Chapter 7

"have you guys seen emma? i really need to talk to her," nick said as he entered the hotel restaurant the next morning.

"shes still in the roomg etting ready," faye said.

"thanks." he quickly left the restaurant and went back upstairs.

"hey nick," emma said as she was coming out of the room.

"em, i need to talk to you. come here." he unlocked the door to his room and let her in.

"um...okay..." she followed him in and sat on the bed.

he followed her and started pacing the floor,"you know how you said i could talk to you whenever i was ready....?"

"yeah. nick, sweetie whats wrong?" emma said grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the bed.

he sat down next to her and sighed,"i had a dream about rian last night. we were at rehearsal and something happened to him and we had to take him to the hospital."

"awww sweetie. but it was just a dream. brian is fine. at least he was fine enough to go down and talk those fans last night."

"but you dont understand. this isnt the first time this has happened." he told her how he had dreamt about kevin and faye meeting and tyke getting hurt. " when i asked you if we had ever met before...?"

"um...yeah...kevins pool party thing."

"yeah, well asked cause i had been dreaming about you," he said blushing slightly.

emma blushed,"really?"


"wow...well maybe its just coincedence. im sure brian is fine. i mean, his doctors and leighanne wouldnt have let him fly all the way out here if he wasnt."

he sighed,"i guess but something still doesnt seem right."

"well, ill keep an eye on him during rehearsal okay?"

nick sighed and nodded,"thanks."

she kissed him on the cheek and stood up,"now lets go get breakfast. im not letting you rehearse on an empty stomach."


"okay, lets try 'its gotta be you' again!" kevin yelled to the band.

they had been at rehearsal for two hours and so far everything had gone perfectly with the exception of aj wandering off during a couple of songs which, amanda had told both faye and emma, was a regular occurance.

nick had spent pretty much the entire rehearsal with is eyes on brian, asking him if he was okay every two minutes.

the band restarted the song and the boys went into the routine again.

"how do they do it...?" faye asked.

"do what?"

"this. the dancing and singing everyday..."

amanda laughed,"its something they love."

"that and the hundreds of the girls that dream about them," emma said laughing.

faye laughed,"good point."

emma started to say something but was cut off by a ringing cellphone. she glanced at the seat next to her that was covered with phones. she guessed and picked on up. ""she looked at the color of the phone,"...brians phone."

"hi, is brian busy right now? its leighanne."

"oh okay, hold on a second." she went over to the railing in front of the stage,"brian...leighannes on the phone."

"huh? oh thanks." he headed over to her and stumbled slightly," a little dizzy."

nick was by his side in a second,"you okay frick?"

"yeah frack, just a little dizzy. im okay though." he took the phone from emma and sat on the edge of the stage.

nick went over to where emma was standing,"see...hes dizzy."

"nicky you guys have been dancing for two hours without a break...i wouldnt be surprised if aj said he was dizzy too."

nick rolled his eyes,"ajs always dizzy."

emma laughed,"aww you cracked a joke. all hope isnt lost."

he managed to laugh a little. "hey emma!"

emma looked up at brian,"yeah?"

"here..." he tossed her the phone,"leighannes gonna call you back with all her flight information."

emma nodded and stuck the phone it her pocket so it would be easier to find. nick made a face,"i guess i should go back to rehearse." he kissed her on the cheek and headed to where brian was standing at the edge of the stage waiting for him.

emma smiled and watched him. her eyes suddenly widened. brian started to wobble slightly, closed his eyes, and started to fall the stage.

"omg!! nick catch him!"

nick looked at her,"what?"

"brian! catch him!"

nick looked back and his eyes widened. he ran forward and caught brian just before he hit the ground. he gently set him on the ground,"frick wake up!"

one of the security guards jumped over the railing and knelt down next to brian. he felt his neck for a pulse,"nick go get the paramedics."

nick couldnt move. he just sat there in shock.

"ill do it," howie said quickly. he ran off and quickly returned with two of the paramedics and a stretcher.

they picked brian, who was still unconcious, up and laid him on the stretcher then took him out to the ambulance.

"aj, help me over," emma said glancing at nick.

aj lifted her up and over the railing(an: i know aj doesnt have any muscle but i only weigh 100 ilbs...i dont think he would have any problem picking me up like that). she went over to nick.

"sweetie...hes gonna be okay. their gonna take good care of him."

nick turned to her with the most terrified look on his face,"omg...this is my fault."

"what? no was an accident."

nick shook his head and started to cry,"i killed brian."

Chapter 8
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