chapter 15

"okay everyone! we have another special serenade to do!" said faye as she took the microphone. "my three best friends, jamie chan and joann, are going to be serenaded by their boyfriends in the group, aj, nick and brian."

"what's going on?" jamie asked the other two. chan and joann just shrugged with confused looks on their faces.

"chan was probably too busy with her little plan to remember that it's her 2 month anniversary with nick," faye continued. nick looked down at chan, pointed at her and started laughing. chan stuck her tounge out at him and started laughing. "it's also 4 months ago that jamie and aj, and joann and brian got together. but those two were probably too busy helping out chan to remember their anniversaries too!" jamie and joann looked at chan and the three of them started laughing. aj was looking down at jamie, giving her that nanny-nanny-boo-boo gesture and brian was giving joann a silly grin. "well, for an anniversary gift, the guys are going to sing the girls' favorite songs for them."

faye walked off the stage and music started to play. nick stood up, walked to the front of the stage and started singing.

"oh my gosh! he's singing 'open arms!'" cried chan. "that song was playing at the restaurant when he asked me to be his girlfriend!" chan looked up at nick adoringly and didn't take her eyes off of him until he was done. when nick finished singing, he came down the stairs and held out his hand to chan. in it was a beautiful white orchid lei. he placed it around her neck and gave her a kiss. "happy anniversary" he told her.

nick walked back onstage just as aj's solo was about to start. kevin started out with the talking part of the song, then the familiar music started to play. "i'll never break your heart!" screamed jamie. she sat in her seat and stared up at aj. she started singing the song along with him, with tears falling down her face. when aj was done, he walked down the stairs and over to jamie. he gave her a kiss, and place a delicate, purple orchid lei around her neck. "i love you, babe," he said. he headed back to the stage as brian took his place in the middle.

"like a flower to a tree..." started brian.

"just to be close!" said joann. " he sang that to me on our first date!" brian and the other guys were standing in the middle of the stage in front of joann. brian looked down at joann the entire time. when he was done he came down the stairs and gave her a beautiful, light yellow lei. "happy anniversary, joann," said brian as he gave joann a kiss.

brian joined the guys back onstage, and aj took the microphone.

"alright, it's time to pick things up! here we go faye! happy birthday! we wanna see our gals on the dance floor shaking those booties!" aj laughed.

some upbeat music started blasting and the guys started performing "that's the way i like it!"

the girls screamed like teeny boppers and rushed to the dance floor. when the guys' finished, they started to sing "as long as you love me" and had everyone at the party singing along with them. they ended with "i want it that way" before they stopped for a break. the dj that they had hired took over and started playing some slow songs and there were people dancing on the dance floor.

the group paired off, and howie was dancing with jen.

faye smiled up at kevin while they danced. "thanks for making this the best birthday ever." she said as she gave him a hug.

"it's not over yet." he laughed as he pulled a black velvet box from his pocket. he opened the box and inside was a small heart necklace with a pearl in the middle. "happy birthday" he said as he placed it around her neck and fastened it. "thank you, kev," she said and a tear fell down her cheek. kevin hugged her tight as they kept dancing.

"you were looking pretty cute up there, mr. carter" chan said with a smile.

"were you surprised?" he laughed as he twirled her around.

"very," she laughed.

"how about you?" aj asked jamie. "were you surprised too?"

"oh my gosh, yes!" she laughed. " i was so shocked, i couldn't move."

aj laughed and gave jamie a hug.

joann sniffed her lei and looked up at brian. "this is really pretty. what made you think of getting us these?" she asked brian.

"faye kinda helped out in that department," he said laughing.

"i'm glad everything is back to normal," joann said as she gave brian a hug and they looked over at faye and kevin.

"yeah. dang, we're a happy bunch!" brian and joann looked at each other and busted up laughing.

at around 11, jen, chan, jamie and joann disapperead into the house. the boy's were trying to keep faye distracted while the girls brought out faye's birthday cake. ten minutes later...

"happy birthday to you..." everyone at the party started singing. faye turned towards the house and started laughing as the girls brought the cake out. when everyone finished singing, faye blew out the candles.

"did you make a wish?" kevin asked

faye smiled. "it already came true." (okay, i know it's corny, but i couldn't think of anything else! -LOL)

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