Chapter 7

The limo pulled up into the driveway of a huge mansion in malibu. there were other limos and cars pulling in too, and many celebrities were stepping out and heading towards the house.

"dinner was excellent!" exclaimed christina as she pulled out a compact and touched up her make up.

"yeah, but i'm so full!" moaned AJ as he took of his jacket.

"i told you not to eat 2 plates of pasta," laughed jamie, and she patted aj's stomach.

everyone started laughing. dinner was surprisingly peaceful for the group. the owner had made sure that the boys and their guest weren't disturbed during their meal.

the driver of the limo opened the door and everyone stepped out. they headed to the front door where they were greeted by brandy. brandy's trademark braids were in an elaborate updo, and she wore a spectacular dress of silver satin. as soon as she saw the boys, she let out a little scream and rushed over to them.

"heeey! it's ma boys!" she gave them all a warm hug and kissed them on the cheeks. "you guys look great! just as cute as when we first met and went on tour."

"brandy, girl, you are looking mighty fine yourself," drawled AJ as he and brandy hugged.

"of course! don't i always, " she joked and everyone laughed.

the boys introduced christina, jamie, faye and chan to brandy, and brandy ushered them inside her house to join the party. the group made their way inside and headed to the backyard where a huge tent had been set up. there were millions of lights strewn around the backyard giving it an enchanting glow. a dj was mixing up some music on a platform that had been set up over the pool. people were already grooving to the music. the party was kickin' and everyone was having a good time.

christina and brian, and jamie and aj immediately headed for the dance floor. kevin, howie, nick, faye and chan headed over to some tables and chairs that had been set up by the pool. they sat down and a waiter brought them some drinks. they had started a small conversation when brandy walked over to the table.

"nuh uh! you guys aren't gonna be sitting down at my party. i wanna see your booties shaking out on the dance floor." she stared dancing and howie stood up to join her.

"let's go miss brandy," he said, and the two of them headed to the dance floor.

"feel like dancing," nick asked chan.

"let's go!" she answered and the two of them got up and headed to the floor.

"okay, now we're the only ones left sitting here," laughed faye as she threw a grape at kevin.

kevin wasn't expecting it, and the grape bounced off his forehead.

"now you have to go dance with me to make up for attacking me," he laughed as he pulled faye onto her feet.

"but i really can't dance," she whined as kevin dragged her to the dance floor.

"it's okay. neither can nick." and he pointed over to where nick and chan were dancing. chan was doubled over, laughing as nick was doing the running man.

"i guess if he can make a fool out of himself, i can too," laughed faye. faye started dancing and kevin took a step back.

"i don't know what you were complaining about, girl, but you can really dance!"

faye and kevin joined brian, christina, jamie, aj, howie, brandy, nick and chan in a huge group in the middle of the dance floor. they were having fun just dancing in a big group and joking around. when a slow song came on, they all coupled off. kevin asked faye to dance, and she apprehensively said yes and took his hand. brandy, who knew that howie had a crush on one of her dancers, went and got the girl and had howie dance with her. the two were blushing as they slow danced and talked.

"aw, don't howie and clarissa look cute together," said kevin as he directed faye's attention to the couple.

" i think it's a match," said faye as she saw clarissa give howie a kiss on the cheek. "oh how cute!"

kevin laughed and spun faye around on the dance floor.

"he really is cute," thought faye to herself. "but i better not get attached."

kevin looked down at faye and smiled. "i wonder if she likes me," thought kevin.

"a penny for your thoughts," kevin asked faye.

faye smiled up at him sweetly. "i was just wondering why you're not as smooth a dancer when you're onstage as you are on the dance floor."

"ha ha, faye, very funny. well, i was a dance instructor before i was a backstreet boy so i guess ballroom dancing is my strong point." laughed kevin.

"either way, you look really good," answered faye.

they both looked at each other and smiled.

"beep beep! coming through!" said nick as he and chan danced between faye and kevin.

faye shot nick an evil look. when he saw her expression, he started laughing. nick turned to chan and pretended to look scared. "uh oh! i think i was a bad boy," he said in a little boy voice.

"i think so too," answered chan, laughing.

Kevin took faye by the hand and laughed. "don't mind her. she's just mad because i'm a better dancer than her."

"yeah, whatever kev," laughed nick as he patted kevin on the shoulders. "let's go join the others you guys. we need to party harty tonight!"

"nick, you are so corny," said faye as they all headed back to the table where the others were.

the group danced and partied all night. at one point, the guys even gave a mini concert on the karaoke machine that had been set up. Nick sang the NKOTB's "hangin' tough" and everyone laughed when he tried to do the dance. Brian and Howie did the brandy and monica duet "the boy is mine" and everyone cracked up at their acting to go with the song. AJ and Kevin did "unchained melody" and had every girl at the party falling madly in love with them.

at around 3 in the morning, the group decided to go. when they arrived back at the hotel, faye and chan said goodbye to the guys, christina and jamie. the boys had a meeting and a last minute rehearsal at 10, but they all decided to do something in the afternoon when they were all done. kevin gave faye a hug, and nick gave one to chan before they left.

"can't wait to see you tomorrow," kevin whispered into faye's ear. faye blushed and gave kevin a kiss on the cheek. the two girls said bye and walked to the parking lot. they got into faye's car and drove home screaming with excitement all the way.

Chapter 8