Chapter 8

"i can't believe randy quit!" said brian at the meeting the next morning. "whose dave gonna get to be his assistant now?"

"i don't know. it's too late in the tour to interview anyone," answered howie. "dave's gonna be so swamped now."

"maybe not," said kevin. "faye's a production assistant over at MTV. maybe she'd like the job."

"you don't think she'd mind leaving?" asked howie.

"well, she was saying to me the other day that she wanted to find another job. her boss is a total jerk or something. i'll give her a call and find out." kevin left the room to use the phone and call faye.

Nick ran into the room with AJ right behind him. "you guys won't believe what just happened!" said nick.

"what's going on," asked brian.

"fatima just fired kristin," said aj.

"what! how come?" exclaimed howie.

"kristin wasn't getting the choreography. fatima accused her of spending too much time flirting with the guy dancers than learning the choreography. kristin told fatima to f*** off, and that was the end of it," explained aj

"whoa," said brian. "what's gonna happen now? we have 5 days until we go back on tour. where are we going to find another dancer in such short a time?"

"fatima said her friend knows somebody who'll be a great replacement. she's calling her right now," answered nick. "let's just hope she can come on tour with us and that she can learn the choreography really fast!"

kevin came back into the room smiling. "faye says that she wants the job. looks like she's coming on tour with us! oh! and get this! apparently chan will be joining us on tour as well!"

"what! how!?" exclaimed nick.

"faye said that chan got a call from fatima asking her if she wanted to fill in as one of the dancers. now can somebody please tell me what happened? who got booted?"

"kristin did," howie informed kevin. he told kevin about the whole situation.

"well, i guess faye and chan are gonna be joining our little family now," laughed aj and he gave kevin and nick a wink before he walked out of the room.

"how are kevin and nick going to get any work done while those 2 are on tour with us?" joked brian to howie as they followed aj out.

"they won't. they're gonna be the same way you and aj were when joann and jamie came on tour with us," answered howie shaking his head. "it's going to be total chaos."

Chapter 9