chapter 13

"faye, will you please cheer up! it's your birthday for goodness sakes and you're celebrating it in hawaii!" exclaimed chan.

it was saturday morning and the two of them were sitting on the balcony of their hotel room going over last minute details for faye's party.

"what's the use, chan. this is the worst birthday ever. everything is just going all wrong," sighed faye.

there was a knock at the door. "who could that be?" said faye.

chan gave faye a sly grin and walked over to the door. faye stood up and followed her. there was another know and chan opened the door.

"surprise!" yelled jamie and joann. the two of them were standing in the hallway with a bunch of balloons and a bouquet of flowers.

"oh my gosh! i can't believe you're here!" screamed faye as she rushed over to give them a hug.

"get real, faye! like we would miss your birthday," laughed jamie. the four girls started laughing and talking. the door to the boys' suite opened and brian stepped out into the hall. when the girls saw him, they started laughing harder. brian was still in his pajamas (boxers and a wifebeater - heehee) and his hair was sticking out all over the place.

"would you knock it off," yawned brian. he gave them an annoyed look but it was suddenly replaced with a look of surprise when he saw joann and jamie.

"morning to you too, sunshine," joann laughed as she rushed over to him and gave him a kiss.

"when did you get here?" brian asked as he gave her a hug.

"about a half hour ago," answered joann.

"what's all the commotion about," asked aj as he stepped out into the hallway. faye, chan, jamie and joann took one look at aj and busted up laughing again. aj had just taken a shower and all he had on was a towel wrapped around his waist.

"that's a nice way to say hello!" laughed jamie as she walked over to him and gave him a kiss.

"hey babe! wow, you're here early! i thought you were coming at 2?" he replied as he put his arm around her.

"we got an earlier flight, we wanted to get here as soon as possible," said joann. "but we have to leave monday morning cause kiki needs us back in london."

"why didn't anyone tell me that jamie and joann were coming?!" demanded faye, laughing.

"because it was a surprise, duh!" said chan as she helped joann and jamie bring in some of their bags into faye and chan's room.

"great surprise, i needed it," laughed faye.

"we're gonna go get ready. we'll see you gals later," said brian as he and aj brought in the last of the luggage from the hallway. they said bye and walked back into their suite.

"faye, what's going on?" asked jamie as she noticed faye's melancholy face.

"nothing, oh yeah, except for the fact that kevin is scum!" said chan as she plopped on the couch.

"chan, please..." sighed faye.


"okay, what happened?" asked joann, looking a little worried.

faye sighed and sat down on the couch next to chan. she told jamie and joann the whole story about kevin and mikki. when faye finished, jamie and joann had sympathetic faces.

"whoa, faye. that's harsh," said jamie as she gave faye a hug.

"maybe it's all a misunderstanding," added joann as she patted faye's shoulder.

"i don't know what's going on. all i know is that i feel really miserable. gee, happy birthday to me," sighed faye as she slumped in her seat.

"faye, come on! get in the party mood! at least for today. don't let this whole thing ruin your birthday!" said chan.

"yeah, i know. i just have to get my mind off it," said faye as she stood up. "i'm gonna head over to jen's house and make sure the place is ready for the party."

"okay, good!. we'll meet you there in a little while," replied chan as faye got her bag and headed for the door. when chan was sure faye had left, she turned to jamie and joann who were unpacking.

"okay you two! we need to fix this. faye and kevin need to be together for faye's birthday!"

"what are we going to do about it?" jamie asked hopefully.

"i have no idea," sighed chan as she plopped back onto the couch. "but it's gotta be good." -----------

kevin had left their hotel early and was heading over to mikki's hotel. he needed to tell her that nothing was going to happen between them because he was with faye. he had felt so awful that faye had gotten hurt, he hadn't been able to sleep at all last night. he knew he looked bad, but he didn't care.

"237..." kevin walked down the hallway looking for mikki's hotel room. when he found her door, he knocked. mikki opened the door and gave a kevin a shocked look.

"kevin, what are you doing here?" she asked surprised.

"mikki, i can't go out with you tonight"

"why not?!" she demanded.

"because, faye's my girlfriend . i should have told you that yesterday. besides, tonight's her birthday and i want to be there with her."

mikki looked at kevin angrily and was about to say something when a guy stepped out of the bathroom of mikki's hotel room.

"who's at the door?" the guy asked mikki.

all kevin could do was stand there and stare at the guy. he held back the strong urge to laugh.

"wait - kevin, i can explain!" mikki said hurriedly.

"no need, mikki. it never changes, huh? well, i really don't care. all i have to say is now i really know how much of a tramp you are," laughed kevin as he headed down the hall towards the elevators.

mikki's jaw dropped as she stared after kevin. "uh! whatever!" mikki yelled after him and she slammed the door shut.

kevin laughed all the way down to the lobby. when he stepped outside he looked at his watch. "the party's at 7. that gives me enough time to get faye's present." when the limo drove up, kevin got in and headed back to their hotel. ------

"kevin, what do you want?" asked chan when she opened their hotel door.

"chan, give me a break," kevin sighed.

"why should i?" she asked disgusted.

"just hear me out," and he told chan the whole story including this morning's confrontation with mikki.

"well, i guess you're not a total scum," sighed chan. "but you're still scummy for putting faye through all of this. kevin, please. you really need to tell faye how you really feel because this is killing her."

"i am, tonight," he said. "and i need you, jamie and joann to help me. where are the other two?"

chan went into one of the bedrooms and returned with jamie and joann.

"kev, chan told us everything and i guess we'll help you," joann said smiling.

"thanks you guys. i want this to be the best birthday faye's ever had," said kevin and he told them his plan. -------

when chan, jamie and joann arrived at jen's house at around three, they found faye and jen setting up some chairs.

"why didn't you guys wait for us to help?" asked jamie.

"well, we didn't do much anyway," admitted jen. "the caterers had already done most of the work. faye and i were just adding more chairs."

"you know, faye. it looks kinda simple," observed joann as she looked around the backyard. there were tables and chairs set up around jen's big backyard. there were tiki torches set up around the pool, and around the yard as well. there were some balloons and streamers hanging off the patio.

"i didn't want to put jen out and go all extravagent," said faye. "this is her house, remember?"

"i wouldn't have minded," said jen.

"ooooh great. now you tell me!" laughed faye. "well, it's okay. you guys and our other friends are gonna be here to celebrate so it's perfect! i don't need anything else."

"so everyone managed to fly in?" asked chan

"yeah. i think that makes the guest list 150. is that too much?" asked faye.

"just a tad," joked chan.

"well when am i ever going to have a birthday party in hawaii again? might as well live it up now!" exclaimed faye. the four other girls laughed.

"glad to see you're finally in a good mood," observed jamie.

"yeah, i kinda realized that i was overreacting about the whole thing. i mean, my life doesn't revolve around kevin. i needed to move on."

"good attitude," laughed chan. "by the way, do you have an outfit for tonight to go with your new attitude?"

"oh my gosh!" screamed faye. " i was so busy planning the party i didn't even think about an outfit! what am i gonna do?"

"don't worry!" assured joann. "we'll just head to the mall and find you something. we have time dearie, the party isn't for another four hours."

"okay, so you guys go and i'll keep an eye on things," said jen.

the four girls said bye to jen and headed for the limo waiting in front. they got in and headed to the mall.

they walked around for about an hour before faye found a dress she liked.

"wow faye! you're gonna shock kevin in that!" laughed chan.

"good," faye said smiling.

Chapter 14