Chapter 10

"so where are we going?" emma asked as the limo left the hotel.

"if I told you, that would ruin the surprise."

"can I have a hint? just a tiny one..."

he laughed, "um...there will be a boat involved."

"a boat?" he nodded. "hmm...okay..."

he laughed and put his arm around her. "you ready? first show is tomorrow."

"me? im fine. what about you? nervous at all?"

"well im not right now. but I probably will be all day tomorrow."

"it probably wont help having me there, in your face taking pics."

he thought for a minute, "actually, it will probably make me feel more relaxed. I mean, none of my other girlfriends that came on tour, ever came to the shows and the fans never really liked them."

"do you think the fans will like me...?" she asked anxiously.

"after what you and amanda did for them last night, I dont think that will be a problem."

"it was really nice of you guys to go down and talk to them. you could tell it made them really happy."

he smiled, "then im glad we did it." the limo stopped and he glanced out the window, "were here."


the driver came out and opened the door for them. nick got out and helped emma out, "here is the pi--"

"pinacoteca di brera.." she finished, looking up at the building in awe.

nick looked at her in surprise, "how did you know what it was called?"

she glanced at him and smiled, "its an art gallery mr. carter. my major was photography...almost every photography student takes an--"

" class," he finished.

she laughed, "exactly. we studied about this gallery in class. I never actually thought I would go here though. wow..."

nick smiled and offered her his arm, "well, what do you say we go in and check out the paintings?"

she smiled and took his arm, "and hes a gentleman mom would be proud."

nick laughed as he led her into the gallery.


"so did you have a good time?" nick asked as they left the gallery.

she smiled and nodded, "thank you."

he took her hand as they walked past the limo. "wait nick, where are we going?"

"remember I told you there was a boat involved?" she nodded. "well thats where were going."


they walked in silence for a few minutes, "emma?"


"your sure your okay with me having these dreams? I mean, if you thought I was weird I would TOTALLY understand."

"no nick, I told you I was fine with them and I meant what I said."

he nodded and she kissed him on the cheek, "I wouldnt lie to you."

he smiled, "k...good."

they walked for a few more minutes when nick suddenly stopped, "k, were almost there so close your eyes."

"how will I know where to go?"

"ill help you."

"...okay..." she put her hands over her eyes and nick put his hands on her waist and pushed her forward and few more feet. ""

emma moved her hands, "what am I..." her eyes widened. "omg!" she looked down at the water then back up at him, "are you serious? a gondola ride?!"

he smiled and nodded. she threw her arms around him, "I love it!"

he laughed, "wait until we go on the actual ride."

"oh yeah," she let go of him and stepped into the boat with his help. he stepped in after her and sat next to her. he nodded to the gondolier and they took off slowly.

he put his arm around her, "its pretty out here huh?"

she nodded and snuggled up against him, "I would like to vacation out here sometime. I mean, while im not working."

he laughed, "so would I. I love the guys but..."

they went down the river a little more and nick sat up slightly, "hey emma. see that bridge?"

she looked up. "the one over there?" she asked pointing to a bridge a few feet ahead of them.

he nodded, "well I heard somewhere that when you go under the bridge, your supposed to kiss the person your with(i think thats it....). its good luck for you relationship." he looked up at the gondolier, "right?"

he smiled and nodded,"si."

he smiled proudly and looked at emma who was looking up at him with a smile. "what...?"

she laughed a little, "was that a hint...?"

"depends...did it work?"

she leaned forward and kissed him lightly, "what do you think?"

he smiled and nodded, "it worked."

she smiled and rested back against him. he smiled and pulled her a little closer, "maybe those dreams arent such a bad thing. I mean, in a way, it brought you to me."

she blushed and nodded, "I told you they werent all bad..."

he smiled and leaned down to kiss her as they passed under the bridge. after they had passed she looked up at him, a little surprised at how sudden he had kissed her.

he blushed, "im sorry..i didnt mean..."

"no, its okay. I was just a little surprised."

"you know...i came here once before with the guys...a few years back. made this same trip with them..." he laughed slightly, "somehow, it just seems better this time around."

"I wonder why..." she said laughing before she leaned forward and kissed him softly.

Chapter 11
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