Chapter 8

"have they told you anything yet?" faye asked rushing into the hospital with kevin.

emma sighed and shook her head.

aj sat next to emma and quietly asked,"hows nick feeling?"

emma glanced at nick out of the corner of her eye. he had his head on her shoulder and was playing with one of the rings on her finger. she sighed,"guilty. he thinks this is his fault."

aj sighed and stood up,"ill be right back.'

he went over to the nurses to find out if they had any new information on brian.

"nick, sweetie," emma said playing with his hair,"this is SO not your fault so please dont blame yourself."

nick held her hand tightly,"but it was my fault. i dreamt it."

she turned so she could look at him,"it was NOT your fault. it was ju--"

"hey guys, the doctor is coming," amanda said.

they all stood up as the doctor approached them.

"is he okay?" howie asked.

"hes going to be fine. hes awake now and he explained what happened. he was a little over anxious to see his girlfriend and forgot to take his medication. the combination of that and the strenuous rehearsal all caught up to him."

"but hes okay now, right?" kevin asked.

the doctor nodded,"you can go see him. not all of you at once please.'

emma glanced at nick and sighed,"thank you doctor."

the doctor nodded and left. "well im going in," kevin said. "nick....?"

nick shook his head,"i want to go in with emma."

kevin nodded. "ill go with you kev," howie said.

kevin nodded and him and howie went into brians room.

faye stood up,"im gonna get brian something from the giftshop. anyone want to come with me?"

"ill go," amanda said. "does anyone need anything?"

they all shook their heads and amanda and faye left.

aj glanced at nick,"are you feeling better frack?"

nick sighed,"yeah, i guess."

kevin and howie came back out and emma looked over at nick,"you want to go in now?"

nick sighed and nodded. the two of them stood up and went into brians room. he was sitting up in bed watching tv and glanced over at them when they walked in.

"hey em, hey frack."

emma went over and kissed him on the cheek,"hey, how are you feeling?"

"better thanks. did leighanne call you back yet?"

emma nodded,"but dont worry, i didnt tell her what happened."

"oh okay, thanks." he glanced up at nick,"thanks for catching me frack."

nick looked down,"its okay."

"whats wrong frack? you act like your best friend just died."

nicks head snapped up and he started to shake slightly. emma quickly went over to him and hugged him tightly.

brian started to get out of bed,"whats wrong nick?"

emma turned around,"no brian. stay in bed."

"but whats wrong with frack?"

she glanced at nick,"you want to tell him...?"

nick sighed and nodded.

brian glanced at the two of them,"tell me what?"

nick sighed and pulled up a chair next to the bed.

Chapter 9
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