chapter 14

"faye get your butt in here!" whispered aj when he saw faye step out of the girls' hotel room. he had been waiting impatiently at the door for her to come out.

"sorry, sorry. i'm coming," she said as she rushed to the guys' room. she stopped short at the doorway.

"don't worry, he's not in there," aj assured her. faye sighed and walked in. nick and brain were sitting on the couch and had been playing play station but they turned it off when faye walked in.

"did you get the leis and set it up?" asked nick anxiously.

"yes, i did. don't worry about it. the girls don't even know a thing," laughed faye.

"good," said brian. "we want to surprise the heck out of them!"

" i think it's really sweet that you're doing this," said faye as she sat down in one of the chairs.

"well, you know us," said aj

"yeah, i do, and you should be glad that i helped you or it would have been a disaster," faye said as she punched him playfully on the shoulder.

"yeah, faye, thanks! you're the, group hug!" brian exclaimed, and the three guys gave faye a big hug. just then, kevin walked into the room.

"uh, i better go now, you guys," said faye as she stood up quickly. she avoided looking at kevin. she hadn't seen him the whole day and she suspected that he had been with mikki. "i'm gonna go get ready now. we'll meet you guys in an hour in the hallway." she headed for the door and was about to leave when kevin walked up to her.

"happy birthday, faye" he said softly.

"thanks kevin." she gave him a small smile and then left.

"so, kevin. where have you been?" asked nick nonchalantly.

"out," said kevin with a sly smile.

"is it over with mikki?" asked aj.


"did you get faye a gift?" asked brian.

"of course"

"what's with you?" laughed aj

"i have something planned for faye tonight, and i need your help," he told the guys.

"well lay it on us! of course we'll help" laughed nick.

kevin laughed and told them his plans.

"aw, kevy! you're such a sweetie!," said aj as he pinched kevin's cheek.

"let's just hope that faye thinks so too," laughed brian. ---------------------------------

"are you ready yet, faye?" asked chan. "it's gonna look kinda bad if you're late to your own party."

"ha ha, very funny chan. i'm almost done," called faye from the bathroom. she was looking at herself in the mirrir. "well, you're gonna have to talk to him sooner or later" she thought to herself. faye sighed, checked her reflection one last time and stepped out of the bathroom. "well, how do i look?" she asked the other girls.

"whoa, faye! that dress is really nice on you!" said jamie.

faye had on the dress she found at the mall. it was a dark blue satin dress with spaghetti straps and a black lace overlay. she wore black strappy platforms, and had her hair done up with curls. aj had helped her earlier to put blue streaks in her hair that matched the dress perfectly. faye also wore a black beaded necklace and bracelet that she had found at the mall too.

"thanks. wow! you guys look awesome too! you're gonna blow the guys away!"

chan, who was waiting on the couch, was wearing a dark green slip dress. she had pulled back her hair with silver butterfly clips and she was wearing black platforms. "carter's favorite color," laughed faye. chan gave her an annoyed look, but then started laughing. "well, look at jamie's outfit," chan retorted.

faye looked at jamie and laughed. jamie had on a black leather miniskirt with a slit, and a zebra print leather top. she also wore high black boots and her hair was loosely curled. "okay, jamie, you know you're gonna get aj all excited by wearing all that leather!" laughed faye.

"i know," said jamie and she gave them a sly grin. faye, joann and chan busted up laughing.

"aw, joann! you look so nice!" exclaimed faye. joann had on a long black skirt with a slit on the side, a baby blue lace, spaghetti strapped tank top, and strappy platforms the same color.

"well, looks like we're going to be the best dressed at your party," laughed joann.

"i guess we're all ready. the guys are waiting in the hall so we better get going," said faye. they gathered up their coats and purses and headed out into the hall. the guys had been talking amongst themselves when the girls came out, but instantly looked up when they headed towards them. aj gave a low whistle and the other guys just stood there in shock.

"damn!" said howie when he could finally talk.

"i'm assuming that's a compliment," laughed chan.

"oh yeah!" he replied.

"you girls look great!" said kevin, looking at faye.

"you guys don't look bad yourself," answered jamie.

nick was wearing black leather pants, a tight black t-shirt and a dark denim jacket. brian was wearing black cargos and a dark blue sweater shirt. howie had on black cargos, and a tight gray t-shirt with a black button up shirt over it. aj was wearing baggy jeans, a black wifebeater, a leopard print jacket, and his leather cowboy hat. kevin was wearing black pants and tight white t-shirt with a dark blue button up shirt over it

"well, if we're all ready, let's go celebrate faye's birthday" exclaimed aj and he took jamie by the hand and led her towards the elevators with everyone else following behind them.

when they got down to the lobby, the limo was already waiting for them outside. they all piled in and headed for jen's house. kevin had managed to sit next to faye, but she was turned the other way having a conversation with jamie. "she must really be upset," he sighed to himself. howie, who was sitting next to kevin, saw kevin's frustrated face and patted him on the arm. "don't worry, kev. it'll work out," howie assured him.

when the limo pulled up in front of jen's house, there were already cars lining both sides of the street, and the music was already blaring from the backyard. "what the..." said faye as she noticed bright lights coming from the backyard. "the tikki torches shouldn't be that bright."

the group got out of the limo and headed for the backyard. people were calling out to faye and wishing her happy birthday as she walked by. when they walked through the gates into the yard, faye gasped and stared at the backyard, wide eyed. "oh my gosh..." she breathed. white and blue lights had been strewn all over the yard, and they were twinkling and flashing giving the backyard an enchanting glow. there were flowers all over the place - on the tables, hanging off the patio, floating in the pool, in pots scattered all over the yard. there was a stage set up over the pool as well with lights and flowers hanging all over it.

"surprise!" said the group giving her a big group hug. all faye could do was stand there, shocked, with tears streaming down her face.

"oh my gosh," she finally gasped. "I can't believe you guys did this!"

"it was kevin's idea," chan told her with a smile. "but jamie, joann and i helped"

faye looked at kevin. he had walked over to the pool with the other guys after the group hug to check out the stage, and he didn't notice faye looking at him.

"faye, it was all a mistake. he was never going to get back together with mikki. he told mikki that you were his girlfriend, and, well...faye, you'll see," said jamie as she and joann joined faye and chan.

"what do you mean i'll see?" faye asked as chan, jamie and joann pushed her into a seat.

"hush! just sit there and don't ask questions!" laughed joann as the three girls rushed onto the stage.

the guys were already up on stage, sitting on stools. chan, jamie and joann borrowed three microphones and tried to get the party's attention.

"excuse me! can we get your guys' attention? okay, we have something special for the birthday girl here!" started chan.

"if you didn't know by now, it pays to have a boyfriend that's in a famous singing group. as it so happens, the three of us do," jamie said with a sly grin as the everyone laughed.

"well, without further ado, here are the backstreet boys with a special birthday serenade for faye!" said joann. everyone started cheering and chan, jamie and joann rushed off the stage and joined faye in the chairs that were set up in front of the stage.

"what's going on here?" asked faye as a piano started playing and a familiar song started to fill the air. "why is kevin in the middle for this song? why is kevin singing lead?"

"faye, will you relax and enjoy the show," said chan exasperated. "if you can't tell, kevin is trying to say sorry."

just then, kevin started singing the lead to "BACK TO YOUR HEART" (hey you guys, pop that cd in and listen to the song while you read! it gives it more of a dramatic flair -LOL-) he looked down at faye the entire time that he sang. when he started to sing "if i wasn't such a fool, right now i'd be holding you. there's nothin' that i wouldn't do, baby if i only knew," kevin walked down the stairs and up to faye. he got down on one knee and presented a white rose to her. faye took it and started to cry. at the chorus, "the words to say, the road to take, to find a way back to your heart. what can i do, to get to you, and find a way back to your heart," the other guys got up and headed down the stairs towards faye, while kevin went back onstage. when they reached her, they each presented her with a different colored rose. they went back on stage and sat down again while kevin stood in the middle. at the refrain when kevin started to sing, "give me one more chance, to give my love to you. 'cause no one on this earth loves you like i do" he walked back down the stairs again and this time, when he reached faye, he gave her a huge bouquet of roses. he finished the rest of the song standing in front of her. when they had finished singing, everyone started cheering and were looking expectantly at faye and kevin. faye jumped out of her chair and hugged kevin. kevin held her tight and whispered "i'm sorry." faye pulled back and looked him in the eyes.

"no kevin. i'm sorry. i didn't give you a chance to explain. i'm so sorry...i..." she started to cry again. kevin kissed faye on the forehead and hugged her tight. "it's no one's fault, okay? all that matters is that we are together now (i know! it's sappy! but gosh darn it, it's my story -LOL-)

"awwwww" everyone started cheering for them as they kissed ,and chan finally tapped them on the shoulders.

"okay, if you're done getting mushy, we'd like to proceed with the party," she laughed.

"hold on," said faye as she let go of kevin and started to dry her eyes. she turned to jamie, joann, and chan and gave them a sweet smile. "while you three were conspiring with my boyfriend, i was conspiring with your boyfriends!"

"whaaaat?" jamie, joann and chan exclaimed. they looked up on stage and there were the guys getting ready to sing again.

"sit down and enjoy the show!" faye laughed as she rushed onstage with kevin.

Chapter 15