Chapter 11

"how do i get out to the press pit?" emma asked.

brian glanced at her,"why are you going down there?"

"well you guys are paying me to take pics..."

"candids and your nicks girlfriend so theres no way your going down to the pit. your allowed wherever you want."

"oh okay, well how do i get to the front?"

"ill get amanda to take you cause i think faye is fixing costumes. hold on," he said and disappeared into one of the rooms.

a few seconds later amanda came out of the room,"hey em. brian said you wanted to go out front."

emma nodded,"i want to get some pics of the fans."

"oh okay. well you'll need this," she said handing emma a special vip press pass.

emma put it around her neck with her other passes and picked up her camera,"k, lets go."

amanda led her through a long black tunnel out to the audience seats. emma took pics of the fans and their signs, as well as some with leighanne and amanda with the fans.

"hey! girl with the camera!"

emma turned around to face the fan that had called her,"yeah?"

"your nicks girlfriend from the hotel a few nights ago arent you?"

emma nodded. "omg! could you give nick something for me?!"

emma laughed,"sure but dont say it too loud cause i cant carry alot of stuff."

"omg! thank you!" she picked up a huge teddy bear and handed it over the railing to emma. "wait, my friend wants to give you something too."

"k, hold on. amanda hold this please," emma said handing her her camera.

amanda took the camera and looked at the bear,"pray brian doesnt see that..."

emma laughed and reached up to take the other gift.

"omg!!! its nick!!!!"

emma saw nick rushing towards her. "what is he doing...?" amanda mumbled.

emma went over to him,"whats wrong?"

"i had another dream,"he said shaking slightly.

"okay, come on," emma said. she took his hand and turned back to the girls,"ill come back later."

the girls nodded with slightly confused looks while every other girl was screaming at the top of her lungs that she had seen nick.

they went backstage to nicks dressing room. nick sat on the couch and emma sat beside him,"okay, what happened?"

he took a deep breath,"before i came her i was taking a nap and i had a dream that one of the lights fell from the rigging and dropped on ajs head."


"what if it happens em?"

"it wont. look, ill go talk to the crew and tell them to make sure all the lights in the rigging are secure okay?"

he nodded,"i dont want aj to end up in the hospital too..."

"he wont. ill be right back. you stay here while i talk to the crew k?"

he nodded and laid down on the couch. emma kissed him on the forehead and went to talk to one of the crew guys. she asked him to check all the rigging and make sure everything was secure.

she stood by and watched as the crew member climbed into the rigging. she went back over to the fan she had been talking to earlier.

"sorry about that. find one of his shirts," she lied.

"oh, well this is from my friend for him," she said handing emma a wrapped box. "she went to get a tshirt."

"okay, well ill make sure he gets this okay?"

"thank you so mu--"

she was interrupted by a loud crashing sound then "sorry!!" both girls jumped and turned around. one of the light cannons had come crashing down onto the stage.


"um...i...uh gotta get backstage," emma said. she hurried back to nicks dressing room and set the stuff from the fan down on the dressing table. she knelt next to him laying on the couch,"nick...?"

he opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling,"i heard it. i heard it crash on the stage."

"im sorry and i know you think this is your fault but i want you to look at it a different way."

he turned to look at her,"yeah?"

"if you hadnt had that dream, no one would have checked that rigging and someone would have definately gotten hurt."

"...thats true..."

"so PLEASE dont think you dreamt that because aj was gonna get hurt okay?"

he sat up and hugged her tightly,"thanks em. i dont know what i would do if you werent here."

she smiled and hugged him back,"i do."

"oh really?"

she nodded,"you would go crazy."

he laughed and shook his head,"ive already gone crazy dealing with aj and brian for six years. your making it easier to deal with though. thanks."

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