Chapter 2

after finding a parking space, chan and faye made their way up the promenade towards anthology. as soon as they stepped through the door, each girl took off in a different direction. they may have the same outgoing personalities, but their tastes in clothes were totally different. chan headed up the stairs where the more chic and trendy clothes were kept. even today, her outfit was very trendy. she had on a tank that looked like it was made out of a blue bandana, and a black skirt that had an eyelet trim at the bottom. she wore black strappy platforms, and she had her burgandy hair done up in twists and curls, held by black and blue butterfly clips.

faye headed towards the back of the store where they kept the sunglasses and hats. faye was more into the casual and conservative look. she was wearing khaki clam diggers, a tight white muscle t-shirt, white sneakers, and a blue bandana holding back her thick, shoulder length, dark brown hair. she picked up a pair of rose colored sunglasses with silver frames.

"oh, these are phat," she said to herself as she tried them on.

"those are death," said a deep voice from behind her.

faye jumped as she turned around to see who the voice was. standing in front of her was a tall, dark haired man with a dark blue fisherman's hat pulled down really low.

faye couldn't help but stare at the godly specimen in front of her. he was wearing drawstring khakis, a white wife beater, black slides and he was carrying a GAP messenger bag. she really couldn't see his face because of the gosh darn hat (!) and a pair of dark Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses.

"uh, thanks," faye blushed as she realized that she had been open-mouth staring at the guy.

"yeah, i have a pair of those too, and i like them a lot. you should buy them, they look good on you," he said as he turned and headed out the door.

"i will, thanks!" she called out to him as she stood there staring at him until he turned the corner and out of sight.

"who was that?" asked chan as she walked up next to faye. she had been successful in finding her skirt, and a bunch of other clothes. now she stood there next to faye, holding 3 shopping bags.

"i have no idea, but he looked familiar. damn! he was hott!" gushed faye as she headed towards the cash register with the sunglasses.

"whoever he was, or whoever you might think he is, you should have gone after him!" laughed chan as she gave her friend a silly grin.

"oh my gosh chan! you know who he reminded me of? you should have heard his voice...and damn! his body was hott! i swear, boy be lookin' like kevin richardson from the backstreet boys" said faye as they walked out of the store.

"get real faye! like that would ever happen! why would kevin richardson, let alone a backstreet boy, be here in santa monica? the day you meet kevin richardson is the day i meet nick carter," laughed chan.

"you never know! they could be in LA for vacation, or promotion stuff. i do work at MTV, i should know this kinda stuff, huh?" laughed faye.

"i think our obsession with the guys is taking over our minds," laughed chan. "every guy we see, we swear they're a backstreet boy!"

"oh yeah! remember howie at the music store!" faye said.

"what about aj at the car wash!"

"and who could forget brian at the GAP?"

"oh lord. we've got it bad," chan laughed.

"oh well. it's all good. let's go get something to eat, i'm hungry," said faye.

."you're always hungry," laughed chan as they headed up the promenade.

Chapter 3