Chapter 2

emma came out of the house in her bathing suit and brian whistled under his breath. amanda glanced at him and rolled her eyes,"down boy."

brian smirked and howled. she tried not to laugh and got up and went over to where emma and howie were talking. "em...wheres the rest of your bathing suit?"

emma looked down at her bathing suit. she was wearing a black two piece halter with matching board shorts,"this is it..."

"well go put something else on. youve got wolfie all hot and bothered," she said pointing to brian.

emma laughed,"awww hes cute."

both howie and amanda shook their heads,"dont encourage him."

"hey frack, did you see the girl?" brian asked.

"mandy? shes not a girl, shes mandy," nick said trying to push aj under the water.

"no, the other girl."

"theres another girl?"

"yeah, over there."


"there," brian said turning nicks head in the direction amanda, emma, and howie were standing.

nick looked at emma and his jaw dropped. it was her. the girl from his dreams. he opened and closed his mouth a couple of times trying to figure out what to say. aj glanced at him and started to laugh,"dude, you look like a fish."


"emma," brian finished just before aj pulled him under the water.

"no...thats...thats the girl..."

"very good fred. she girl, you boy. kevin ass. so you did learn something in history," aj said just as brian grabbed his leg and pulled him under the water.

"no i mean tha..." he realized there was no one around for him to talk to. he reached under the water and pulled up the first head he could find. "THATS the girl from my dream."

aj coughed and sputtered,"good now let go!!"

"yeah, your pulling on what few hairs he does have left," kevin said as he walked inside.

brian burst out laughing,"omg!! kevin made a joke!! and a good one!!"

aj pouted,"shut up both of you."

brian smiled sweetly and turned back to nick,"so dude, are you gonna talk to her or what?"

"huh? are you crazy? what am i going to say?"

"how about ' nick. if i was you i would stay as far away from me as possible cause, as everyone knows, im a major head case.'"

nick glanced at brian and smacked him in the head.

"what was the for?!"

"dont help me anymore. aj~~~"

"oh god no...keep me out of this," aj said starting to climbing out of the pool.

nick grabbed his leg and pulled him back in,"no aj. i know ive asked you for help with stuff before but...this is different...i mean...this girl...i dunno....its weird....i cant..."

"whoa...this is serious..."

nick sighed and nodded. "well...i mean...just go over there and say hi and whatever happens, happens."

"what if she laughs at me....?"

"nick, as much as i hate to admit this...especially to you, girls seem to think the fact that you get shy around them is really cute so i seriously doubt she'll laugh at you."

"...they do...?"

aj made a face and nodded. brian frowned,"come to think of it...leigh even said it was cute..."

nick smiled,"k, im gonna go talk to her..." he said and started to climb out of the pool.

"hey em! come in here, i want to show you something!" kevin yelled from inside.

emma walked into the doorway and looked around the massive house,"um...where are you...?"

kevin laughed and came over and grabbed her hand,"just come here," he said pulling her inside.

nick watched the two of them and frowned,"he likes her..."

brian and aj glanced at each,"no he doesnt. he just wants to show her something. probably his gun from world war two or something..." brian said trying to cheer nick up.

nick frowned and sat on the edge of the pool, staring down at his hands.

kevin and emma came back out and went to talk to howie and amanda. brian got out of the pool and sat down next to nick,"hey frack...they came back out."

nick shrugged, not looking up,"so?"

aj rolled his eyes,"so go talk to her stupid."

"but i dont know wh--"

aj and brian glanced at each other, pulled nick to his feet and pushed him towards emma.

"you gu...hi..."

emma looked up and smiled,"hi."

" nick..."

she smiled,"nice to meet you. im emma."

he nooded and looked up at her then back down. he did that about two more times before saying,"can i ask you something?"

she looked at him,"are you talking to me or your feet...?"

he cracked a smile and looked up. she smiled,"much better. what did you want to ask?"

" know this might sound like a pickup line...but...have we met before...?"

she thought for a minute,"i dont think so. im sure i would remember you."

he blushed and smiled," just looked familiar to me."

"stop harrassing my friend blondie,"amanda said.

"ignore her nick."

nick stuck his tongue out at amanda and sat next to emma. " long are you visiting for...?"

"well im not really visiting. im moving out here so right now im here for two days looking an apartment, then back to cali to get my stuff, then finally move everything back here."

he nodded," then you arent staying with aj and amanda?"

"just for these two days."

nick nodded, a small idea forming in the back of his mind.

Chapter 3
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