chapter 9

"i can't believe this is all happening. just a week ago, we met and became friends with the backstreet boys, and now we're going on tour with them," said faye as she finished packing her suitcases.

"never in a million years did i think i was going to be one of their dancers. thank goodness i was able to pick up the choreography in a week! and what about you! you get to be the tour manager's assistant! how lucky are we?" laughed chan as she dragged her three suitcases into the living room. faye and chan were spending the whole night trying to get their stuff together. the guys were going back on tour and they were leaving at 4 in the morning the next day for the guys' next concert in las vegas.

"we're going to be on the road for the next 3," breathed chan. "i wonder what it's going to be like?"

"my guess is chaotic considering it's the backstreet boys," laughed faye and she pelted chan with her pillow. --one month into the tour--

"so what's the deal with you and nick?" asked theresa, another one of the dancers as she and chan got dressed for the concert.

"what are you talking about, theresa?" answered chan as she gave her a sly smile. "we're just friends- nothing more, nothing less."

"yeah right, chan, and AJ isn't a tatooed freak," laughed theresa . "don't worry, i'll find out the whole story." she winked at chan as she left for the make-up room.

faye walked in all frazzled and collapsed on the sofa. "what did i get myself into?" she whined to chan.

"oh no, what's wrong?" chan asked, laughing at her friend.

"okay, nick and aj may be all cute and lovable when you look at them, but they are the pickiest bunch of brats on the face of the earth," grumbled faye.

"what did they do this time?" asked chan still laughing.

"aj and nick were complaining about their food in the dressing room again. you know how kevin doesn't want them to eat any junk before a show. but those 2 were being so insistent and asking so cutely , besides i was getting annoyed with them. so i snuck some of the bands candy for them and tommy caught me. him and mindi tickled me 'til i couldn't breathe! and as if that wasn't bad enough, aj and nick got me good too, those little traitors! my sides still hurt," groaned faye.

"oh lord. you are too nice faye. you let those 2 get the better of you," laughed chan as she finished doing her hair.

"i don't mind! i love my job! this has been the best month in my life"

"girl you have issues," laughed chan. "well, i gotta go now, the shows about to start. i'll see you in a bit," she called back as she ran out of the room towards the stage.

"faye, we need you out at the stage!" yelled one of the stage crew.

"sigh, i guess there's no rest for the weary," laughed faye as she ran out of the room.

Chapter 10