chapter 9

"oh my gosh..." was all jamie could say after joann told them what was wrong with sammy, dc and dallas. faye just sat on the couch with her mouth hanging open, and chan was sitting on the floor with a puzzled expression on her face.

"so now you understand why they're acting all weird," sighed joann as she gathered the empty bowls and spoons and headed to the kitchen.

"joann, when did they tell you all of this?" asked faye

"at disneyland, when you were busy with kevin, aj and nick," called back joann from the kitchen. faye, jamie and chan could hear her laughing. the three of them just shook their heads at each other.

"so all this time..." chan started to say just as faye busted out laughing. jamie and chan gave faye an odd look. faye covered her mouth and waved at chan to continue what she was going to say. chan rolled her eyes and continued. "this is just so...i mean...i liked dallas, but i thought he didn't like i find out he does! but i like nick!"

"what about me!?" whined jamie as she buried her face into a pillow. "dc likes me! i mean, i've had crushes on him before, but i never thought he would like me back! now i find out he likes me, but i have something going with aj!"

faye started laughing and she threw a pillow at jamie. "j - what's with you and the bad boys anyways?" faye ducked as jamie threw the pillow back at her. "besides, what about me? at least you guys don't have a jealous ex." chan and jamie just gave faye a look and she smiled sweetly back at them.

joann came back from the kitchen and plopped down onto the couch next to faye. "okay, so what's up? you guys figure out what you're going to do?" she asked as she looked at each of them.

"well, i do. first of all, sammy was the one who said we should just be friends and i'm totally over him now. i just want to be friends. besides, i REALLY like kevin. i guess i'm just going to have to have a talk with sammy." said faye seriously.

"okay ~ but faye, be easy on him. i mean, if he got jealous, that must mean he still has feelings for you, you know?" said chan. faye nodded as she gave chan a reassuring smile. "as for me, i have no clue as to what i'm going to do. when i met nick, i totally forgot about how i had a thing for dallas. but now that i know dallas likes me, i kind of like him again. now i don't know who i like." chan sighed and slumped in her chair.

"don't worry chan, i have the same problem," laughed jamie as she put a reassuring hand on chan's shoulder. "i don't know if i like aj or dc, either! i thought it would totally be aj, but now that i know i actually have a chance with dc, i don't know who i like more."

"well, i don't mean to pressure you guys into making a decision," said joann seriously, "but remember that friday, we have to decide who we're going to go out with." the girls groaned as they looked at each other, each trying to think of a way to straighten out this mess.

"they said they're not coming on friday?" whined nick after aj told the other guys that he had called jamie.

"they said they're not sure, something came up," aj said as he headed to the couch, annoyed with nick's whining. he plopped onto the couch as the other guys followed him and sat around the living room of the hotel room.

"like what? aw man, what are they gonna do?" nick whined again. aj picked up the pillow he was leaning on and threw it at nick's head. it bounced off nick's forehead, and nick just sat there with a puzzled look.

"man, quit whining," sighed aj. "i don't know what's up with them, but i think it has something to do with the other guys," added aj as he raised an eyebrow.

"who? sammy, dc and dallas?" asked kevin, looking kind of worried.

"yeah. they were over at the girls' apartment when i called jamie." aj answered.

"i wonder what's going on," kevin said thoughtfully.

brian started snickering from his chair over in the corner of the room. the other guys looked over at him with a puzzled look. when brian noticed them looking at him, he immediately stopped and covered his face with tyke, who was sitting in his lap.

"brian, man, what's up? do you know something?" asked aj as he stood up and walked over to brian.

"i might know a little 'sumthing,sumthing,'" he snickered.

"okay, brian. you better tell or else!" said aj as he grabbed the back of brian's chair and tilted it back, pretending that he was going to drop him.

brian grabbed onto the arms of the chair for dear life, a look of panic on his face, as tyke jumped off of his lap and ran to kevin. "alright aj! let me up, i'll tell you! man, can't you take a joke?" aj brought brian's chair back up and went back over to the couch, laughing the whole time.

"okay, brian. what do you know?" nick asked insistently.

"okay, don't make a big issue out of the whole thing cause i'm sure the girls are already having a hard time with it." brian then told aj, kevin and nick the situation with dallas, sammy and dc.

"so what's up? are the girls with us or with them?" aj asked slightly confused when brian had finished telling them the story.

"i have no idea. that's all joann told me," answered brian as he shrugged his shoulders.

nick sighed. "i just hope they pick us." all kevin and aj could do was nod in agreement.

(friday afternoon)

"well, why don't we go to dinner with sammy, dc and dallas, then go to the palace with kevin, nick, brian and aj afterwards?" suggested jamie. the girls were sitting around their living room, still trying to figure out how they were going to be with both group of guys that night.

faye shook her head and sighed. "that won't work cause sammy, dc and dallas want us at the party."

"oh yeah," grumbled jamie as she tried to think of another plan.

"wait, i have an idea," said chan as she sat up in her chair. "we can have dinner with kevin, aj, brian and nick, and then go to sammy, dallas and dc's party."

"yeah, but aj, kevin, nick and brian want us to go with them to the palace, remember?" sighed faye.

"you didn't let me finish!" chan said laughing. "we can take them to the party with us, then we can all go to the palace afterwards!"

"i don't know..." said joann uncertainly. "i don't think sammy, dc and dallas would like that."

"why not? it's like killing two birds with one stone! we hang with all of them and no one is left out! then maybe we'll finally figure out who we want to be with," said jamie. "besides, it's the only plan we've got and we don't have time to be picky. it's already 3."

"fine, then i guess that's the plan. we better call the guys and let them know," said faye as she picked up the phone and dialed kevin's hotel room. after a minute she hung up the phone frowning. "there's no answer. let me try nick and brian's room." she dialed again and after a few moments, she hung up the phone. "jamie, what's aj's number?" jamie gave it to faye and she dialed the phone again. faye hung up the phone and frowned. "where are they? they said they were going to be done by friday afternoon, right?" the other girls just shrugged their shoulders, not knowing the answer. just then the phone rang. faye picked it up. "hello?" she said hopefully.

"ello! i have zee delivery for zee girlies zat go by zee name, faye, chan, joann, and jamie!" said a foreign voice on the other end of the line.

"uh, okay? delivery? do you need the address then? or do we need to pick it up?" faye asked, somewhat confused. the other girls gave her a puzzled look, but all faye could do was shrug her shoulders.

"no, no! just go to zee door and open and you will see zee be-yew-tee-ful zing zat is zere!" said the voice enthusiastically. faye raised an eyebrow and stood up. she motioned for the girls to follow her to the door. when they got to the front door, she motioned for chan to open it. chan looked a little scared and shook her head no. chan then pushed jamie towards the door, whispering to her to open it. "no way!" said jamie in a scared whisper. "i don't even know what's going on!"

faye got back on the phone. "okay, wait. what kind of delivery is it anyway?" she asked the person on the other end.

"you have to open zee door to see!" the voice laughed. "i promise, it will not hurt you! zis is a nice surprise!

faye looked at the others and shrugged. "fine. okay, i'll open the door. back me up, just in case," she said, trying not to laugh. faye held the door knob, turned the handle, and opened the door slowly and cautiously. when the door was fully opened, faye gasped and dropped the phone. when the girls heard faye gasp, they peeked out from behind faye and all they could do was gasp and stand there wide eyed like faye.

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