Chapter 5

"hey, em wake up. were here," nick said shaking her gently.

emma sighed and opened her eyes,"huh?"

he laughed slightly,"were in europe. i would have carried you off the plane but i was scared the fans would try and grab you."

she nodded and stood up and stretched. she shivered and looked around,"where did everyone else go?"

"oh they got off the plane about two minutes ago. i didnt want to wake you but i had no choice."

"oh okay," she said pulling her backpack out of the overhead. nick got his stuff and the two of them headed out of the terminal. nick grabbed her hand and held it tightly.

"whatever you do, dont let go okay?"


they walked through the terminal into the airport and were greeted by the screams of hundreds of girls.

"omg...." emma mumbled under her breath.

nick smiled and waved to the fans with his free hand while they made their way through the crowd to the shuttle to take them to the hotel. emma got in followed by nick. security made sure they were all in, closed the door, and they headed to the hotel.


amanda laughed and handed aj a new pair of sunglasses since the ones he had been wearing were broken,"and they do this ALL the time."

"you poor boys..."

"its kind of exciting to hear hundreds of girls screaming your name,"brian said with a smirk.

kevin rolled his eyes,"ill be sure to tell leighanne you said that frick."


emma laughed,"so when do you guys have your first costume fitting?"

"4:30," kevin said. "so when we get to the hotel you guys get about two hours rest before we have to head out again."

"do you mind if i come along...?" emma asked.

kevin shook his head,"thats part of your job. i mean taking candids of us and stuff."

" know like nick in his boxers or something..." aj said. "then we can post it all over the web..."

nick blushed,"shut up aj. emma wouldnt do that to me...would you em?"

emma laughed,"no of course not. at least not right now."


"im kidding."

they finally got to the hotel and went in the back way so they could avoid the huge crowd at the front door. they got in the hotel and headed up to the floor that was reserved for them.

"hey it okay if emma stays in my room...?" nick asked.


nick blushed,"i just want her to..."

kevin shrugged,"yeah, i guess thats okay. at least this way we have a little supervision over you."


emma laughed and kissed him on the cheek,"be nice to him. he took care of me the whole time we were up in the air."

brian rolled his eyes,"big stinkin deal...i would have done it if he had let go of you for a second."

"yeah bri, i really feel safe letting emma be alone with you...girlfriend or no girlfriend."

the reached the floor and got out of the elevator. kevin gave them each their own set of room keys, made them promise to meet him by the elevator in two hours, and went into his own room.

"so what are you going to do until the fitting?" emma asked as nick unlocked the door and let them in.

"i think im just gonna have a nap. is that okay? i mean i dont want to leave you sitting here bored out of your mind..."

she nodded,"thats fine. im still a little tired myself."

"okay then we can ju..." his voice trailed off as he realized there was only one bed. a king size. "i totally forgot. im so sorry. i guess kevin just assumed i would want the same size bed i got last time. ill tell him to get you a seperate room."

"you dont have to do that, its okay. i dont mind. unless you do..."

he shook his head,"i just want you to be comfortable."

"im totally comfortable. now come on," she said as she pulled him over to the bed and laid down.

he smiled and laid next to her,"im glad you moved to florida and came on tour with us," he said pulling her into his arms.

she smiled and snuggled closer to him,"so am i."


emma woke up to the sound of the phone ringing in her ear and nicks heavy arm across her stomach. she managed to roll over and answer the phone,"yeah?" she mumbled.

"hey emma, its brian. i was just calling to make sure you two were awake. we gotta leave in five."

"oh, thanks. see you in a bit." she hung up the phone and shook nick gently,"carter we gotta go."

nick shot up in bed and looked around,"huh? what?"

emma laughed and got up,"we need to leave."

"oh okay. im just gonna change real quick." he took off his shirt, found another, and went into the bathroom.

emma put two of her cameras and some film in her camera bag and went out into the hall.

"hey em."

emma looked up and saw amanda coming out of one of the rooms holding tyke. she started laughing,"hey. why do you have the rat?"

she rolled her eyes,"him and brian had a fight so i got to take tyke."

" long do their fights usually last?"

she held up her hand,""

brian came out of the room, silently took tyke, and headed down to the elevators.

amanda rolled her eyes,"anyways, wheres blondie?"

"he was changing his shirt."

"are you feeling better?"

the rest of the guys finally came out of their rooms and emma nodded,"nick took really good care of me."

nick smiled and put his arm around her waist. he looked over at kevin,"hey kev. you should wear your gray tinted glasses with that sweater."

kevin raised an eyebrow as they all headed to the elevators,"i was planning to but since when do you give fashion advice?"

he shrugged,"just thought they would look nice."

kevin gave him a weird look as they got in the elevators and headed downstairs.


"i hope none of these costumes have leather pants..." nick mumbled as they walked into the studio where they would be having the fitting.

emma laughed,"i wouldnt mind seeing you in some leather pants."

"well in that case..."

aj made a gagging sound and glanced at howie,"they havent even been on a date yet and look at them...disgusting."

howie laughed,"leave them alone. i mean shes the girl hes been dreaming about."

aj rolled his eyes and amanda came over to the group followed by another girl,"guys this is faye. faye this is kevin, nick, aj, howie, brian, and emma."

"hi faye," they all said.

she laughed,"hi guys. um, okay. lets start with your opening number costumes."

she handed them each a box with the costumes for their first couple of songs,"put them on and we'll see how it works," she said pointing them in the direction of the dressing rooms.

"all these clothes..."aj mumbled as he followed the guys.

amanda rolled her eyes and went over to faye,"thanks for doing this last minute."

faye smiled,"no problem. ive wanted to work with them for a while."

"ooh look. a naked bri," emma said snapping a pic as brian came out in boxers and a wifebeater.

brian stuck his tongue out at her and handed faye the pants,"i think you gave me the wrong size."

"oh, sorry about that," she said handing him another pair.

brian thanked her and went back into his dressing room.

"so your their unoffical photographer?" faye asked emma.

emma nodded,"just got hired two days ago."

"how has it been working with them...?" faye asked cautiously.

emma laughed,"so far, all play and no work."

faye laughed,"thought so."

kevin, howie, and nick came out of the dressing rooms and over to them.

"well..."howie said.

faye looked up,"wow. okay, are you comfortable?" they nodded. "everything fit?" they nodded again. "okay can you get me those three jackets?" faye asked amanda.

"sure," amanda said going to get the three long navy blue jackets.

emma stood off to the side snapping pics of them.

"hey em, come here..."

emma went over to tnick,"yeah?"

"see that look kevin has on his face?" he asked quietly. she nodded,"he likes faye. he hasnt looked at a girl like that in a long time."

emma smiled and snapped a picture of kevin. amanda came back and handed each guy their coat.

faye put on her glasses, a pair of gray tinted wire rims similar to the non prescription pair kevin was wearing,"okay. kevin come here. i need to make sure the length is right."

kevin walked over,"nice glasses."

she blushed and straighted his jacket,"thanks."

emma raised an eyebrow and glanced at nick who was smiling slightly.

"ill tell you later," he said quietly.

Chapter 6b
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