Chapter 4

chan had been standing off to the side during the whole accident. she had been staring at the guy that faye had ran into, and his 2 friends that were standing behind him. she couldn't believe her eyes!

faye's jaw dropped as she finally realized who she was standing face to face with.

"if i didn't know any better, i would think you were following me," laughed the dark haired hottie as he gave her a warm smile.

"i can't believe i'm standing face to face with kevin richardson" thought faye as she tried to remain calm.

"maybe we should introduce ourselves if we are gonna keep running into each other like this," kevin said as he extended his hand to her for a handshake. "i'm kevin , and these are my friends nick and aj." he pointed over to the 2 guys who were standing behind him. they both smiled, gave her a small wave and said hi.

"um, oh my gosh. i'm really sorry for running into you. um, i'm faye, and, um, this is my friend chan," stammered faye as she dragged chan over to her. chan just stood there with her eyes wide. faye gave her a little kick.

"yeah, um, hi," giggled chan. chan didn't know why, but she had this incredible urge to start giggling.

"oh hey! you were that girl i ran into at urban outfitters, right?" asked nick. he had wanted to talk to her when they were in the store, but she had run off and kevin and aj wanted to go to another store. he stood there and smiled at her, waiting for her to reply.

"yeah. sorry about running into you!" chan giggled.

"it's okay," nick blushed. "actually, i didn't mind." nick became even redder, and chan started blushing too.

"okay you two, quit flirting," laughed kevin. "hey faye and chan. um, i know we just met and all, but would you like to hang out? we were about to go to j.crew. wanna join us?"

"oh heck yeah!" said faye. "i love that store."

"hey aj, do you think you could tear yourself away from those sunglasses and join the human race," joked nick. aj had been so engrossed with the cart selling sunglasses that he didn't even notice the other 4 walking off.

"yo, those were some sweet shades back there. i got me 2 new pairs!" said aj. he pulled them out and showed them to the others. one pair were these huge bug-eyed looking sunglasses, and the other pair were silver framed and green tinted.

"so what are you guys doing here anyways?" asked chan rather bluntly.. she was walking next to nick ahead of the other 3. When she realized how she sounded, she started to blush.

"we got some promotional stuff to do for the new tour, and we're doing a couple of talk shows," laughed aj when he saw chan blush.

"yeah, we're also taking a break for a week before we go back on tour. we wanted to hang out in LA, do some sightseeing, and nick wanted to visit his family," said kevin as he offered to take some of faye's shopping bags. she looked at him gratefully and they both started to laugh.

"where are brian and howie?" asked faye

"they're somewhere around here, shopping and whatever," answered nick. "we're gonna meet up with them around 7 for dinner. hey! do you guys wanna come?" he asked faye and chan.

faye and chan gave each other an excited look, and in unison said "yes!"

"okay, cool. after we finish up shopping, we gotta head over to our management's office. so why don't you guys just meet us at our hotel, and we'll all go together," aj said.

"alright, that will give us time to change and get ready," said faye excitedly.

they headed into j. crew and split up to do some serious shopping. faye, nick and kevin went to the back to check out some shirts. chan went up the stairs to look around in the women's section while AJ went to go look for some khaki cargo pants.

"we're gonna be hitting brandy's party after dinner, so you guys can tag along if you want," said aj to faye and chan when they finally left the store an hour later.

"brandy? As in, 'have you ever' brandy?" asked chan.

"yeah, that brandy," laughed aj

"oh! Then we'll definitly be there," said chan

"cool, we'll have a lot of fun!" said nick as he smiled down at chan. they both smiled at each other, and faye kevin and aj started laughing at the two of them.

faye, kevin, and AJ had got along great in the store. they asked her for clothing advice and she helped them decide what looked good on them. she felt like she had known them for a long time, especially kevin. they had got to talking while waiting for the others to finish their shopping, and she felt so comfortable around him. she wondered if he felt the same.

faye was starting to feel a little mischievous and she decided to joke around with kevin. she wanted to get him back for scaring her back at j. crew. faye had gone upstairs to get chan when they were about to leave. when she was coming back down, kevin., who had been hiding under the stairs, grabbed her ankle and yelled boo! she had screamed and everyone in the store turned and stared at her, then started laughing. she had laughed too, but now she wanted to get kevin back.

she slowed down her pace so that she ended up walking behind him and AJ. kevin was in the middle of telling aj about some routine with the show, and he was making a lot of hand gestures at the same time. faye started mimicking him and adding silly faces with the hand gestures. she stared walking in sync behind him too, but she was doing a silly walk instead. nick and chan, who were walking behind her, started laughing. other people who walked passed her and saw what she was doing started to laugh too. aj saw her out of the corner of his eye and started snickering. kevin turned around with a confused look on his face to see what all the commotion was about. when he saw what faye was doing, he started to laugh too and gave faye a goofy smile.

"very funny faye. we've only know each other for a few hours and already you're making fun of me," kevin laughed.

"had to get you back for that joke you played on me at the store," she said and she smiled at him sweetly.

"alright. i'll buy you an ice cream to say sorry," kevin said and he led the others into an old fashioned ice cream parlor where they sat and ate for an hour, having a great time.

after hitting a few more stores, and helping each other pick out clothes, faye and chan headed towards faye's car to go back to their apartment, and the 3 guys went to look for howie and brian. they decided to meet at the guys' hotel at 6.

when faye and chan finally got into the car, they both started screaming and giggling.

"i can't believe we met kevin, nick and aj!" shrieked faye

"i can't believe we are hanging with them tonight," giggled chan.

"this isn't happening, is it? we are actually going to be kickin' it with kevin, howie, brian, aj and nick. this is all too trippy! we must be dreaming!"

"you know what! i'm glad we didn't start screaming when we met them. they would have totally thought we were teeny boppers or something!" laughed chan.

"oh totally! but you know what? i don't feel all star struck with them anymore. they are just normal guys after you get to know them! they are so much fun to hang around with! "said faye.

"really? whoa. i wonder how that feels? lol i don't know about you, but i still have a crush on nick! he looked soooo hott!" laughed chan. "hey! what time is it?"

"it's 4:30. why?"

"oh my gosh! let's go! we need to get ready for tonight!" shrieked chan

"will you calm down! we don't need to impress them," laughed faye.

"forget that! i want to look good for nick tonight! Oh my gosh! What am I going to wear!?" said chan, and they both busted up laughing as faye started the car.

Chapter 5