Dear Princess,

...i cant believe its been almost nine months...well eight and half but still. i do still love you and i hope that you never forget that or how much you mean to me. your the only girl who i have EVER loved and nothing or no one is gonna change my fe


nick glanced at his wife laying beside him in bed,"hmm?"

"....i think its time..."

"okay," he said going back to his letter.

elings for y

he stopped again,"what did you say?

"its time...."

"omg..." he jumped out of bed shoving things into a bag.

emma giggled,"nicky, my bag is already packed."

"right right..." he set the bag down, gently helped her out of the bed and rushed downstairs.

she started to laugh and called down the stairs,"nicky, your clothes..."

nick stopped midway down the stairs and looked at what he was wearing: boxers. he decided it would probably be a good idea to change and rushed back upstairs and just as emma finished putting her shirt on. he quickly put on a pair of jeans and a football jersey, grabbed emmas hand, her bag, and headed out to the car.


amanda and leighanne nervously paced the hospital waiting room while the guys sat their watching them like a tennis game.

kevin sighed,"would you two please sit down. its making me nervous."

"but theyve been in there so long!" leighanne said.

"what if something went wrong...." amanda said

howie sighed and pulled them each into a seat,"nothing went wrong and this isnt splash mountain, the baby isnt just gonna come shooting out. it takes a while so sit down, take a deep breath, and wait."

aj started laughing,"splash mountain," he mumbled to himself.

about 20 minutes later nick came out of the delivery room. his hair a mess, his scrubs slightly crooked, and his face sweaty but with a huge smile.


"she had a girl. you guys should see her. shes perfect. everything about her. shes got brown hair and bluest eyes and the cutest fingers and does an--"

kevin laughed,"congratulations frack."

"what name did you pick?" brian asked.

"briana jane carter."


nick nodded,"i got to pick one name and emma got to pick one. she picked jane and i picked briana...after you..."

"aw, thanks frack," brian said getting a little teary eyed and hugging nick.

"i wanna see. i wanna see~~" aj said dancing around, looking more like he had to use the restroom than see the baby.

amanda rolled her eyes,"in a bit. let blondie have some time alone with them first okay?"

aj pouted and sat back down.

brian patted nick on the back,"were gonna go to the gift shop and then we'll come back k?"

nick nodded,"thanks guys," he said and went down to the private room they had transferred emma to. he knocked softly on the door.

"...come in..."

nick walked in and smiled seeing emma laying there, the small pink bundle in her arms,"hi..."

she looked up and smiled,"hi. look briana, daddys here," she said holding the baby up.

nicks smile widened and he sat beside the bed,"im a daddy."

emma laughed,"you sure are. do you want to hold her?"

he nodded and emma gently set the little girl in his arms. he smiled and kissed her on the forehead,"hey sweetie."

she yawned and snuggled down into his arms.

nick smiled and started to sing softly to her.

emma just watched the two of them, smiling slightly,"nicky, what were you writing earlier in bed?"

"hmm? oh, i was just writing you a letter. i wanted to tell you how much i loved you and those letters were always the best way."

"no they werent."

"wh...your right." he leaned down and kissed her gently,"i love you."

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