Chapter 9

"im so sorry frick. this is all my fault. I did this to you," nick said looking down at his hands.

"what are you talking about? no its not. im the one who forgot to take my meds. you had nothing to do with this...well other than the part where you caught me," brian said.

nick shook his head, "you know how I told you emma was the girl I had been dreaming about...and the other dream I told you about...?"

brian nodded and sat up. nick sighed, "those werent the only two I had. I dreamt that kevin was gonna meet faye, and when tyke got hit...i dreamt about that maybe...10 minutes before it happened." he looked back down, "and last night, I dreamt something would happen to you."

"but that was just a coincidence..."

"but what if it wasnt. I mean, what if me dreaming things is the reason theyre happening..."

"but wait," emma said. "you had a dream that I was on your boat with you right?"

nick blushed and nodded. "well thats never happened," she said.


"whoa...what if you have like, psychic powers frack?"

nicks eyes widened in the most terrified look emma had ever seen. "whoa...nick, its okay," she said putting her arms around him.

"i...i dont want to have any powers..."

emma gave brian a look, "its okay sweetie. im sure you dont have any powers. they're just probably premonitions. you know, like deja vu."

"sorry frack. I didnt mean to scare you."

nick rubbed his eyes, "do you guys think something is wrong with me?"

"ive always thought something was wrong with you," brian said.

nick managed to crack a smile, "thanks frick."

brian laughed, "no prob."

nick glanced at emma, "do you think im totally weird now."

she shook her head, "actually, its kind of cool. I mean, you can predict our future. did you have anymore dreams about us? I mean other than the boat thing."

he blushed and shook his head.

"yes you did frack. remember the one abo--"

"brian go to sleep," nick said quickly.

"uh uh, im not tired."

emma looked at the two of them, "what was the other dream?"

brian opened his mouth to respond but nick quickly stood up and grabbed emmas hand, pulling her to her feet, "bye frick. we'll come bye to get you later," he said quickly and dragged emma out of the room with him.

emma laughed, "aww, what did you dream about?"

"that we had a perfect date tonight."

emmas eyes widened, "omg! I totally forgot!"

nick laughed, "dont worry about it. just make sure your dressed comfortably."

"where are we going?"

"not telling, its a surprise."

emma stuck her tongue out at him and went over to where everyone was waiting.

"you okay nick?" aj asked.

nick nodded, "much better thanks. we can pick frick up later right?"

kevin nodded, "faye and I will come and get him and amanda, aj, and howie said they'll pick leighanne up from the airport."

"is that safe?" nick asked.


"letting aj go with you to the airport. he'll blab to leighanne about what happened today and she'll get upset that no one told her..."

"good point...faye and I will pick up three will get brian."

"..hey... im not a blabbermouth," aj pouted.

amanda rolled her eyes, "no, of course not."

"can we please go?" emma asked impatiently. "I have a date to get ready for."


"are you sure I look okay?" nick asked aj.

aj rolled his eyes, "I already told you about 50 times, yes, you look fine."

nick was in ajs room getting ready for the date while amanda and faye were with emma in her room helping her get ready.

"sorry, I just want to look perfect for her tonight."

aj nodded, "I understand that. just calm down and everything will go fine."

"I know, I know." he checked his reflection in the mirror one last time. he was wearing a pair of black dress pants, a white tshirt, and a black sweater vest. he took a deep breath, "okay, im ready."

aj handed him the rose he had gone down to the gift shop to get earlier, "good luck."

"thanks." he took the rose and went across the hall. he knocked on the door and nervously tugged on the bottom of his sweater vest.

amanda answered the door, "aww...look at the dork."

nick rolled his eyes, "shut up mandy. is emma ready?"

"nope, she came to her senses and decided that she doesnt want to go out with you anymore."

faye came to the door, "amanda be quiet. nick you look very nice."

"thanks. is emma ready?"

"yeah, emma. your date is here."

"so where are you taking her?" amanda asked.

"im not telling you cause you'll laugh at me."

"no I wo--"

"okay, im ready," emma said coming to the door.

nick looked up, "wow....hi..." he shook himself slightly and held the rose out to her.

she was wearing black pants(like the ones brit wears in the crazy vid) a leopard print halter top, and a knee length black jacket. she blushed and took the rose, "thank you."

he smiled," your welcome." he held his hand out to her, "you ready to go?"

she nodded and took his hand, "bye guys."

"dont try anything funny carter. I know where you live," amanda said.

faye rolled her eyes and covered amandas mouth with her hand, "bye guys. have fun."

nick smirked, "dont wait up for us."

this time emma was the one who rolled her eyes and covered nicks mouth with her hand.

emma and faye glanced at each other one last time. "bye guys," they said at the same time. faye pulled amanda into the room and emma dragged nick off towards the elevators.

Chapter 10
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