chapter 10

"let's go you guys! this is our only weekend off for two weeks and i have some major shopping to do!" called faye to jamie, joann and chan who were getting ready in the bedrooms.

"oh god. new york, look out because faye is on the loose and she has money to spend," laughed kevin from the couch. kevin, nick and brian were all on the couch watching a baseball game on TV.

"and what are you planning to do today mr. richardson?" asked faye as she sat down on the armrest next to him.

"i don't know. what should i do?" he asked her as he pulled faye into his lap.

"why don't you go shopping with us? we're gonna go around manhattan, fifth avenue, then have lunch somewhere before we go with you guys to the SNL set. howie and aj are going with us."

"maybe i shouldn't then. we don't want to cause a stampede out in time square when they see us walking around," laughed kevin.

"ooooh, huge ego!" said faye as she whacked him with the pillow brian had on his lap. faye turned to brian and nick who were laughing. "what about you 2? wanna come?"

"naw, we're gonna shoot some hoops. but we'll join you guys for lunch later. we'll give you a call to find out where you guys are going." said brian as he and nick got up to go change.

"then i guess i'll join you guys for lunch later too after i work out at the gym. i'll call later too," said kevin as he helped faye to her feet. he gave her a little hug and headed out the door of the hotel room. "see ya guys later."

"okay, we're ready," said jamie as she walked out of the bedroom followed by chan and joann.

"where do you guys wanna go first?" asked faye as she put on her sunglasses.

"well, jamie and i have to look for some stuff for the guys to wear at SNL tonight," said joann. the two of them were KiKi's wardrobe assistants. "let's go to armani exchange and see what they have." "alright, let's go," said faye as she opened the door. she stopped short and whirled around. "okay, forgot about the other two. AJ, Howie! come on, we're going!"

"yeah, we're coming," yelled back AJ as he stepped out of the bathroom with an evil look.

"oh no, AJ. why do you have that look on your face?" asked jamie, sounding worried.

"you'll see," he answered as he turned back towards the bathroom door just as howie came out.

"" stammered faye as she stared at howie with wide eyes. the three other girls follwed her gaze and stared at howie, wide eyed like faye

howie stood in the doorway with the cheesiest grin on his face. AJ had convinced howie to dye his hair and there stood howie with red streaks in his curly long hair.

"so what do you think? pretty nifty, eh?" asked aj, then he laughed at the girls expressions.

"oh my gosh howie! why did you let AJ do this to you?" exclaimed joann.

"needed a change i guess. i don't know, i think it looks kinda cool. don't you like it?" shrugged howie.

"i do. it looks tight." said faye. "i guess i'm just shocked though because i never thought you would do something like that."

"yeah," agreed the other three girls. they crowded around him giving him compliments and assuring howie that they liked his new hair style.

aj was standing off to the side pouting. "no one ever complimented me whenever i dyed my hair," he mumbled. howie and the girls laughed at him.

"aw, poor aj," said jamie as she put her arm around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "don't worry about it, you always look cute."

aj smiled and faye, chan, joann, and howie groaned as they rushed out the door towards the elevators. ---------

after about 3 hours of shopping, faye, chan, joann, jamie, howie and aj headed to mars 2112 to meet kevin, brian, and nick for lunch.

they all piled into one big booth and settled in. kevin, brian and nick's reactions to howie's hair was the same as the girls, but the three admitted that it looked cool.

when they finished lunch, they all headed back to the hotel to get ready for tonight's taping of SNL. the guys were going to be performing larger than life and show me the meaning, their next single. by 7 PM they were all ready and a limo came and drove them to the studio. they all hung out in the green room, waiting for the guys time to go on.

"i love doing SNL," said nick as chan helped him straighten his jacket.

jamie, joann had picked out some stuff from armani exchange and kiki had put together the guys' outfits. they had gone for a casual look, wearing different styles of black leather jackets and individual outfits underneath. nick was wearing baggy jeans, a white sweater shirt and glasses. howie had on black cargoes and a gray t-shirt. brian was wearing brown baggy khackis, a button down white t-shirt and a black NY yankees cap. aj had on a wifebeater, baggy jeans, blue tinted-silver framed sunglasses, and his hair was dyed blue. kevin was wearing dark gray, baggy cargoes and a tight black sweater. "you guys are on," said the stage hand. the guys got up and headed for the stage. they gave an outstanding performance and the audience was still cheering for them when the show ended and they all headed for the cast after-party.

"wow, you guys were awesome," said jamie as they walked into the club.

"yeah, and 'show me the meaning ' blew everyone away! did you see those girls crying?" exclaimed joann.

"when are you guys taping that video anyways?" asked chan as they all took seats in a booth.

"um...i think in 3 weeks when we have another break," said howie.

"aw, come on you guys, i don't want to talk about work right now. let's go dance!" yelled aj as he dragged jamie to the dance floor.

"i'm gonna sit this one out," said brian to joann.

"yeah, me too," faye told kevin. "why don't you and joann dance?"

kevin and joann agreed and followed chan and nick onto the dance floor.

"are you doing okay, brian?" faye asked him.

"yeah, just a little tired. but i'm fine so don't worry," he said and gave her a smile. faye nodded and turned to howie.

he had been sitting there, being quiet for a long time. she was worried about him and she gave him a small hug. "you're missing clarissa, huh?"

howie nodded and sat back in the booth and sighed. "but we knew it wasn't going to work out cause i'm on tour and she's doing her thing in LA. i'm glad we're still friends though. but i really miss her. i'm just really lonely, i guess. seeing all you guys as couples makes it worse."

"aw, howie. don't worry. a great girl will come your way and then you'll be happy," faye assured him. "in the meantime, you can have fun looking around for her. check it out! there are a bunch of available girls in the club. i think that one over there is checking you out! go over and say hi!"

"yeah? alright," said howie and he headed over to the girl. in a few minutes they were both heading to the dance floor.

"aw, look at howie go!" laughed brian.

"yes, i am the matchmaking queen," laughed faye as the others came back to the booth.

"come on you two, let's have some fun" said kevin as he pulled faye to her feet. brian got up too and the group headed back to the dance floor to party the night away.

Chapter 11