Dear Princess,

i just finished up with a photoshoot for some teen magazine. i almost blew it off, not wanting to get out of bed but i didnt want to disappoint the fans. they posed me with this vapid blonde and the whole time i felt like my throat was closing in and i was losing consciousness. she was that bad...well that and...i just dont ever want to HAVE to hold a girl the way i wanted to hold you.

im back home now but i wish i was somewhere else. i havent had the heart to take down any of the pics of us or the pics of you and everything smells like you, not in a bad way i mean.

ugh!! this is so stupid, i want to call you but what if your boyfriend answers? i dont want to seem like the jealous obsessive ex but i just want to know how you are. make sure your okay.

nick sighed and heard his stomach growl. he took that as a good sign. a way to escape the house. he stuck the letter and the pen into his pocket and headed out the house. he stopped at mcdonalds and headed to the beach. he walked for a bit before finally sitting down.

im at the beach now. at our spot. the spot where we had our first kiss and you first told me you loved me. i didnt react and it wasnt because i didnt love you back, it was just....i dunno...i freaked. i was so surprised to hear you say it that i didnt know how to react. so yeah, i guess you could call me chicken.

nick stopped, suddenly hearing something behind him. he turned around and saw someone walking away. he sighed and went back to his letter.

that was weird...i thought i saw you just now. yeah, call me a freak but i thought i did. i guess i just want to see you so bad im imagining you now. remember when we went to brian and leighannes wedding? you looked so beautiful then and thats the way i keep seeing you. well i see you two ways, that way...all dressed up. the other way, when would just be hanging out at the house and you would have on no make-up, a pair of tearaways and one of my wifebeaters. i actually think you looked more beautiful then rather than all dressed up.

i should really go, its too hard staying here and thinking about all the time we spent here. i dont know, when i go home, maybe ill try and give you a call.

nick picked up all his stuff and headed home. he ate very little of his food and gave the rest to the dogs. he sat down next to the desk and stared at the phone for a few minutes.

"okay can do this. its not a big deal...your just gonna call and see how she is..." he picked up the phone, dialed the first five numbers with shaking hands before hanging up. "your such a chicken shit carter...." he laid face down on the couch, crying silently.

Part 4