chapter 11

"wow, i've never been to hawaii ," said faye as the plane landed in the airport.

"too bad jamie and joann had to miss out on the trip, " said chan. "on the other hand, they get to go on a major shopping spree in london so they're definitely having more fun." jamie and joann were on a shopping expedition with kiki for a month to buy the boys' new wardrobe.

The backstreet boys were on location for the taping of their new video, and faye and chan had decided to visit them in hawaii and watch the taping.

"there's nick," said faye as she spotted him standing by a limo. nick came over when he saw them and gave them both a hug.

"i missed you," he said to chan as he pulled out a rose from his back pocket and gave it to her.

"okay, where are the guys?" faye asked as she made a face and pretended to be disgusted.

nick gave faye a playful shove. "they're all at the hotel. we were up pretty late shooting some scenes," he answered. "so i think they're all still sleeping."

"oh okay," said chan as she gave nick a kiss on the cheek to say thank you for the rose. "well, let's head to the hotel cause i'm tired too."

The limo driver retrieved faye and chan's luggage and they arrived at the hotel 20 minutes later.

when faye and chan had settled into their rooms, nick took them over to the suite that the boys were sharing.

when they opened the door, the first person they saw was brian. he was playing on the floor with his dog, lil tyke. nick, chan and faye laughed and brian stood up blushing.

"aw, you guys are mean. can't a guy play fetch with his own dog without getting made fun of?" he asked as he picked up lil tyk.

"of course you can, brian. we were just joking around," said faye and she gave brian a hug. chan walked over and did the same and patted lil tyk.

"hey girlies! what's up?!" said aj as he came out of the bathroom. faye, chan, nick and brian stared at aj. the smell of hair dye permeated the air as he greeted them with his newly dyed purple hair.

"whoa, aj! y-your hair! it's purple!" exclaimed nick.

"very good nick, and what color is the sky?" laughed chan.

faye and chan gave aj a hug but quickly backed away at the strong smell of dye.

"well, what do you kiddies think?" asked aj, laughing.

"i know jamie's going to like it," answered faye.

"it's different," added chan. "you'll certainly stand out in the video."

"speaking of video, we need to wake up kevin and howie. we gotta be at the video shoot at 4," said brian.

"oh! allow us!" said chan. she and faye took off running towards the bedroom. kevin and howie were sound asleep in their beds until faye and chan burst into the room. faye took a flying leap onto kevin's bed while chan did the same to howie.

"wake up!" they both screamed as the 2 shocked guys sat up with a start. brian, nick, and aj walked into the room and busted up laughing when they saw kevin and howie's expressions.

"come on you guys," said brian. "we have to go soon. we're supposed to meet the extras and do a run through before we start shooting the night scenes."

"wake up sleepy heads," said faye and she gave kevin a kiss on the cheek to say hello.

"we're gonna get you two back for this," grumbled howie. faye blew howie a kiss and laughed when he gave her an annoyed look. chan smiled sweetly at howie and stuck her tounge out at him. faye and chan got off the beds and kevin and howie got ready, grumbling the whole time.

when they finally arrived at the shoot, there was a bunch of people bustling around. tonight's taping was going to be shot on the beach. gabe, the director, came over to meet them. "hey guys. we're going to shoot the night scenes with the girls tonight. let me introduce you to the actresses that will be playing your girlfriends."

"girlfriends?" said faye and she looked at chan with a raised eyebrow.

"don't look at me," she said with a puzzled look. "i don't know what the video is about either."

the guys, faye and chan walked with gabe over to where the five actresses were getting their hair and makeup done. a blonde girl looked up at them as they came over and gave a little squeal.

"kevin!? omg!" she jumped out of her chair, ran over to kevin and gave him a big hug.

"who the hell is she?" mumbled faye to howie.

"oh man! she's baaaaaaack!" said aj laughing and he nudged nick. nick laughed and imitated the blonde girl fawning all over kevin.

"who is she?" asked chan as she and the others laughed at nick's imitation. howie took chan and faye by the arms and pulled them aside.

"that's mikki," howie explained. "she and kevin used to go out. they met when we were shooting the first 'i'll never break your heart' video,' but it didn't last that long. she ended up dumping him for another guy. poor kev, he still had a thing for her when they broke up."

"wow! i never thought we'd see her again," said brian as he, aj and nick joined them.

"looks like kevin is glad to see her again, " laughed nick. he stopped suddenly when chan flashed him a dirty look. "what did i say-oh!?" he turned to faye and gave her a meek smile. the others turned to see what her reaction was too.

faye had been staring over at kevin and mikki. when she noticed that the others were watching her, she looked at them with an exasperated look. "what?" she asked.

"are you okay with all of this?" brian asked cautiously.

"why wouldn't i be?" she answered. "it's not like we said we were an official couple or anything. he can talk to whoever he wants." faye shrugged and walked off towards the beach slowly.

"whoa, i've never seen faye like this," observed howie. "should we go talk to her?"

"i think she want to be alone for awhile," said chan.

the guys and chan walked over to where kevin, mikki and the other actresses were talking. after about 10 minutes, the guys went to wardrobe to change. when they were finally ready, they started filming. it was already six and there was a beautiful sunset in the sky that they were using for the scene.

"how are you doing?" asked chan as she joined faye, who was sitting in one of the directors chairs that had been set up for the boys.

"i don't know chan. why should i be upset? kevin and i never said we were a couple, so i have no reason to be upset at him for talking to mikki."

"maybe you're right, faye. but it's just that the two months we've been on tour with them, you and kevin have gotten really close. i guess we just assumed you guys were together."

"we flirted and stuff, but we were never like you and nick, jamie and aj, or joann and brian," said faye.

"well...what we do know is that kevin likes and cares for you a lot," said chan reassuringly. "maybe he doesn't even like what's-her-face anymore. maybe he was just being nice. you know kevin, he's nice to everyone."

"we'll see," sighed faye as she slumped sadly in her chair and watched kevin do his scene with mikki.

Chapter 12