emma walked into the hospital, a slightly dazed look on her face. amanda, ajs girlfriend rushed up to her and hugged her,"thank you so much for coming."

"where is he?"

amanda pointed to one of the rooms,"but we have to get your blood first. its more important right now."

emma nodded and howie went to get one of the nurses.

"h..how is he...?"

amanda sighed,"not good. hes in a coma and they said hes not responding to anything. its almost as if he doesnt want to wake up."

howie came back with one of the nurses and amanda went with her while they drew her blood. about five minutes later the nurse finished and rushed out of the room. emma sat up and amanda shook her head,"the last thing we need is you passing out from being too dizzy."

"...no...im okay...please...let me see him...."

amanda sighed and helped her to her feet. they went back up to icu and amanda led her to the door,"im warning you...he doesnt look his best...."

emma walked into the room and nearly passed out seeing nick. there were a couple of black and blue(ignore that) spots on his face where, she assumed, he tried to fight the burgular off. the sheets were pushed down around his waist and there was a white bandage wrapped around his lower stomach. she could see little spots of red on the bandage where the gunshot was still bleeding slightly.

emma felt an overwhelming urge to be sick and rushed towards the door but froze when she heard him groan. she slowly went back over to the bed. she could see his mouth trying to form words, his eyes still closed, his hands gripping the sheets as if he were fighting his way out of whatever nightmare he was having.

"please nick...." she whispered.


it came out very softly, she almost didnt hear it. she dropped everything and rushed to his side. sat beside the bed and pulled his hand from the sheets,"nicky im here....i know you know im here...."


"yeah nicky. when you wake up ill be right here. please..." she said rubbing his hand between hers.

he pressed his head back into the pillow as if he was struggling and after a few moments his eyes fluttered open,"..e...emma....?"

her eyes started to water and she nodded.

"...i....my....sorry...box..." he said, his speech restricted by the tubes in his throat.

"hold on nicky...." she rushed out to get one of the doctors and tell him that nick was awake. they told her to wait while they examined him so she went to the waiting room. "guys...hes awake..."

"oh thank god..." brian said looking up at the ceiling.

"im gonna call his mom," howie said pulling out his cellphone.

aj grabbed amandas hand and started to pull her down the hall,"aj, where are we going....?"

"gift shop. were gonna get him so many damn flowers he'll think hes in a florist."

kevin rolled his eyes and stood up,"um...emma..."

she turned to him, rubbing her arms to keep herself from shaking,"nick wanted us to bring this box. i dont know why but...when you go back in there, can you take it with you...?"

she nodded and he thanked her as the doctors came back out. they allowed her to see him under the condition she didnt excite him and only stayed a few minutes. she took a deep breath and went into the room.


he nodded and motioned for her to come closer. she walked over to the bed and set the box beside him,"kevin said you wanted this...."

he pushed the box towards her,"...for...you...."



she pulled the chair up to the bed and sat down. she set the box in her lap and opened it up.


"start at the bottom?" he nodded and she pulled the folded piece of paper from the bottom. she glanced at the date, almost two months before, and unfolded it.

Dear Princess,

its been about a month since we broke up and i miss you so much. my heart hurts everytime i think of you and i keep waiting for you walk through the door and bac

emma stared at the letter in her hand and set it down, she pulled the next one out.

i was so stupid. i should have just told you i loved you and you would still be here. it wouldnt be a lie, just the first time i ever told you.

she pulled out the next one, the one labeled the day before:

you always had a way of making me smile or make my heart beat a little faster. even when you got mad at me i couldnt help but smile. you were so adorable when you got mad. your eyes would kind of start to get this extra spark and your cute little mouth would turn to a pout.

she started to cry and looked up at him,"...nick..."


"but you hate....."

"no...i dont...."

"wait a minute..." she pulled her hand from his and picked up her own box. she set it on the bed and pulled the first letter out and handed it to him.

he took her hand back in his and started to read the letter. he glanced back up at her and motioned for her to come closer. she moved a little closer and he motioned her closer still. she moved a little closer so that her ear was near his mouth.

"...i love you."