Chapter 6

At about 5:30, both girls were ready. Chan had done up her hair in a french twist with curls at the top. She wore a black beaded necklace with her dress and had a black purse that matched her dress perfectly, right down to the black embroidery. Faye wore her hair down, but had curled the ends under. She wore her blue dress, a silver beaded necklace and had a matte silver purse to match. They got into faye's car and drove to the guys' hotel. Security was tight, and they asked for faye and chan's names at the main door. After being let in, a security guard escorted them into the elevator and up to the top floor. When they stepped out of the elevator, they were greeted by an amazing view from the window across the hall.

"could you ladies wait here please," asked the guard. "I'll see if the boys are decent." He gave them a wink and opened the door to the room.

All faye and chan could do was laugh at the thought of the guys "not decent".

About five minutes later, the guard came back out and told them they could go in. faye and chan walked through the door and into the living room. There was a small kitchen in the back, a baby grand piano by the huge bay window, and plush black velvet furniture in the main area. A guy dressed in a blue button down shirt, and a black suit was sitting on one of the couches. He had a little dog in his lap who he looked to be having a conversation with. When he looked up, he started to blush when he saw that faye and chan were watching.

"well, I guess I got caught," he laughed. He stood up, extended his hand out for handshakes and introduced himself. "I'm Brian. You must be faye and chan. Kev, AJ and Nick told me and howie about you two." He motioned for them to take a seat as he sat back down on the couch. "the others aren't ready yet. You know how those boys are." He gave them a silly grin, and faye and chan busted up laughing.

"what are you doing to those poor girls," asked a female voice. A tall blonde, walked out of one of the bedrooms. She was wearing a long black dress. She came over to where they were sitting and sat down next to brian. She looked over at chan and faye and gave them a warm smile. "hi! You must be faye and chan. It's nice to meet you. I'm brian's girlfriend, christina!" she shook their hands and then turned to brian. "You know you're supposed to be on your best behavior tonight" she scolded him

"yeah, I know. Just trying to liven things up." He gave her an evil grin "Hey you guys! Are you ready yet? Faye and chan are here and we're waiting for your late butts!" yelled brian towards one of the bedrooms.

"coming!" they heard nick yell back. In a few minutes, the rest of the guys came out and joined them. Howie came out in a white suit and black shirt. His hair was pulled loosely in his trademark ponytail. Nick was wearing a dark gray suit and a white t-shirt. He had his hair combed back, and he was wearing glasses. Kevin wore a black, tight sweater and dark gray pants and jacket. When AJ finally came out of the bedroom, everyone started snickering.

"what?" he asked trying to hide a smile. AJ was wearing a black cowboy hat, a white sleeveless shirt, and a pair of pants that had a zebra pattern. " I think they look cool," he said in defense as he put on a jacket that had on the same pattern. No one could hold it in any longer, and they all started to laugh.

"Are we waiting for jamie, AJ?" asked nick when he was finally able to contain himself. He turned to chan and faye. "jamie is AJ's girlfriend," he explained.

"No, she said she was going to meet us at the restaurant," said AJ. They all got up and started to head out.

Faye found herself walking next to kevin as they walked down the hall towards the elevator. "you look really nice. it looks like something i would have picked out for you," he said jokingly.

"you look nice too, " she answered and started to laugh as she remembered her conversation with chan earlier.

"what?" kevin asked with a questioning look.

"it's nothing. just keep walking," answered faye and she gave him a playful shove.

As soon as chan and nick stepped through the door, he offered her his arm. She took it and they walked down the hall after the others. " I really like that dress on you," nick said. Chan smiled and repaid the compliment. "you're looking pretty good yourself, mr. carter."

They both laughed and stepped into the elevator with the others.

When the elevator finally stopped and they stepped into the lobby, they were met with flashes and cameras clicking. Fans were trying their hardest to get close to the boys. The media was firing question after question to the boys. The guys tried their best to get to everyone. After 10 minutes, they finally managed to make it into the front driveway where a black limo was waiting for them. They all piled in and headed off to the restaurant.

"wow. I didn't know your lives were THAT hectic," said faye

"yeah. And we do it everyday," laughed kevin.

"but we love it!" said AJ enthusiastically, and everyone started to laugh.

the evening of fun and excitement was just beginning for everyone.

Chapter 7