpacking. about two hours later they were finally done. emma sighed, "wow, that was harder than I thought. im dead tired."

"me too, thankfully we have no rehearsal tomorrow," nick said. "maybe we can go shopping for baby stuff."


he nodded and she smiled, "I would like that, thanks."

"well....good night...." he went over to her and gently kissed her on the cheek.

she blushed, "good night."

he started to leave the room and stopped, "you know what...i think I just figured out a job for you..."

"whats that?"

"our photographer. not the official one cause we already have one of those that we pay ridiculously high amounts of money too. our personal photographer. you'll take all the pics of us when its just us hanging out and being the guys...not the bsb."

"wow...you think I could do that...?"

"from just that one pic I saw...i think you would be perfect for that."

she blushed and smiled, "then ill take the job."

Chapter 3
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