Chapter 6b

"so where are we going?" faye asked as they got in the limo downstairs.

kevin smiled,"its a surprise. im not telling."

faye laughed,"fine then. be that way."

"so how long have you been out here?"

"um...for about a week. then amanda called me two days ago."

"so we interrupted your vacation? im SO sorry."

faye laughed,"trust me, its okay."

he smiled,"we really appreciate you doing this for us. thanks."

she blushed,"i dont mind."

the limo stopped and the driver let them both out. kevin thanked him and took fayes hand.

she smiled and looked up at the huge mansion they had stopped in front of,"whoa...where are we?"

"donatella's house. shes having a party," he said leading her up the staircase.

"donatella? as in versace? omg..."

kevin laughed and nodded. "i cant meet her. i mean, im not dressed for it and shes DONATELLA."

he smiled,"you look perfect and trust me, donatella will love you. besides, were only gonna stay for a few minutes."

she blushed and nodded. they went inside and faye looked around in awe. kevin couldnt help but smile as he led her over to donatella. they talked for a few minutes, talked to a couple of other people then left.

"well...." kevin said as he put his arm around her.


kevin smiled,"im glad you enjoyed yourself."

they sat in comfortable silence for a bit, both thinking about how much they liked each other.

"were here," kevin said, his voice bringing faye out of her daydream.

they got out and the driver handed kevin a blanket and picnic basket.

faye looked around as she took kevins arm. kevin smiled,"i hope you like the beach..."

she smiled and nodded. he led her down towards the water and spread the blanket down over the sand.

"are you cold?"

"just a little but ill be okay."

he took off his jacket and put it over her shoulders.

she smiled and sat down,"thanks."

he smiled and sat down next to her. he took the food out and they started to eat.

"here, try this,"kevin said holding something up to fayes mouth.

"...what is it...?"

kevin smiled,"just try it."

faye gave him a look and ate it,"okay. now what was it?"

"an oyster."

"ew....kevin thats disgus--" she was interrupted as kevin leaned forward and kissed her softly.

she sighed and kissed him back.


"nicky wake up," emma said shaking him gently.

nick rolled over and buried his face in the pillow. emma sighed and climbed out of bed and answered the door.

"kevin...its 1:30 in the morning..."

"i know and im sorry but faye is gonna stay here tonight and i got her a room but i dont want her to stay alone. so could you....?"

"oh yeah, sure. just hang on." she went back over to the bed and kissed nick on the cheek,"im gonna sleep in another room. ill see you in the morning."

nick mumbled something and rolled over.

emma laughed and went out in the hall where kevin was waiting,"hold on again." she knocked on the door to amandas room, knowing she would still be awake.

aj answered the door wearing nothing but a pair of sweats and a towel around his head,"hey em. i thought you and nick went to bed."

"we did. what are you doing...?"

"dying my hair green."

"oh okay. can i talk to amanda?"

"just a sec," he said and went back into the room. a minute later amanda came to the door,"whats up?"

"faye is spending the night here but kev doesnt want her to stay in the room alone."

"oh okay. hey aj, im gonna stay with emma and faye tonight. ill see you in the morning." she kissed him on the cheek and went out to where emma and kevin were waiting.

"thank you so much guys,"kevin said. he stopped in front of one of the rooms and knocked on the door. "faye, its me."

faye answered the door wearing a tshirt and a pair of sweats that obviously belonged to kevin. "hey guys, come in."

amanda and emma walked in and sat on one of the beds watching faye and kevin.

"i had a really good time tonight," faye said softly.

kevin smiled,"me too. ill see you in the morning." he kissed her softly and left.

faye closed the door and turned around with a dreamy look on her face.


faye smiled slighty,"shut up you two." she sat down on the other bed.

"no, you cant do that~~~ i wanna hear about the date~~~" emma whined.

amanda covered her ears,"faye tell her SOMETHING. she can go on like this for hours."

faye laughed,"well it was perfect. we went to donatella versace's for a party then a picnic on the beach."

"kevin had a picnic...?" amanda asked slightly shocked. "what kind of food did he pack..."

"um...stuff like strawberries and champagne and oysters."

"...go kev..."

"wow...i hope my first date with nick is like that."

amanda rolled her eyes and got into the other bed,"you'll be lucky if your date doesnt end up at the arcade."

emma pouted,"shut up and why do you get the other bed?"

"um...lets see...cause i do."

emmas jaw dropped and she threw a pillow at amandas head,"brat."

amandas eyes widened,"im a brat?! your the one who just threw the pillow at me!!" she threw another pillow at emma.

emma smirked,"oh, its so on..." she picked up a pillow and her and amanda started to pillow fight.

"wait! wait! look..." amanda said pointing to the other bed.

emma looked over and saw that faye was fast a sleep with a slight smile on her face.

Chapter 7
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