Dear Nicky,

i was at the beach today. i dont know why i went there. i guess just to think. or maybe to clear my head, who knows. anyways, there was someone at our spot...well our ex-spot. i guess it wasnt as secluded and hidden as we thought. it was so pretty there today. the sky was clear(i could actually see a star) and the water was so calm.

i almost called you today. i got as far as the fourth number before i stopped myself. i guess you would be happy about that. we both know i was always a wimp. maybe one day....far away, ill be able to work up the nerve to call you and find out how your doing.

i heard you guys are about to release the new album. im sure it will be good. they always are. and if you havent found her yet nicky, i hope you find that one girl who makes your hea

emma set the pen down as the phone rang next to her. she picked it up,"hello?"



"hi...its brian."

emma froze,"...hi..."

"um...i know its been a really long time but...uh...its kind of an emergency..."

"whats wrong...?"

"its nick..."

she sighed,"brian, im sorry. i ca--"

"hes in the hospital."


"someone broke into the house and shot him. he needs blood and you and his mom are the only two matching blood types and jane is out of town..."

emma dropped the phone in shock,"oh god...."

"hello...? emma...? emma are you still there...?"

she picked the phone back up,hands shaking,""

"can you come down...please...?"

"...i...ill be there in a few minutes..."


she nodded and hung up the phone. she sat at her desk for a few minutes, all her memories of him and her flashing through her mind. she stood up, grabbed her jacket, the box, and her keys and headed out to the car.

Part 5