chapter 12

"kevy, are you doing anything tonight?" asked mikki as she walked up behind him. the guys were done filming for the night and were walking over to where chan and faye were waiting. "why don't we go to dinner?" mikki said as she took kevin's arm.

", i don't know," kevin stammered as he looked at the other guys who were snickering at him.

"oh mikki! i don't think you've met faye yet," said chan as she pushed faye towards kevin. "faye and kevin are very close."

"oh, hello, what is it? faye?" said mikki not paying attention to faye. she looked up at kevin and batted her eyelashes at him. "so what do you say kevin? want to get together tonight?"

"um, maybe not tonight mikki. the guys and i have to go over some stuff before filming tomorrow," said kevin. he gave the guys a desperate look over mikki's head asking for help.

faye gave a sigh of relief under her breath. no one seemed to notice except chan. chan smiled at faye, then gave mikki a dirty look. faye smiled.

"um...yeah. we have to um...rehearse some dance moves," added howie who was trying his hardest not to laugh.

"okay, then how about tomorrow night," mikki insisted. "we have a lot of catching up to do."

"maybe," kevin answered hesitantly.

"excuse me. um, i'm not feeling too well. i'm gonna wait in the limo," interrupted faye. she headed towards the limo, fighting back the urge to cry.

"i'm gonna go with her," said chan. she gave kevin an annoyed look before she ran after faye.

kevin gave the other guys a puzzled look, but all they did was shrug, say bye to mikki and follow the girls to the limo.

"so what do you say?" asked mikki again.

"um, yeah, i guess so," said kevin, who was not really paying attention. he looked over to where the group was waiting and tried to figure out what was going on.

"great, i'll see you tomorrow!" said mikki and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. she walked off and kevin headed over to the group.

"he's coming, geez, i can't believe he didn't say anything to her about you!" said chan to faye as they watched kevin head towrds them. "are you going to be okay?"

"yeah, i can handle this. i'm making a big deal over nothing," answered faye as she held back the tears.

"you ready to go, kevin?" asked brian.

"yeah. what's going on? faye, are you okay?" kevin asked with a puzzled look.

"yeah, i'm fine," she answered him, putting on a fake smile. "just tired is all. let's go get something to eat though, i'm starved."

the others agreed and got in the limo and headed back to the hotel. kevin noticed in the limo that faye didn't sit next to him like she usually did. instead, she was sitting in between chan and howie.

"what's up with faye?" kevin whispered to aj.

"man, kevin. you really don't know? that's messed up." said aj.

"what? what did i do?" kevin asked a little annoyed.

"dude, you were talking to your ex, and in front of faye. you also didn't introduce faye to mikki, telling her that faye was your girlfriend."

"well, i didn't know that was a problem. i was still kinda shocked to see mikki after all this time. but, i mean, we're just friends now so faye doesn't have anything to worry about."

"you better tell faye that, kev. i don't think she knows that. chan informed me that faye doesn't know what you think of your guys' relationship either. apparently she doesn't know that you think of her as your girlfriend."

"what? that's crazy. she should know that! i mean, well, shouldn't she?" said kevin.

"man, kevin! you're hopeless! all's i gotta say is that you better let faye know before it's too late," laughed aj. "it's just a good thing you didn't agree to go to dinner with mikki. you would have totally blown it with faye if you did."

"oh damn!" said kevin, putting his head in his hands.

"you didn't," said aj shaking his head.

"i thought it was harmless. we're just going to dinner tomorrow night -- as friends!"

"kevin you're a major bonehead! did you forget that tomorrow night is faye's birthday party at faye and chan's friend's house?"

"damn! oh man, i need to cancel with mikki!" replied kevin.

"i think the smart thing to do here is quit it with mikki. tell mikki you're involved with faye. and you better let faye know too."

"yeah, i guess you're right, aj. i also need to tell faye about the whole mikki thing."

"oh yeah, and do one more thing. you better get faye a hellava nice birthday present!" laughed aj.

the limo pulled into the driveway of the hotel and they all got out and headed towards the restaurant that was by the hotel pool. kevin walked up beside faye and took her hand. "i need to talk to you," he told her as he pulled her aside. the other's didn't notice them and kept on walking.

"what about the others?" she asked

"don't worry about them. we'll catch up. faye, i need to tell you about mikki-" kevin started to explain.

faye held her hand up. "you don't have to explain. howie told me about you two..."

"okay. well, then, i need to tell you something else about her." he said.

faye took her hand out of kevin's and took a step back. she couldn't believe what she was about to hear. she didn't want kevin telling her that he was getting back together with mikki, not here and not now.

"i had agreed to go to dinner with mikki..." kevin started.

"i can't believe you." said faye in an angry whisper.

"what? faye, no. let me finish..."

"no, let me! i know what you're going to say! you still have feelings for mikki and you two are getting back together!" faye couldn't hold back the tears that were streaming down her face. "well, i'm happy for you! i hope you two are happy together! it's not like i have a problem with it" she lied as she ran off towards the elevators crying, and kevin stood there with a shocked look on his face.

"there you are kev. we were looking all over for you and faye. where's faye going? hey, what's wrong?" asked aj as he walked up to kevin and noticed kevin's expression and faye running off.

"faye totally got the wrong impression! she thinks me and mikki are getting back together!" said kevin.

"well, what did you tell her?"

"well, first i was telling her about dinner with mikki and when i was about to tell her that i was wrong and that i was going to cancel it - "

"that's your problem," interrupted aj. "i guess she thought you were going to go out with mikki. you should have first told faye straight out that there is nothing going on between you and mikki."

"damn, why is this so complicated?" said kevin.

aj put his arm around kevin's shoulders and led him towards the restaurant. "because you're dealing with womens, kev. and womens are complicated things," laughed aj. "come on big bro. let's figure out a way to fix this mess."

Chapter 13