brian stuck his head into the hospital room and sighed,"nick...."

nick rubbed his eyes and looked up,"yeah?"

"why dont you go home and get some rest...ill keep her company and if she wakes up ill call you."

he sighed and shook his head,"this is my fault and im gonna be here when she wakes up to explain why shes in this place."

" wasnt your fault..."

"i was driving bri."

"yeah but aj and i were distracting you."

"i still should have been paying attention to the road. not hitting poor pregnant girls."

brian sighed,"well im gonna get you some food so you dont starve then ill be back."

nick nodded and brian left the room. nick looked at emma for a second then got up and went out to the nurses station.

"excuse me..."

"yes mr. carter?"

"im going down to the gift shop again. if emma wakes up could you page me?"

the nurse nodded and smiled,"shes lucky to have a boyfriend like you."

nick blushed,"oh, shes not my girlfriend...just anyways...just page me, thanks." he took the elevator down to the gift shop and went directly over to the flower section.

the cashier looked up and cracked a smile,"back again mr. carter..." (they only call him mr. carter cause they dont know him personally.)

nick nodded.

"i dont think theres a bouqet you havent bought for your friend."

"well i dont want her to wake up and see an empty room and think no one cares about her and her baby."

"well why not something other than flowers?"

nick shrugged,"i dont know what kind of stuff she likes."

"well considering i AM a girl, i can help with that." she came around from behind the counter and walked down one of the aisles. she came back a few moments later holding a rather large poohbear. "all girls like pooh."

nick nodded,"k, ill get that...and these too," he said setting a bouqet of roses down on the counter.

she rang all the things up and he went back up to emmas room. he set the poohbear on the bed beside her and put the roses in an empty pitcher on the nightstand. he sat in his chair next to the bed and picked up her hand again.

he looked at her for a minute and sighed,"i still dunno if you can hear me, this is nick again, but im still really sorry about what happened. i should have been paying more attention and now look, your hurt."

he gently touched her face. other than a few scratches and a black eye, her face was perfectly smooth. he ran his finger lightly over the scratch across her jaw and she started to cough slightly.

nick jumped away from the bed, thinking he had hurt her again. he ran out to the nurses station,"shes awake!"

the nurse looked up,"are you sure?"

nick rolled his eyes,"no, it was a dream. yes im sure!"

the nurse gave him a look and hurried into emmas room. nick paced the waiting room, waiting to be let back in.

"what are you doing out here frack?"

nick looked up and saw brian walking over to him,"emma woke up. the nurse is checking on her."

"wow...okay, im gonna call the other guys and tell them then," he said. he handed nick a bag of food, pulled out his cell, and sat down to call the other guys.

nick looked at the bag in his hands and rolled his eyes. the nurse finally came back out,"alright, you may go back in and see her now."

"thanks." he took a deep breath and went into the room. "hi..." he said from the doorway.

emma looked up and her eyes widened in shock,"omg...your nick carter...."

nick managed to smile and nod. " must have the wrong room...weve never met..."

nick looked down," the reason your here..."

"what do you mean?"

he sighed,"do you mind?" he asked pointing to his empty chair beside the bed.

she shook her head and he sat down. "well...about a week ago--"

"wait...a week...?"

he nodded,"youve been in a coma for a week."


" a week ago i was driving around with a couple of my friends. they were both messing around, spilling stuff in my car, and i got distracted. i looked over the seat real quick to see what mess they had made and when i turned back around it was too late. you were right in front of me and i couldnt hit the brakes fast SO sorry."

"...what about my he okay?"

nick nodded,"yeah, the doctors said he'll be okay. there was no damage done."

"oh wait....youve been here for a week...?"

he nodded,"yeah. i wanted to be here when you woke up. do you feel alright?"

"other than my bum leg and the shock of you being in my room...yeah, im okay."

"i would have called the babys father but i di--"

"im not with him anymore."

"oh..." he looked back up,"so what are you going to do? do you have anywhere to stay?"

she sighed,"no but im sure i can find somewhere. ill just crash with a friend or something."

"well um...i...uh...i have this big house and its got a few extra rooms...if you could stay with me..."

"oh no. thats okay, i dont want to impose."

"you wont. honest. i mean, its the least i can do after what ive put you through. i want to make it up to you. you can stay with me as long as you like. and the other guys would probably kill me if i didnt bring you back with me."

"the other guys...?"

nick nodded,"they came to visit you while you were...sleeping."

"...i must look terrible."

nick shook his head,"not at all."

she blushed,"thanks..."

" staying with me..."

"are you sure i wouldnt be in the way...? i dont want to burden you. and taking care of me and the baby probably wont be cheap."

"its okay. i want to help," nick said not mentioning that he had taken care of all her hospital bills.

"if your sure..."


she thought for a second,"okay, ill do it. ill move in with you."

Chapter 2
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