Chapter 3

after lunch at johnny rockets, faye and chan walked to urban outfitters, faye's favorite store, for some more shopping.

faye headed over to look at the shoes while chan went to look at the necklaces and hats on the opposite side of the store.

"oh! excuse me. i'm really sorry!" chan said to the guy she accidentally ran into.

"it's okay. no damage done," said the tall blonde as he gave her a cute smile.

chan gasped and stared at the guy. then she turned and ran over towards faye.

"oh my gosh! you won't believe this! nick carter is here, in the store, over there, oh my gosh!" chan gasped.

faye gave her an exasperated look.

"sure chan. and that was really kevin at anthology. you can quit teasing me now. i get the hint."

"no really! it's nick over there by the hats!" chan said as she whirled faye around in that direction.

faye looked over at the hats. there was no tall blonde nick carter. not even a guy resembling nick. instead, there was only some ugly, balding fat man.

"chan, okay, your joke isn't funny anymore. i don't see nick carter over there.

"where the heck did he go!"

"chan, i think you were dreaming. we both got it bad," faye laughed.

faye picked up a couple of clothes that she had laid aside, and headed towards the cash register. when faye had finished paying, they both walked out of the store and stood out on the sidewalk, deciding which store to hit next.

"faye, i really don't think i was seeing things. it was really nick carter. i could tell by the smile he gave me!"

"chan, we really need to stop doing this to ourselves. we won't be able to live normal lives if we keep doing this!" laughed faye. "there is no chance in hell we will ever meet the backstreet boys!"

just as she said this, she whirled around to head up the street. instead, she ran smack into a buff shoulder.

"oh damn, are you alright?"

faye, who was sprawled on the ground, looked up to see a pair of green eyes looking down at her with a worried look.

"i'm fine, just extremely embarrassed right now." groaned faye as she tried to stand up. the guy standing over her offered her a hand and helped her up. he couldn't help but smile at the site of her. she was really cute all flustered, with her bandana falling down over one eye, and her sunglasses hanging off her nose.

after she tidied herself up and picked up her shopping bags, did faye finally get a good look at the guy she had ran into.

Chapter 4