Chapter 1

"chan! would you please hurry up! damn, you take forever!" yelled faye.

"i'm coming! geez!" yelled back chan.

faye stood in the living room of their 2 bedroom apartment and glanced annoyingly at her watch.

"i swear i'm gonna leave without you if you don't hurry your butt up!" faye shouted to chan.

chan and faye had planned a day of shopping at the santa monica 3rd street promenade. faye, who was a shopaholic, was anxious to get going.

"okay, i'm ready" said chan as she came out of her bedroom.

"'bout time!" snapped faye.

"hey! i wanted to look good in case we run into any hotties!" explained chan, and she started laughing.

"whatever. let's go!" said faye with an exasperated look.

they both waited in the hallway of their apartment building for the elevator.

"what store do you want to go to first?" asked faye as she dug around in her bag for her sunglasses.

"um, let's try anthology. i want to look for a chinese print skirt to go with that one shirt i bought last week," answered chan

"okay. i can look for some rose tinted sunglasses there too," said faye as she avoided looking at chan.

"oh my gosh. you are pathetic girl. you only want those glasses 'cause kevin has them," laughed chan, as she referred to faye's favorite backstreet boy. that was another similarity the two shared as friends - an obsession with the backstreet boys. each of their rooms were plastered with posters of the guys , and other BSB paraphernalia. they had even managed to score tickets to their concert at the Universal Amphitheater next month.

"so what! they're cool. i already have the blue and purple ones." shrugged faye as she put her blue tinted sunglasses on. "at least i don't buy everything and anything forest green," she teased back at chan. chan's favorite backstreet boy was nick carter, and his favorite color happened to be forest green.

"alright, you got me there," giggled chan as the elevator door opened and they made their way down to the lobby. they stepped through the revolving doors into the parking lot and made their way to faye's car. They hopped into faye's silver 4Runner, which had been a graduation present from her parents, and took off towards 3rd avenue.

Chapter 2