Chapter 6a

"hey guys, ill be right back. i left my wallet inside," kevin said.

they had just finished the fitting and were heading back to the van. they nodded and got in while kevin went back inside. he gently tapped faye on the shoulder.

she turned around. "kevin!" she said slightly shocked.

he smiled,"hi. i was just wondering...are you busy tonight?"

"um...i was just going to work on your guys costumes."

"well youve got two days. can you take tonight off for dinner?"

she blushed," yeah."

he smiled and wrote the name of the hotel they were staying at on a piece of paper and handed it to her,"ill see you tonight at eight."

she took the paper and nodded. he smiled and went back out to the van.

"did she say yes?" nick asked without thinking.

"yeah. were goi...wait a minute, how did you know why i went back in there?"

'huh? you had your wallet when you went back in there..."

"yeah...but still..."

"i just did okay?"

kevin gave him a wierd look and nodded.

once they got back to the hotel, emma grabbed nicks hand and pratically dragged him upstairs.

"whats going on?"

nick sighed and sat on the bed,"i dont have a clue."

emma sat next to him and ran her fingers through his hair,"if something is bothering you, i dont mind listening."

he glanced up at her and smiled slightly,"thanks. i think im just really confused right now(amanda not a word) but ill be fine."

emma nodded,"well whenever you need to talk..."

he nodded and kissed her on the cheek,"thanks."

she smiled,"no problem." she got up and started to take the film that she had used out of her bag.

he watched her for a minute,"hey emma..."


"you want to go out tomorrow night? you know for our first date...."

her eyes widened,"as in here? like meaing italy?"

he laughed slightly and nodded.


he smiled,"k, is there anything you want to do tonight?"

"um...i dunno. you probably wanna go out clubbing with aj so ill just hang out with amanda."

nick shook his head,"im not real big into clubbing. you want to just get room service and order a movie?"

she smiled and nodded. "k, lets go bug aj and mandy for a while," he said standing up and taking her hand.

emma laughed and followed him out of the room and across the hall to aj and amandas room.

"mandy let me in~~~"

emma laughed,"shes gonna smack you."

he smiled sweetely,"im too cute to hit. mandy~~~"

amanda yanked the door open,"what?!"


she glared at him,"what the he--"

"amanda we came to visit,"emma said cutting her off.

amanda rolled her eyes,"fine, come in."

they walked in and as nick passed her, she smacked him in the head.


amanda smiled innocently and emma rolled her eyes,"hey aj."

"hey em, whats up?"

"nothing. just came to visit," she said sitting on the couch.

"oh, we were ju--" he started to say but was cut off by someone knocking on the door. "who is it?"

"its kev."

amanda raised an eyebrow,"kevin never visits us."

aj shrugged and opened the door,"hey kev, whats up?"

"i need to talk to emma and amanda."

"um...okay come in."

kevin walked in,"thanks. amanda, emma...can you guys do me a favor?"

"um...i guess..."

"faye is gonna be here in about 10 minutes and q doesnt think i should be hanging out down in the lobby where everyone can see me so could you guys go and wait for me...please?"

emma nodded,"yeah. go finish getting ready. come on amanda."

kevin smiled,"thanks guys," he said before heading back to his room.

emma and amanda went downstairs and sat down on the couches in the main lobby. the front wall of the lobby was all glass so they could see about 50 fans standing outside holding up signs for the boys.

"hey amanda...come here..." emma said standing up and going towards the doors.

"um..emma...thats not safe..."

"no...i have an idea," she said. she told one of the security guards her idea and he nodded and escorted the two girls outside.

"what are we doing out he--"

"hey!! thats ajs girlfriend!!"

"and thats nicks girlfriend!!"

amandas eyes widened and looked at emma,"what did you do that for?!"

emma just laughed,"wait a minute..." she turned her attention to the crowd of her girls,"hey you guys! were only gonna be out here for about 5 minutes so if you have anything for the guys, we'll take them in!"

suddenly stuffed bears, flowers, cards, tshirts all started flying at the girls. they picked up as much stuff as they could and stuffed them in bags the body guards had rushed outside with.

"hey emma! amanda!"

amanda looked up,"oh hey faye! come here!" she grabbed fayes arm and pulled her out of the crowd of girls.

emma smiled,"hi faye. okay guys, thats it! were going back in. we'll make sure the guys get your stuff. bye!"

the girls all chorused their "goodbyes!" and "thank yous" and emma, faye, and amanda all went back inside.

"whoa...that was crazy," faye said as they took the elevator back up to the room. both amanda and emma were each dragging two huge bags stuffed with things for the boys.

amanda laughed,"well your gonna be on tour with us...get used to it."

faye laughed,"oh my..."

emma glanced at her,"you look really nice by the way. kevin is gonna have a heartattack."

"god knows hes old enough,"amanda mumbled.

emma elbowed her,"ignore here. were here." the elevator doors opened and the girls got out and went back to aj and amandas room.

"hey...whats all that?" aj asked.

"stuff from fans," amanda said. "say hi aj..."

aj looked up,"oh hi faye."

faye smiled,"hey aj, nick."

nick, who was already on the floor dumping the bags, looked up and waved,"ooh...look at all this gonna get bri..." he said and left the room.

emma rolled her eyes and called over to kevins room and told him that faye was there. she hung up,"hes on his way."

faye nodded and started to nervously twist her hair. aj glanced up from a letter he was reading,"hey faye, dont be nervous. its only kev."

she managed to laugh,"thanks..."

emma laughed,"i think he means, its not a big deal. just act like yourself and everything should be fine."

amanda got up and went to answer the door,"oh hey kev."

"hey," he walked into the room and his eyes lit up when he saw faye,"hi..."

she blushed,"hi..."

he offered her his arm,"shall we...?"

she smiled and took his arm.

aj put his arm around both of them,"you two crazy kids go have fun."

amanda rolled her eyes,"bye guys."

they both nodded and waved, lost in their own little world before heading out the door.

Chapter 6b
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